Supreme Court rules Wisconsin mail-in ballots must be received by Nov. 3

The Supreme Court upheld Wisconsin's voting laws, rejecting an effort to require the counting of absentee ballots arriving after Election Day.

10/27/2020 12:26:00 PM

The court's 5-3 ruling means that absentee ballots will be counted only if they are in the hands of municipal clerks by the time polls close on Nov. 3.

The Supreme Court upheld Wisconsin's voting laws, rejecting an effort to require the counting of absentee ballots arriving after Election Day.

this month.The high court's decision upholding the appeals ruling came less than an hour before the U.S. Senate confirmed Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. She replaces Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last month.

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The decision is the end of the road for the case and means voters will have to adhere to long-standing rules in an election that is expected to have a record level of mail voting.The district court ruling also would have given people more time to use an online portal to register to vote and allowed poll workers to serve in any community, not just ones in the counties where they reside. But the Supreme Court, like the appeals panel, rejected those changes to election rules as well.

The decision was reached by the court's conservative majority, Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justices Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh. In dissent were its liberals, Kagan with Associate Justices Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor.

Gorsuch wrote that leaving decisions about how to conduct elections during the pandemic would lead to a"Babel of decrees" and that lawmakers were better positioned to make judgments about what to do."Last-minute changes to longstanding election rules risk other problems too, inviting confusion and chaos and eroding public confidence in electoral outcomes," he wrote."No one doubts that conducting a national election amid a pandemic poses serious challenges. But none of that means individual judges may improvise with their own election rules in place of those the people’s representatives have adopted."

But Kagan warned that some voters won't get to cast ballots because of Monday's decision."Today, mail ballots often travel at a snail’s pace, and the elderly and ill put themselves in peril if they go to the polls," she wrote."So citizens — thousands and thousands of them — who have followed all the State’s rules still cannot cast a successful vote."

The decision comes amid a widening of the pandemic. The state reported Monday that more than 200,000 Wisconsinites have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began. Nearly 1,800 have died, including 10 recorded on Monday.Democrats had hoped the justices might have seen the case differently because they allowed absentee ballots that were postmarked by election Day to be counted in Wisconsin's April election for state Supreme Court.

About 80,000 additional votes were counted for that election because absentee ballots postmarked by election day were counted, rather than just those received by election day.Hundreds of election lawsuits have been filed around the country, mostly because of the pandemic and the expansion of mail voting. Cases are headed to the Supreme Court over how absentee ballots are distributed, delivered and counted as Trump rails against the practice.

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, the court blocked a judge's ruling that would have allowed curbside voting in Alabama.That decision came just days aftera 4-4 tie among the justicesallowed a decision to stand that allowed ballots in Pennsylvania to be counted even if they arrived as late as Nov. 6.

In the Pennsylvania case, Roberts sided with the liberals. He wrote Monday that he voted the other way in the Wisconsin case because the lower court ruling came from a federal judge, not a state court, as it did in the Pennsylvania case.Richard Wolf of USA TODAY contributed to this report.

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I think United Nations election observers will probably come and see if everything is going right. As has long been happening in developing countries. I never would have thought that something like this could happen in the west.  Voter suppression enhanced by the judiciary. 😡 I mean i was taught the polls closed at 9pm on Election Day. That was that. If you didn’t get it in you blew it. Why are we acting like this is catastrophic. Get to the polls, go to the BOE drop it off. Stop being whiners, and get it done. PERIODT.

Fuck the GOP How is it possible for this decision to stand. This is America, not a totalitarian country. Finally. The 'Cheat by Mail' Program by the Democrats must be stopped WHAT IS IT? IS IT MONEY, POWER, GREED, IT’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING IS THE REASON WHY THE REPUBLICANS CHOOSE YOU! OH WAIT MAYBE YOU SLEPT WITH UGLY FAT TRUMP! YOU ALL WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW! TRYING TO CONTROL A COUNTRY YOU STOLE!!! GERMANY IS WHERE YOU ALL SHOULD BE!!

ALL BALLOTS MUST BE COUNTED!! LAW ENFORCEMENT MUST ENSURE A FAIR AND ACCURATE PROCESS. Ridiculous. If it’s postmarked by the day if the election, they SHOULD count it As it should be. Poor planning on your part doesn’t make in an emergency on my part. This is unconstitutional. There's no way that all those votes will be able to be counted in time.

