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What August's Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Cut your friends some slack this month, Sagittarius.

8/2/2020 7:00:00 AM

Cut your friends some slack this month, Sagittarius .

Cut your friends some slack this month, Sagittarius .

inspired you to take action against systemic racism by doing things like sending emails to your representatives, attending protests, and talking to family members about police abolition. You also may have started your own healing journey by reaching out to your community, telling white allies and friends what you need, and letting others do the work for once.

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While you recognize the need for change, you may be fed up with feeling like it's always your job to teach people not to be ignorant. You may feel especially frustrated with your friends during thein aloof Aquarius onMonday, August 3. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac and believes in social justice, but this sign can also be a little flaky. You're tired of sitting around and philosophizing, and you just wish your friends would stop chit-chatting and get to work, both on themselves and in society.

August asks you to practice patience, Sagittarius.Even after the full moon, August will continue to ask you to practice patience. Yes, you usually do whatever it takes to get the job done, but on a bad day your tendency to be blunt can come off as a bit harsh. If you're feeling particularly on edge, soak off your frustrations with a long bath, read, or go for a walk. Remember, self-care can be a radical act.

On, Uranus, the innovator of the zodiac, goes retrograde untilFriday, January 1of next year. During this months-long retrograde, there is massive potential for positive change, both in your life and on a global scale. To get there, you must be willing to adapt, and that means interrogating your own thoughts, beliefs, or personal associations. You don't have to give up on everyone who doesn't live up to your standards just yet. Some of your friends may just be open to constructive criticism if you're willing to have the talk. However, it's also totally OK if you don't have the bandwidth or capacity to educate your friends — take this on a case-by-case basis.

AdvertisementSociety needs your signature leadership skills. You are brave and unafraid to take risks, but it's possible that you could benefit from practicing more empathy. Your potential as a leader only grows when you consider the perspectives of others. During the new moon in fellow fire sign Leo on

Tuesday, August 18, you may find yourself feeling extra loving towards your romantic partner or a crush. Do you have a soft side, after all? It's more than OK to be vulnerable.Practical Virgo season begins onSaturday, August 22. We're still living in a pandemic and there are plenty of social causes that need your voice, but now you may start to feel a bit more optimistic about the potential for change. Everyone around you feels the organizational pull of Virgo season, too. Socially distant events, protests, and even date nights are on the horizon. Enjoy, Sagittarius, and see you in September.

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