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East Hempfield Township, Spooky Nook

Spooky Nook Sports Complex: At least 6 injured after fight causes trampling, authorities say

At least six people were injured after a fight at a sports center about 80 miles outside Philadelphiaprompted a mass incident Sunday afternoon.

8/2/2021 5:35:00 AM

At least six people were injured after a fight at a sports center about 80 miles outside Philadelphiaprompted a mass incident Sunday afternoon.

Authorities said a fight at a basketball game at the Lancaster County recreation complex and several people were injured as they left the facility.

Katia Parks, York Daily RecordAugust 2, 2021, 1:28 AM·2 min readYORK, Pa. — At least six people were injured after a fight at a sports center about 80 miles outside Philadelphiaprompted a mass incident Sunday afternoon.Diane E. Garber, Emergency Services Coordinator for East Hempfield Township, confirmed that less than a dozen people were injured from being trampled after multiple people tried to leave the building in a "chaotic manner."

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East Hempfield Police responded to a call at 2:22 p.m. for reported gunshots at a basketball tournament inside the complex. Police said that a fight broke out during one of the basketball games, and several people reported hearing a gunshot. But no witnesses saw a gun, and there were no victims of gunfire, according to police.

"Again, no shooting victims; the only injuries that occurred were due to the chaos of hundreds of people leaving the facility," Garber said. "People quickly helped other people get help, people quickly left the facility, at this point there is no reason for the community to feel any concern." headtopics.com

East Hempfield PD said six people were transported to hospitals and several others were treated on-scene. The injuries are non-life threatening.The scene of a police incident at the Spooky Nook Sports Complex on Spooky Nook Road, Sunday, Aug. 1, 2021, in East Hempfield Township. 6 people were transported to local hospitals for injuries sustained while evacuating the building after an initial report of gunfire according to East Hempfield Township Emergency Services Coordinator Diane E. Garber. Police have not yet found evidence of a shooting occurring.

shows basketball players and spectators before people began running toward an exit. Read more: Yahoo News »

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Multiple people trampled after suspected shooting at Pennsylvania sports complexA fight and suspected threats of a shooting allegedly caused people to flee the indoor sports complex, resulting in numerous people getting trampled. If you are part of the boogaloo or civil war crowd getting your kids revved up, maybe you need to talk to them about where guns are appropriate!

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