Simon Rex Isn’t Used to All This Applause

Simon Rex on his 'Red Rocket' role: “Hopefully the right people will see this movie and say, ‘‘Wow, I didn’t know Simon Rex had this in his wheelhouse.’ ”

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12/7/2021 9:30:00 AM

Simon Rex on his 'Red Rocket' role: “Hopefully the right people will see this movie and say, ‘‘Wow, I didn’t know Simon Rex had this in his wheelhouse.’ ”

The onetime MTV VJ, rapper and “Scary Movie” veteran isn’t accustomed to Oscar winners slapping him on the back. And he’s not comfortable with it quite yet: “It can be gone as soon as it comes.”

“It wasn’t about the money,” says Simon Rex on accepting the role in ‘Red Rocket’ (out December 10). “I knew I wanted to work with Sean Baker. I was in no position to turn this down.” Loewe jacket, price upon request,, vintage Levi’s jacket, $250,, APC jeans, $225,, boots by Ranch Road Boots, $498,

Embrassed Moments ! Celebrities are Caught on Camera Like This

By| Photography by Pat Martin for WSJ. Magazine | Styling by Christian Stroble | Grooming by Anna BernabeDec. 6, 2021 8:33 am ETSimon Rex, the one-time MTV personality now starring inRed Rocket,director Sean Baker’s follow-up toThe Florida Project, was at a Halloween party in the Hollywood Hills this fall when someone in a mask came up to him. “I just feel someone grab me around the neck,” Rex recalls, “and say, ‘Dude, I heard about your movie. Everyone’s talking about how you murdered it. Congratulations.’” Then the masked man revealed himself, saying: “It’s Leo, by the way.”

As in DiCaprio. Are we sure we’re talking about the same Simon Rex—theScary Movieguy and rapper known as Dirt Nasty?

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