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Should You Be Worried About Lead Pipes? What to Know

Biden has said all lead pipes in the country’s drinking-water system would be eliminated as part of his broader efforts to improve U.S. infrastructure

9/19/2021 9:30:00 AM

Biden has said all lead pipes in the country’s drinking-water system would be eliminated as part of his broader efforts to improve U.S. infrastructure

President Biden has said all lead pipes in the country’s drinking-water system would be eliminated as part of his broader efforts to improve U.S. infrastructure.

In June, a worker in Denver worked to remove a home’s lead water-service line and install a new copper one, as municipalities across the U.S. confront the need to replace lead pipes. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission

NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind.

Mandatory a long time ago apparently insurance fraud false maintenance records on infrastructure standards for commercial occupancy epa fema standards for housing Mandatory fraud building inspections Yes you shall worry No you should be worried with giving 5 B of equipamente to taleban It’s easier to destroy than build. America enjoy and used to the easy way!

This is vital. That you have to subscribe to learn about lead pipes that might be poisoning you - shame on you wall street journal. The US is leading the way on lead God bless him 🙏 It's just an suggestion but an part of the infrastructure plan should be faster, more affordable internet for those less fortunate in the US. Democracy in the US amounts to more than conservative bipartisanship that would see through Joe Bidens ambitious infrastructure plan.

Probably contributes to Alzheimer’s! Has he tried finding a plumber.

Rep. Maloney: California was a good test of Biden vs. TrumpRep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-NY, joins Morning Joe to discuss the outcome of California's recall election and what Republicans can take away from the results. Rep. Maloney also discusses why he says the $3.5T reconciliation package has a 'good chance' of getting through the Senate. Let’s do a Biden vs trump in Texas and Florida Drone kills children, boosters deadly, French ambassador flees US, infected hordes pouring across the southern border and thousands of Americans left behind in Afghanistan. Great job Dems! California is not a litmus test for the rest of this fuc-ed-up country. We're a blue state and the recall was a joke. There are tens of millions of American lunatics who will vote red.

But not asbestos pipe? That’s lame. Siacoin to the moon A long task. How about a water pipeline from the drowning east coast to the southwest. Like that will ever happen. We are doomed. It’s incredible how behind parts of the country are. That explains a lot Education is pleasure knowledge is treasure So they are going re pipe all the homes too?

You still have lead pipes? I thought they went out in the 1800’s? This alone should get him re-elected.

Biden Administration Sends More Agents to Texas Bridge to Move Haitian MigrantsThe Biden administration said it is sending additional border agents to a South Texas town where thousands of Haitian migrants are being held under a bridge, as officials prepared to begin flying them back to their home country New democratic voters aren't going anywhere... No way... Did they suddenly find out that there are too many people from the 'wrong' country near the southern border?


Biden announces methane gas cuts goal ahead of UN climate summitLast month, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said the Earth's average global temperature will reach 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels around 2030, a decade earlier than projected three years ago. And now we can go on holiday abroad so wots the big deal

Hayes: Why California recall was 'resounding' referendum on Trumpism, Biden'If we follow the historical precedent...and view last night's recall election in California both as a referendum on the first eight months of the Biden administration, and as the first big test of the enduring effects of Trumpism—the results are not even close,' says Chris Hayes. chrislhayes chrislhayes 'Why our side is right about everything, and winning against those bad people' Meanwhile, in evidence land, 538 is reporting that the Dems are very very slightly ahead in midterm projections. chrislhayes This is absolute nonsense. California is more than 2/3 Democrat. What did you expect. Anyone who thinks this was a 'resounding' referendum is a complete idiot.

Biden Cancelled $1.5 Billion Of Student Debt For Borrowers, But You Can Still Apply NowHere's how to apply for student loan cancellation. In the live broadcast of the Italian media, the media said that the intensive care unit had not been vaccinated, and medical staff came forward to clarify that all the intensive care unit had been vaccinated, and then the picture was quickly cut off. wow

Opinion: Biden is not living up to his promisesScott Jennings writes that President Joe Biden is failing on two campaign promises: shutting down Covid-19 and not being like Donald Trump. Time and again, when given a chance to inspire and unify, Biden and his team have confused and hectored the very unvaccinated Americans he needs to reach the most, Jennings writes. ScottJenningsKY Opinion Hey CNN, this both sides of argument doesn't work when one side doesn't believe in reality. ScottJenningsKY Opinion Biden's open border policy has exasperated the virus. Hundreds of thousands entering our country many with the virus and the government spreading them throughout the country. 2+2 still equals 4. ScottJenningsKY Opinion Maybe it’s because 50% of the population doesn’t even acknowledge that he exists.