Homemade Potato Chips Recipe on Food52

Chips complete every meal, every occasion, every party.

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12/7/2021 6:22:00 AM

Chips complete every meal, every occasion, every party.

If frying isn’t your thing, you’ll love the microwavable version of this homemade chips recipe, which makes a batch of super crisp chips in about 2 minutes.

 FlyingfishDecember 30, 2012Thanks. Shop Rite just opened a store here and they assure me they carry it.If they don't I'll certainly check out Saco Foods. I appreciate the feed back COOKING C.August 20, 2012I WANT TO KNOW THE SPECIFIC BRAND NAME OF PORCELAIN SLICER OR MANDOLIN. BECAUSE I NEVER SEE THIS KIND OF VERY THIN SLICE. I WANT TO BUY THAT.

 LaraAugust 20, 2012I use the Kyocera® Adjustable Mandoline from Sur La Table (I think it's on Amazon too). The adjustable part is important, so you can use it for a variety of cuts. It costs about $25. eatyAugust 20, 2012HOW MANY CALORIES DO THESES CHIPS HAVE.. l bought a microwave potato chip maker l don't need OIL...you should ty it!!

 BrownButterAugust 20, 2012Lara, can't wait to try this recipe. I have been making home made potato chips for years. The easiest, least expensive way to get the potatoes sliced very thin is to just use a potato peeler. pam S.August 20, 2012 headtopics.com

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Any substitute for the cooking spray? Just read in the NY Times that the PAM brand contains butane and 2 other questionable ingredients (where is the FDA on this one?). LaraAugust 20, 2012I use an organic canola oil or olive oil spray. You can make your own with an atomizer and just add your own oil. You do just want a very fine mist of oil though for these or they may be greasy.

 FlyingfishAugust 22, 2012I think you'll find that butane is the or part of the spray propellant. Butane is a flammable gas. I use it instead of propane where I can't chance it's accumulation below the flame. Natural gas and propane are heavier than air and will sink while butane is lighter than air and wont accumulate in say the bilge of a boat or ship. It is also used in cigarette lighters, Bic, and"gas matches", etc. I hope this helped. You didn't mention the other two questionable ingredients so I can't comment

 FlyingfishAugust 22, 2012

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