Men Suicide Risk, Male Suicide, Family Caregiving Roles, Caregiving And Suicide Study

Men Suicide Risk, Male Suicide

Study: Caregiving Roles May Cut Suicide Risk For Men

Men who step into family caregiving roles may be at lower risk of suicide, according to a recent study.

6/24/2021 12:00:00 AM

Men who step into family caregiving roles may be at lower risk of suicide, according to a recent study.

Men who step into family caregiving roles may be at lower risk of suicide, according to a recent study.

The, published in the journalSocial Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, takes a new approach to examining suicide among men. While researchers have traditionally focused on public-sphere influences, such as employment, the authors instead focused on family roles.

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“It's innovative in the sense that male suicide tends to be explained in terms of economic crises, employment issues, and broader context,” Canetto said. “I wanted to look at a domain of experience in men's private lives and caregiving, and how it might relate to men's mortality.”

In countries where men assumed more caregiving roles, higher unemployment rates were not linked to higher suicide rates among men. But in countries where men reported less caregiving work, higher unemployment rates were linked to higher suicide rates.

According to the paper, these findings are “consistent with evidence that where gender equality is greater, men’s and women’s well-being, health, and longevity are greater.”Historically, sociologists and psychologists predicted that once more women entered public life by taking on paid employment, suicide rates among women would increase, Canetto said. That prediction did not come true, possibly because women remain the primary caregivers in most cultures

“Caregiving may create some resources to prevent suicidality,” she said. “It provides connection and meaning. The presence of others who are dependent is important.”WebMD Health News BriefSOURCES:Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology: “Caregiving as suicide-prevention: an ecological 20-country study of the association between men’s family carework, unemployment, and suicide.”

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