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Emotional abuse is abuse: How to recognize the signs and get help


12/2/2021 9:15:00 PM

Emotional abuse is abuse: How to recognize the signs and get help

Emotional abuse can be difficult to recognize. Learn what emotional abuse is and what signs to look out for if you believe you're experiencing emotional abuse.

But Alex has a hard time thinking of herself as adomestic violencevictim because she has never been hit.“I am not abused,” she insists to a case worker even as she picks glass out of her hair and admits her boyfriend scares her.Emotional abuseisabuse, psychologists and organizations that help domestic violence survivors say, but many people in abusive relationships may have trouble convincing themselves and others that they’re being mistreated when they have no bruises or other visible signs of physical harm.

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“It can be extremely, extremely damaging and in an ongoing way,” Dr. Gail Saltz, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill-Cornell Medical College and host of the “How Can I Help?” podcast, told TODAY.“It can completely undermine a person’s sense of self, self-worth and can cause terrible depression, anxiety disorder.”

Oct. 14, 202004:22Abuse comes in many forms — apparent or invisible, emotional, financial or physical — and every form of abuse is dangerous and causes serious consequences for those impacted, said Crystal Justice, chief external affairs officer for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. headtopics.com

“someone or undermining their sense of self-worth is abuse. Isolating someone from their family, friends and support systems is abuse. Limiting their access to finances or preventing them from working is abuse,” she said.“No one deserves abuse — ever.”

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Oct. 4, 201903:45Survivors experiencing lesser-known forms of abuse, such as emotional or financial abuse, may be less likely to reach out for support, Justice said.

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my heart goes out to everyone who has been through emotional abuse everywhere out there.. And it’s not just in relationships; I had a narcissistic sociopaths sibling who emotionally abused everyone in my family for decades! I no longer acknowledge his existence

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