Splice, SoundCloud Partner to Promote Emerging Creators

Splice, SoundCloud Partner to Promote Emerging Creators

10/26/2021 3:00:00 PM

Splice, SoundCloud Partner to Promote Emerging Creators

Splice, a leading marketplace for music creators, and streaming platform SoundCloud have partnered to launch a new program designed to promote emerging music creators. Dubbed Nova, its aim is to &#…

have partnered to launch a new program designed to promote emerging music creators. Dubbed Nova, its aim is to “elevate” unsigned Splice and SoundCloud music creators, beginning with a series of contests across both communities. Splice has committed to releasing 12 Nova “artist packs,” a collection of signature sounds, loops, and samples, beginning in Jan. 2022.

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Home to a library of over 2 million pre-cleared samples, Spice is opening its sound-packs to users for the first time, as opposed to the more seasoned creators who’ve had their own packs, like Murda Beats, WondaGurl, Travis Barker, Chad Hugo, George Clinton and Boi-1da.

The first competition kicks off today with the end goal of having teams at Splice and SoundCloud picking four winners who’ll receive SoundCloud’s enhanced marketing and distribution services — like account management, professional marketing and promotion, distribution to all major streaming services and monetization — the value of a $20,000 marketing spend. headtopics.com

“We’re opening the doors to our most talented users and leveraging our global producer community to amplify these creators,” said Splice chief music officer Maria Egan. “The power of our platform, alongside this incredible partnership with SoundCloud, will give artists a unique opportunity to kick start their careers.”

Added Jeff Ponchick, vice president and head of Repost: “As leaders in new music discovery and creator empowerment, SoundCloud and Splice share the same DIY ethos to elevate the emerging artists and thriving communities found on our platforms who are driving music culture forward. The Nova program combines our unique capabilities, music expertise  and scale to offer new opportunities for artists, creators and fans to come together to grow careers and break new artists.”

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