Spaghetti with No-Cook Puttanesca

A bright, summertime pasta sauce packed with in-season tomatoes and briny olives.

6/12/2021 3:17:00 PM

A bright, summertime pasta sauce packed with in-season tomatoes and briny olives.

A bright, summertime pasta sauce packed with in-season tomatoes and briny olives.

AnonymousUK6/19/2020This recipe was so delicious! Though like someone else said it took a little longer than I anticipated I would definitely make it again! I had to use canned cherry tomatoes and margarine instead of butter #COVIDcooking but it was still great (just a little salty with the margarine). The leftovers were great the next day too!

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Jess C.Ottawa, Canada4/7/2020Wow... for a recipe that’s almost vegan, this was lip-smacking delicious. Not as quick as I had expected, but totally worth the effort (and washing the food processor).anitaecSan Francisco9/6/2019This is so delicious and so fast. The simple sauce really lets the tomatoes shine with briny compliments from the capers and a little meatiness from the olives. The butter added extra depth too, though I'd probably use 2T next time. A great way to use up a bunch of ripe farmer's market tomatoes - make this now while they're in season!

AnonymousChicago, IL8/30/2019Love this recipe during our short tomato season in Seattle, have made it weekly since reading it. There is one technique change worth making. The sauce creates quite a lot of liquid that doesn't absorb and waters down the pasta more than I like. I strain the sauce over a fine sieve at the last minute and return the pasta to the pan over low heat with the strained juice and toss with the butter and a bit of pasta water if needed. Once fully coated I toss all of the ingredients together in the serving bowl - this eliminates a watery pool of sauce.

szmarie7035Seattle, WA8/26/2019This was delicious and a new staple in our house. I used basil because I’m not a fan of parsley and it was perfect. Light and summery but still a cozy bowl of pasta.AnonymousFlorida8/26/2019I too loved this recipe! I concur with the commenter who said all the "gush" ends up in the bottom of the bowl, though the hot pasta + sauce + butter + parsley + pasta water all needs to come together to achieve saucy nirvana . . . It's good on its own, but even better with the addition of freshly ground pepper and grated parm. De-lish.

AnonymousBrooklyn8/22/2019Delicious. I was concerned, after adding the salt, that it was TOO salty but alas, it all balanced out. As if I expected anything less from Andy. Added a little bit of oil packed tuna at the end for more protein.AnonymousChicago

8/20/2019Great flavor! I used bucatini pasta and would again. After eating a huge bowl of it, I felt like a million bucks and cleaned my entire house. Highly recommend.AnonymousEaston, PA8/19/2019The driver for me making this today in Seattle was not the lack of cooking but this being our short peak tomato season. The recipe was easy to make and very tasty. I used left over Kalamata olives and they worked out fine. My one recommendation is don’t try to combine the sauce and the pasta in the bowl as suggested. The sauce, tomatoes and olives drop to the bottom and it’s difficult to get them out. Instead melt the butter and add it to the separated sauce with the parsley, then top the pasta. My wife said the dish was both delish and Instagram worthy.

AnonymousSeattle, WA8/19/2019This was a wonderful take on Puttanesca. It was fresh, delicious and well-seasoned. It came together in the time it took the water to boil and the pasta to cook. Read more: Bon Appétit »

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