Signs Your Mother-In-Law Actually Hates You

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As if sharing your life with a loving, supportive significant other wasn’t bad enough. Here are the most obvious signs your mother-in-law actually hates you.

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She Appears To Love Your Spouse MoreTry as you might, you can’t get her to treat you with the same level of affection she gives the child she raised from birth.She Smiles And Is Nice To You Every Time She Sees YouShe Has Purchased A Headstone For You Engraved With A Death Date In The Near FutureThose things aren’t cheap, and she’ll probably be motivated to get her money’s worth.

It’s natural for the in-law honeymoon phase to wear off, but if you’re not even getting lucky on your birthday, there’s definitely some underlying resentment there.She Turns Away From YouTube Videos You Want To Show HerHer Most Recent Holiday Gift To You Was A HitmanIt would have been thoughtful if you weren’t the target.She Doesn’t Apologize After Running You Over With Her Car

If she apologized you could chalk it up to a mistake, but not if she runs you over and then backs over you again without saying sorry.If she continues to fight for life, it’s only to make your life a living hell.

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When she still chatting with your wife ex.

She sends a specific Christmas card for “Son.” Though she did manage to include you on the envelope, she spelled your name wrong. (Married 27 years. Lol)

Cut my brakes once, shame on you. Cut them twice, shame on the mechanic!

Sign 23, when she arrives she immediately asks, “where are my little spawns of Satan?”

Not funny...

Another sign your mother-in-law hates you, she lets your wife cheat with her new boyfriend in her home.

Sign 1 - You’re married to her daughter and you’ll never be good enough for her.

What is an 'absolute stud?' In special, elwhats a 'stud' here? (ESL speaker here.)

Her face is all the evidence I need.

My Mother-in-law hates me so much that I've never met her or her daughter! I've never even met her daughter's Father. How twisted is that?

The feeling is mutual only she's going to die soon and I'm buying a motorbike with my share.

This would never work on me because I don’t drink alcohol

Go for it!


yeah by being so hot


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