Smaller Nuclear Plants May Come With Less Stringent Safety Rules

Proposed new emergency preparedness rules would allow nuclear plants closer to where people live. Companies say the plants are safer, but they need the rule changes for a viable business model.

8/2/2020 7:43:00 AM

Nuclear engineers focused on climate change are designing a new generation of nuclear power plants that they say are smaller, cheaper and safer. One startup's design is a plant that looks like a ski chalet — and could power hundreds of homes.

Proposed new emergency preparedness rules would allow nuclear plants closer to where people live. Companies say the plants are safer, but they need the rule changes for a viable business model.

NuScale Power"They would love to re-purpose those sites for clean energy like nuclear power," said Reyes."Our design would fit perfectly with those plans."But first the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would have to change its rules.Taking safety claims"with a big grain of salt"

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Thewhether to shrink emergency planning and evacuation zones around these newer reactors — from a 10-mile radius to, in some cases, the boundary of the plant site.Nuclear energy critics say that would be a mistake."When you're talking about a reactor that's never been built or operated, you have to take with a big grain of salt the claims that it's actually safer or more secure," says Edwin Lyman at Union of Concerned Scientists.

He says the industry also wants to use weaker reactor containment shells, and in some cases they don't want to have to keep an operator at the site.Lyman thinks companies should build plants under current rules first."You have to work out the kinks of these new plants," he says."And then over time you might be able to adjust your requirements accordingly. But you don't do that at the get-go."

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“Replace every combustion-engine vehicle.” It even pledges to provide economic security for all those who are “unable or unwilling to work.” Why would we have to replace engines of vehicles if the left is going to incentivize Americans not to work? jeffbradynews Unfortunately, your headline misinforms your readers. The safety requirements are being appropriately developed for oklo’s tech, similar to transportation safety regs for scooters and sedans—heltmet or airbags, as req’d for the tech.

'Less stringent safety rules' does not bode well, in my opinion. elonmusk thoughts? I want one that looks like the pyramide of Chichen Itza. Now that would be cool. Nixon actually stopped support safe MSR reactor design in favor of solid fuel reactors because they share fuel type with nuclear weapons. Time to change.

Proven Molten salt reactors using plentiful thorium can actually consume old gen nuclear plant waste jeffbradynews Notice how the lovely pictures show no powerlines. Just more BS from nuclear power myth spreaders. Nuclear power always over promises and underdelivers and leaves someone else to clean up afterwards. We should deal with our existing nuclear waste before we create any more.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Lmao No Nukes till solar panels installed on every rooftop on earth . Wouldn't it be cheaper and safer to put solar panels on those hundreds of homes? For $10k/each (at retail!) you could power those homes and you'd have a lot of energy to spare to send back to the grid, even in the heat of summer.

I'd definitely have to see these built and operated in practical testing conditions. As it is, they don't even talk about what kind of fuel source they are using. I tend to lean towards nuclear being a potential solution, but I'm wary of a private start up. Nuclear ☢️ power is a tragedy. Fucashima Daichi.

If a hybrid thorium/deuterium-deuterium compact neutron reactor is use the possibilities are no melt down risk, less waste byproduct with only a 500yr half-life compared to 1-25K w/uranium fuel & DD neutron gen create no waste by product. Possibly the cleanest nuclear pwr model. in producing radioactive waste?

Help bring clean electric power into reality. Fight the fight by old Fossil fuel Cos We've got momentum now for clean unlimited power. Autos, trucks, industry 👉🏼 Electric. Electric 👉🏼 Nuclear NuclearIsGreen carbonneutral cleanenergy CleanNuclear GreenNewDeal what we need is a standardized design

What could possibly go wrong? book a weekend at the neutrino chalet... no Interesting. But a strange comparison... Sounds neat, but I think fusion will be the game changer humanity desperately needs There is no May about it. Donald recently threw a hissy and told people that they would not be able to eat because they want to stop fracking. Is this complicated two people. Of course they'll be no regulations cash and donations

Key quote: 'When you're talking about a reactor that's never been built or operated, you have to take with a big grain of salt the claims that it's actually safer or more secure,' says Edwin Lyman at Union of Concerned Scientists. We need more nuclear reactors because... why Solar & wind are the future. And they don’t explode.

If it were say a Thorium reactor it would actually be quite safe and unable to meltdown. Any moves on saltwater plants? fuck this shit. all waste is your waste. I like this approach

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