Small-cap and value stocks are poised to keep climbing in 2022, says one of the world's top asset managers

Small-cap and value stocks are poised to keep climbing in 2022, says one of the world's top asset managers (via @ETFEdgeCNBC)

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12/7/2021 3:06:00 PM

Small-cap and value stocks are poised to keep climbing in 2022, says one of the world's top asset managers (via ETFEdgeCNBC)

Small-cap and value stocks tend to maintain outperformance in the 12 months following a strong year, said Dimensional co-CEO Gerard O'Reilly.

(DFAT) are beating their benchmarks since their June launches but are still underperforming the major averages.Based on the historical data, the $653 billion asset manager will try to capture small-cap and value returns in 2022 and look beyond theFederal Reserve's

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tapering and potential rate hike timelines, O'Reilly said."When you look back over the past 40 years, the average monthly return on the U.S. market has been about 1% a month," even when the central bank has raised or lowered its target Fed funds rate, he said.

"Regardless of what the Fed has done, about two-thirds of the time, the market has gone up in months whether it's raised or decreased the target Fed funds rate," he said.Markets could run into trouble if the coronavirus omicron variant has a more severe economic impact than many fear, Nate Geraci, president of The ETF Store, warned in the same interview.

"That ultimately leads to supply chain constraints, and you start seeing greater inflationary pressure even while the economy isn't doing so well," he said. "That would be a very tricky spot for the Fed to be in, and in my opinion, probably a worst-case scenario."

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However, the Fed may not let it get that far, Geraci said."I think investors have this feeling that the Fed is always going to be supportive of the market, and until we see something different, I think that's probably a pretty good bet," he said.

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