Shopping, Ecomm

Shopping, Ecomm

Shoppers Say the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads Have ‘Saved’ Their Complexions From Fine Lines and Dark Marks

No wonder a box sells every three seconds.

4/10/2020 2:16:00 PM

No matter your skin concern, these peel pads are the perfect do-it-all treatment.

No wonder a box sells every three seconds.

by reducing tons of skincare concerns from fine lines to dark spots, and call them their “holy grail” product. One customer even said every time she’s tried to stop using the pads, she regrets it.“When I go through a period of not using them, my skin is dull, breakouts occur, and hello sun damage,” she wrote. “The moment I start using them again, it’s like total skin rehab — brightness returns and I look less like a 36-year-old mombie and more like a well-rested mom who has spa days once a week. A peel a day keeps the dark spots, breakouts, and fine lines away!”

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We’re not sure about you, but thesounds like the perfect do-it-all treatment for anyone, no matter your skin concern. Read more: InStyle »


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