This Pix hen.... Nigerian won’t carry last - Igbo Kwenu!! Hello good morning... Please i need more viewers on my WhatsApp... Free to text me +1(407) 972-6770 I don't snub messages That is the right thing. The way it should be. We should always know final results the day of the election. My Trumper co-worker is insisting that she will not vote until election day, because that's the way she's always done it and that's the way it should be. I hope that she faces a 6 hour wait that day.

What about the military ballots coming from overseas that always take several weeks? Especially with the mail service intentionally handcuffed. We are turning into Russia. Fast. '..Ginsburg and Stevens (writing separately) argued that for reasons of federalism, the Florida Supreme Court's decision ought to be respected. Moreover, the Florida decision was fundamentally right; the Constitution requires that every vote be counted..'

Bravo scotus ! Get your ballot in!!! No excuses!!!! We’ve had FOUR years to plan for this. No excuses Get use to these type of rulings, folks don't even see what's happening right in front of their eyes. Republicans been packing the courts for four years. If Democrats win the majority I suggest do the same.

Absentee ballots should only have to be postmarked by Nov 3. Same as taxes being postmarked by April 15, the date mailed counts as the dated filed. This current administration dismantled USPS process to slow mail delivery and now this SCOTUS could potentially disenfranchise thousands of voters. If your vote wasn’t that important why are they trying so hard to take it away! VOTE VoteHimOut VoteEarly ExpandSCOTUS

As it should be Early and absentee voting for a month prior, how hard is it to get it done🤷🏻 5-3. No brainer. good luck Igbo man voting 😁 Good. Should be that way in EVERY state

In setback for Democrats, Supreme Court won't let late mail ballots count in WisconsinJUST IN: US Supreme Court rules in a 5-3 vote that Wisconsin cannot count mail ballots that arrive well after the polls close, a defeat for Democrats in the battleground state. - PeteWilliamsNBC PeteWilliamsNBC Abolish the filibuster. Unpack the court. Abolish the Electoral College. PeteWilliamsNBC Drop em off PeteWilliamsNBC ExpandTheCourt

Supreme Court won't revive 6-day ballot deadline extension in Wisconsin, siding with GOPWisconsin is a key battleground state in the battle between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. One for Dems ( Pennsylvania) This One for Rep ? The truest sound. Who waits too long to mail a ballot? If you're serious about voting you'll do it earlier.🙄🙄

Supreme Court rejects Democratic attempt to extend Wisconsin mail-in voting deadlineA divided Supreme Court said Monday that mail-in ballots in Wisconsin could be counted only if they are received by Election Day. I’ll be giving away at least two copies of CyberpunkGame when it comes out and also doing a charity stream with Tiltify for FeedingAmerica . Follow me Twitch to stay notified and be there on the 19th for a chance to win! Not so divided. 6-2

Supreme Court won't extend Wisconsin ballot deadlineThe Supreme Court has declined to reinstate a court-ordered extension of the deadline for the receipt of absentee ballots in Wisconsin, siding with Republicans in a pitched battle over election procedures amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic Bad🚫⚖️👹😷 They know they are losing this is what this is about...If they didn't think so, why would it matter to wait a few days? They don't want those mailed in ballots to count as majority of mailed in are from democrats!!!! The high court brushed aside complaints from Democrats and civil rights groups that enforcing the usual Election Day deadline could leave thousands of ballots uncounted

In setback for Democrats, Supreme Court won't let late mail ballots count in WisconsinNEW: Wisconsin cannot count mail ballots that arrive well after the polls close, under an order issued Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court, a defeat for Democrats in a battleground state Wisconsin voters, ur ballot must be received by November 3rd, election day. Postmark is not good enough, must be delivered, 11/3!! Get that ballot to a dropbox NOW!! And make sure you have a witness for your ballot, signed ballot or it will be rejected. Let's hustle NOW!! A defeat for voters!! Total bs, votes should be counted.

Supreme Court Rejects Pandemic-Spurred Voting Changes in WisconsinThe Supreme Court declined to reinstate pandemic-related changes to voting rules in Wisconsin, a move that means mail-in ballots must be received by Election Day This is what happens when state courts think they are super legislators. Only the state legislature can make laws, the only role of the judicial is to enforce those laws, not change them at their whim. Weird how so much of what the GOP does makes it harder to vote, especially for folks who predominantly vote Democrat. So very weird. Weird weird weird A novel concept. Voting like the rest of us, before the end of Election Day...