Sarah Ruhl on 'Pachinko,' Sheila Heti, and the Book With the Greatest Ending

Sarah Ruhl on 'Pachinko,' Sheila Heti, and the Book With the Greatest Ending

10/19/2021 9:19:00 PM

Sarah Ruhl on 'Pachinko,' Sheila Heti, and the Book With the Greatest Ending

The playwright, poet, and author of Smile on 'Pachinko,' Sheila Heti, and the Book With the Greatest Ending

Writeit!) like disaster.” Those 20 words are big enough to contain both irony and deep feeling; then create an act of ritual inside the moment of writing the poem....I brought on my first solo trip out of the country:Betsy and the Great Worldby Maud Hart Lovelace. The Betsy-Tacy books comforted me and guided me all through my childhood. I re-read the series until the books fell apart and I taped them back together, sometimes sleeping with them under my pillow. When I was 20 and went to England to study, I took

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Betsy and the Great Worldwith me, and I followed in Betsy’s footsteps, traveling to Oberammergau where she saw thePassion Play. I got to wondering, what if the guy who always had to play Pontius Pilate wanted to play the role of Jesus? That became the germ of my first full-length play.

...everyone should read:Beloved,because it’s arguably the most important work of fiction written in America in the 20th century. No one else writes with Morrison’s language, or her incisive combination of honesty and empathy, or her reach. Reading about the cost of slavery for one particular mother—Sethe—expands the moral imagination and the heart.

...I last bought:Pachinkoby Min Jin Lee. I devoured it; I think it is a contemporary classic. I don’t know how Lee is able to sketch so deftly an entire generation in such bold quick strokes, you feel you know every character intimately, and then time passes in an instant, and the reader is on to the next generation, and then the next—meditating on the complicated tragedy of how generations are interconnected, from one country to another.

...features the most beautiful book jacket:My favorite book jackets are painter Vanessa Bell’s designs for her younger sister, Virginia Woolf.To the Lighthouse Read more: ELLE Magazine (US) »

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