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‘Rust’ First AD Had Personal Behavior Complaint Filed On Past Project; Police Probe On Alec Baldwin Film Fatal Shooting Continues

‘Rust’ First AD Had Personal Behavior Complaint Filed On Past Project; Police Probe On Alec Baldwin Film Fatal Shooting Continues

10/24/2021 10:36:00 PM

Rust ’ First AD Had Personal Behavior Complaint Filed On Past Project; Police Probe On Alec Baldwin Film Fatal Shooting Continues

EXCLUSIVE: As the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office continues their investigation of the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on October 21, which also injured director Joel Souza, on th…

In that context, submitted Friday to the New Mexico courts for a subsequently issued search warrant on theRusttragedy said that just before the shooting of Hutchins and Souza, Baldwin on the afternoon of October 20 was handed one of a trio of prop guns from a nearby cart by Halls. Preparing for a rehearsal scene, the

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Ruststar and producer was told the prop was a “cold gun” that did not have any live rounds in it. Indicating that three prop guns were prepped by the on-set armorer, who is named as Hannah Gutierrez in the October 22 filing from Detective Joel Cano, the affidavit said that  Halls “did not know live rounds were in the prop gun.” Among various components of the search warrant, the police are seeking to see if any footage of the fatal accident exists. As well they are seeking other items such as the “Old Western Style” outfit Baldwin was wearing at the time of the shooting, phones, memory cards and more.

We understand that the $7M production of the now halted for an “undetermined period of time”Rust was 50% completed at the time of the bloody incident.On Friday, Deadline learned that Rust‘s camera crew packed up their personal gear and walked off the job, citing a wide range of complaints including lack of payment for three weeks, no lodging and poor on-set gun safety. The production allegedly brought in non-union people to replace departing crew.

TheRustproduction acknowledge to Deadline that crew did in fact depart, but that they were paid. They later issued a statement to Deadline saying, “The safety of our cast and crew is the top priority of Rust Productions and everyone associated with the company. Though we were not made aware of any official complaints concerning weapon or prop safety on set, we will be conducting an internal review of our procedures while production is shut down. We will continue to cooperate with the Santa Fe authorities in their investigation and offer mental health services to the cast and crew during this tragic time.”

With police probes and more on-going, it is very early in the process for issues of liability to be determined.However,can impose civil penalties for workplace accidents, even if law enforcement determines that no crime occurred.When that is decided could take awhile.

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Crew is tired of taking the shitty end of the stick when Production hires abusive people. Stop it! So they are going to blame everyone but Baldwin on this.

'Rust' Crew Left Set Before Fatal Shooting After 'Poor On-Set Safety'The Western indie film Rust Movie reportedly had a series of problems before the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins . This is a accident that should never had happened. You take a movie like a John Wicke movie were hundreds of people are shot and a lot of those head shots with muzzle flash. Surely it is done post production

Alec Baldwin 'Rust' camera crew walked off the set in protest before the fatal shootingHours before actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot a cinematographer on the New Mexico set of ' Rust ,' a half-dozen camera operators walked off the set to protest working conditions. Sad. that RUST thing is over and done with. Try TRUST Yahoo Three posts a day about Baldwin many posts have you made on the 100's of shootings in the inner cities of America? Oh wait. That doesn't fit the liberal-blame all white men-for everything agenda. Like Come on. Put the Juul down and work!

‘Rust’ Production Was Chaotic Prior to Fatal Prop Gun AccidentAs the industry grapples with the tragic on-set death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins , a picture is emerging of a low-budget film set that was already chaotic before the fatal accident occurred.… AlecForPrison

‘Rust’ Camera Crew Protested Unsafe Working Conditions Hours Before Fatal ShootingThe prop gun had several misfires in recent days, a source told the Los Angeles Times, raising questions about safety procedures on set. so what about the bullet in the gun?

Everything we know about the fatal ‘Rust’ shooting — and what could happen nextGiven the unprecedented nature of the incident, experts who spoke with NBC News say legal proceedings and the fate of “ Rust ” itself remain uncertain. Stop saying the incident is unprecedented, it's not. Why did they have a real gun on set? From what I hear you can’t shoot real bullets from a prop gun…

'Rust' crew describes on-set gun safety issues and misfires days before fatal shooting\r\n' Rust ' crew members detail on-set gun safety issues and misfires. 'There were no safety meetings... All they wanted to do was rush, rush, rush.' Union crew were packing up to leave the set in protest of slapdash working conditions and were threatened with arrest if they didn't get out quicker once their non-union replacements showed up. Six hours later, the cinematographer was dead. Union means safer working conditions. wow..thats truly unfortunate .. what a great lost.. Rushing to get a movie project finish without safety measurements is not professional at all period.