Halloween, Big On Tiktok

Halloween, Big On Tiktok

Need Last-Minute Halloween Inspiration? TikTok’s Got You Covered

TikTok creators are mastering spooky makeup and clever costumes.

10/25/2021 3:16:00 AM

If you’ve yet to come up with a genius costume idea for Halloween next weekend, check out these ideas for inspiration!

TikTok creators are mastering spooky makeup and clever costumes.

TikTok: Courtesy of @linabugzIf you’ve yet to come up with a genius costume idea for Halloween next weekend, let us remind you that the clock isticking. Whether you’re heading to a party with friends, or just want to scare your local trick-or-treaters, coming up with a last-minute costume can be a stressful feat. But fear not, because

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is here to save the day.All month long, creators on the app have been mastering spooky makeup and clever costumes, oftenwith, “The tension between me and this Halloween costume...” In honor of the trend,Vogueis rounding up some of the very best posts so far. Consider their costumes the perfect ones to re-create this year—though, fair warning, a certain level of skill is required to make many of these. (But that’s half the fun, isn’t it?)

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