Simone Biles withdraws from vault, uneven bars competitions

The gold medalist pulled out of the all-around earlier this week.

7/31/2021 4:36:00 AM

BREAKING: American gymnast Simone Biles has pulled out of the individual competitions in vault and uneven bars, according to USA Gymnastics.

The gold medalist pulled out of the all-around earlier this week.

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.Gregory Bull/APAmerican gymnast Simone Biles has pulled out of the individual competitions in vault and uneven bars, according to USA Gymnastics.This is a developing story. Check back for updates. Read more: ABC News »

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She probably quit because of the undue pressure from the networks. They made her look like a miracle for the US team. Could you handle the pressure if the whole world was looking at you and expecting you to be perfect, I don't think so I couldn't She's a human being not a machine Simone,we are with you! You have to take care of YOU! We will be praying!

Who cares Its a mental breakdown for the US on a global stage. The reasons don't matter, people can be sympathetic, but optically every nation is noticing that what we could do to overcome adversity in the past, we fail rise to the occasion now. Too bad some dude didn’t pull out 24 years ago. Then no one would have to hear about this non-story at all.

Blaq fragility She just likes the attention. End her free holiday in Tokyo and put her on the first plane back home. I commiserate with Simone Biles. She’s in a difficult position. It’s good that a doctor is there to assess her mental health. Black fragility Lol who gives a shit, go home

Why What Simone Biles Just Did Matters So Much To Black Women Like Me'One study shows that 63% of Black people don’t 'believe in' mental illness, dismissing it as a weakness or something on which white people spend their time and money.'

She should get a GoldMedal for bravery! Maybe silver…cause the they weightlifter deserves one as well. NBCOlympics 'Today, after further consultation with medical staff, Simone Biles has decided to withdraw from the event finals for vault and the uneven bars,' USA Gymnastics said in a statement. Tokyo2020 TeamUSA

Stop hating on this girl. If she has mental issues, ppl making fun of her isn't helping. She's done a lot more in her short life than most of us will do in a life time. Lift her up. SimoneStrong There's something she not telling that's for sure No strength...just excuses. hello All good. We have better and more determined athletes who will take her place and won’t back out on their team or country. Instead of admitting she was competing like shit she chose to use the mental health/stress excuse to cover the fact that she couldn’t hack it any longer.

Yawn. Lol Wishing her the best.

The One Limit Simone Biles Wouldn’t BreakIn admitting a psychological setback, Simone Biles illuminated the ways in which the predominant view of mental toughness in ultracompetitive sports can be harmful. RyuSpaeth writes RyuSpaeth RyuSpaeth RyuSpaeth The people that write this shit don’t follow sports. High jacking sports to spread their mental health crusade.

abc, try doing a piece on mental health and being fcking informative for once Time to just go home and let this be Suni Lee and the other women's time. Sticking around just takes attention from them and they're the ones who deserve the accolades now. Our whole generation is soft So is she competing on floor and beam

Soooo brave We love you and care about your overall being. YOU’VE MADE US PROUD! We love you Simone!

Analysis: Simone Biles' radical excellence'Since 2013, Simone Biles hasn't only redefined the lily-White sport of gymnastics like no one has before — she's also refused to qualify her talent or ignore her needs,' BrandonTensley writes. 'And she's encouraged others to follow suit.' | Analysis

Texas official apologizes after calling Simone Biles a 'national embarrassment'Aaron Reitz tweeted a video of Kerri Strug, who competed with an injured ankle to help Team USA win gold in 1996, writing, 'Contrast this with our selfish, childish national embarrassment, Simone Biles.' Someone from Texas saying the GOAT female gymnast is an embarrassment? Have you seen the 3rd world shithole that is the majority of Texas, hell they can’t even keep the power on in the cold or the heat. Hell, when was the last time a chem plant blew up. Oh…. Right. He made a valid point. Then he apologized He’s as soft as she is now. Just like charmin.. ultra soft 🤦

Simone Biles Says Everyone's Support Made Her ‘Realize I’m More Than My Accomplishments and Gymnastics’The Olympian shared her first statement about the public's response to her pulling out of two events for her mental health.

Simone Biles Opens Up on Instagram About the 'Twisties' in Gymnastics: 'I Can't Even Fathom Twisting'Simone Biles opens up on Instagram about experiencing the gymnastics 'twisties' at the Tokyo Olympics.