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Megan Fox Will Wear Whatever She Wants, Thank You Very Much

Including her new collection with Boohoo.

10/19/2021 10:03:00 PM

Megan Fox Will Wear Whatever She Wants, Thank You Very Much

Including her new collection with Boohoo.

Oct 19, 2021BoohooThe internet is very busy turning Megan Fox into memes. Meanwhile, she’s turning herself into a mogul. The Tennessee native is coming in hot with hernew Boohoo collection, which gives fans 40-plus options for dressing like the newest Marilyn incarnate. Created with stylist Maeve Reilly, Fox’s range goes up to a size 24, and includes both modest outerwear (including a much-discussed Ohio bomber, created for Machine Gun Kelly) and certified head-turners like a backless halter mini dress with a thigh-high slit. For the ’gram!

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Fox phoned us from the gym (really) to talk about her collection, which launches today, and the precarious pedestals of fame, hotness, and control. And because Megan Fox is quite possibly the most interesting person in American right now, we’ll stop with the prose and just let you read this transcript of our phone call.

Hi.Hi, it’s Megan. How are you?Great, how’s the gym?The gym is lovely.Let’s talk about your new clothing line. And the Ohio jacket.Yeah, the Ohio jacket is killer. So, I don’t want to say it was pretty easy—obviously a clothing line is a lot of work! But Boohoo already had options that resonated with my personal street style, and Maeve [Reilly] already understands that so well. So there was already a really good foundation for this collection, and we ended up making it much bigger than we originally thought, because we had so many ideas and we were so impressed with the sample pieces.

A lot of the pieces lean into early 2000s trends like low-waist jeans and halter tops, and so do you. The spring/summer 2022 collections were full of that too—it honestly felt like a lot of Italian designers were puttingyouon the runway.That’s super flattering if it’s true, but I have no info on that. I haven’t heard about it. I love it, though! I wish people would understand that it’s not necessarily a choice I’m making because of style. I live in Los Angeles. It is like 500 degrees there lately, and it’s only getting hotter. So yes, I’m wearing crop tops, but it’s a weather thing more than a deliberate “I must make a strong fashion statement” thing. I remember a news item that just went viral because I did

The Today Show,and they called my top a bra. They insisted I wasn’t wearing a top. And I was like, “I’m sorry, do you not understand how clothes look now? These are just regular tops!”How has your personal style changed in the past year?Obviously, that is heavily influenced by Maeve. Truthfully, it wasn’t something I’d ever really put too much thought into on my own, because I had gone through a bunch of stylists early on in my career, and none of them really resonated with me. And I felt like they were always dressing me too conservatively; I just wasn’t inspired. And so I kind of lost my love of fashion altogether, because I was like, “Wait, this isn’t like a creative process for me.” And then I found Maeve, who’s really done more musicians… She’s gotten to be much more eccentric and controversial and provocative, and she just gets me really well. I give her credit for getting me back into fashion.

Your recent looks seem to be cultivating a Hollywood bombshell identity. I’d love to hear more about how that’s been built.So, my own personal outfits are more tomboy. But what people might not know about me is that I’m super petite. People donotrealize how small I am. So I’m either in clothes that are

reallywell-fitted or I just get overwhelmed by fabric, which happens very easily. So if I know I’m going to be photographed, I do tend to pick things with a very close fit. I wouldloveto put on a pair of parachute pants, but it just doesn’t work on my body! It wasn’t exactly a choice to only wear tight clothes or cutouts.

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BoohooYou have a few new films coming out, and in each of them, you’re playing dangerous women. But you’re super nice in real life.Why do you think Hollywood keeps putting you in those roles?Thanks! [Laughing] I don’t know! It’s very easy for me to be vulnerable on camera—I can drop tears really easily because I’m so emotional. However, I think I attract those roles to myself because I

dohave the most fun… When I get to play psychos, that’s by far my favorite thing to play, because you get to infuse comedy in it. That feels very creative to me. So I probably have some sort of a beacon that’s turned on that’s attracting those roles into my life.

In that vein,Jennifer’s Bodyis finally getting its due as a legitimate feminist masterpiece. What are your thoughts on the newfound appreciation?I think it’s grown slowly over the past decade. Obviously, we all believed in it at the time. And I can’t say I was necessarily surprised at how it was received and treated. I think that fell in line. It was right with where the narrative was about me personally, anyway, and about women in general. It made sense that [it wasn’t well received] at the time. But I am happy it’s getting a new audience. It’s so cool to have this movie that middle school and high school girls are finding now and becoming obsessed with it. And I’m happy to be a presence in the emo community also. I love it there!

Were you emo in high school?I was, kind of! I was like that in school, but we didn’t really have “emo” yet, per se. When I was in middle school, you were either goth or you liked pop music. I was always a dark, emotional, brooding outcast. I never felt like I fit, exactly.

And now you’re a style icon who’s booking huge movies. Are you a planner, or do you tend to just let things happen? What is your endgame or goal for the type of career you want to have in the next 10 years?Oooh, I don't know if I have an end goal. Good question. I know it’s helpful to visualize certain things, but I don’t have a particular path that I’m trying to follow, or certain kinds of movies that I want to make. I’m just now feeling like at this point in my life, I’m opening up creatively. I feel like I was really blocked for a long time. I’m just starting to sort of blossom now, which is exciting for me. I feel like there are so many possibilities of what I can do now, because my confidence is a lot higher than it used to be. And my willingness to explore and try different things is there. I definitely want to branch out and not

justlimit myself to acting for the rest of my life. I feel like I have a lot of different creative abilities and areas where I could excel, including fashion design.What would be your best advice to someone who’s afraid of baring their body?I just think that you’ve got to wear what makes you feel good. And by the way, there are plenty of days where I’m just not in the mood, and all I want to wear is giant sweats. There are definitely some times where mentally, I’m not in a place where I want to be exposed or interact with the world. I think style is a closer reflection of your mood than some people realize, and because of that, it changes constantly. Like I change multiple times a day sometimes, don’t you?

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Yes. Especially working from home.That’s my best advice for anyone: wear what makes you feel good and donotworry about what other people say you look like. Obviously, that’s a really tricky thing for me as well, because I have body dysmorphia, so I see myself differently than how other people see me anyway. And bottom line is, it’s very difficult to be a woman!

Right?!And I’ve finally let myself acknowledge that it’s hard to be a woman! It’s really difficult, right? We are our own worst enemies sometimes, and so my best advice is just to embrace it, and know you have the freedom to express yourself however feels good to you. Know that, and then give yourself permission to do so.

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