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Russia Aims to Begin Mass Vaccinations Against Covid-19 in October

Russia plans to roll out a Covid-19 vaccine to the general population starting in October, hoping to be the first country to start mass vaccinations against a virus that has killed more than 679,000 people world-wide

8/1/2020 8:45:00 PM

Russia plans to roll out a Covid-19 vaccine to the general population starting in October, hoping to be the first country to start mass vaccinations against a virus that has killed more than 679,000 people world-wide

Russia plans to roll out a Covid-19 vaccine to the general population starting in October, hoping to be the first country to start mass vaccinations against a virus that has killed more than 679,000 people world-wide.

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British fossil hunters find bones of new dinosaur species, cousin to T.Rex

Four bones found on a beach on the Isle of Wight, off England's south coast, belong to a new species of theropod dinosaur, the group that includes Tyrannosaurus rex, researchers at the University of Southampton said on Wednesday.

certainly hope it works and then can be distributed to other countries very quickly - hopefully before the end of the year. Laurie_Garrett That’s terribly fishy. There is ZERO reason to trust ANYTHING Russia says Or Does. Psychopath Putin. Laurie_Garrett Nazi-like strategy by Putin abusing & experimenting on Russian population- safe or not.

Laurie_Garrett Wonder who they are stealing from? Less than a million out of 7 billion people on earth. Ok, see what will happen? We will be too terrified to get a vaccine. How can we possibly trust it? Russia is in the race to find vaccine too? Laurie_Garrett What could go wrong? Am I right? Wait...I thought the US one, the China one, and the Oxford/UK one were the only 3 vaccines in final testing, and even if everything went perfectly they wouldn’t be released for the general public until at least March of 2021? This info was from last week.

Laurie_Garrett Russia doesn't care about safety. If 99% are protected and 1% die from the vaccine that's OK with Putin. Russia will have an advantage over the West that won't vaccinate until it is proven safe. Likely this is one topic POTUS45 and Putin discussed on the phone Laurie_Garrett Yeah right! I’m gonna trust Putin’s Russia - NOT!

Laurie_Garrett When this fails disastrously it will do massive harm to trust and adaptation of any real vaccine in the future, developed at a prudently safe pace. Hope it soon to cute many infected. And NO ONE has discussed how to hold China accountable! I can’t wait to see Pooty Tangs face when he gets the cure-all!

So does every country in the world There is not a competition. Safety and efective vaccine, I hope. Propaganda I'd rather get Covid than take a Russian Laurie_Garrett Yea . . . Uh . . . No thanks. The finest medical researchers are still developing a vaccine, but Russia beat them to the punch? If it ain’t hacking, Russia is behind the curve

You can move fast if you avoid Phase 3 clinical trials Laurie_Garrett The October surprise 😞 Laurie_Garrett Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. Laurie_Garrett I’m thinking a lot of folks aren’t confident in a Russian vaccine. Who will they steal it from ? Laurie_Garrett No thanks! 😬 Laurie_Garrett This sounds like nothing more than an announcement intended to help trump. 'The russians solved it and we love each other. Isnt this great'... but by december itll have never happened

Laurie_Garrett DrDenaGrayson Laurie_Garrett Also: Russia developed COVID-19 in a lab and unleashed it on the world and had a vaccine all along but waited a while to get more out of putin's puppet donald trump and other world leaders Let’s have billgates fauci feduchiiii have these vaccines now Oh, Comrad Donald will be mad at his buddy Comrad Vlad! No more Vodka parties!

Well they did steal all that info. Go Russia. On the killing, I mean cutting, edge after the epidemic is over Which country did they steal it from? 🤪🤪🤪 Donnie already paid 1 bizillion trillion dollars for 1000000 vaccines for Americans who attend his presidential rallies, not to worry is gonna be the best vaccine ever created for only who attends to his next rallies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Good job Russia! Good luck! Haha. This won’t end well for Russia And the first country with a vaccine that kills fewer people than it saves will NOT be Russia. Can’t possibly have been through three phase clinical trials. Goodthing i live in America where i do not have to get one Interesting and this could be good news for RedHillBio

A Russian vaccine? thanks. Russia fad china is better They love to experiment on their people. Any information the capacity of mass production ? It will be interesting to see how many people a Russian made vaccine kills, not that we'll ever really know... great way to eliminate opposition. The poorest first 'no doubt' 😈😈😈

russia lies about everything Huh. Funny how it worked out to let them try to do that. Just ... huh. Is this how Resident Evil begins ?

Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19: Scientists say it's time to stop promoting the drugScientists say that hydroxychloroquine should no longer be touted as a COVID-19 treatment: 'It does not work for treatment or for prevention. I have no idea why there is still talk about it, but it’s wrong.” Could you promote this drug any harder? Liar we are not stupid MSM exposeGates exposefaucci obviously paid for this study. So many studies and MDs throughout the globe suppose the use is HCQ

Diamond giant De Beers likely to cut jobs after COVID-19 hitDiamond mining giant De Beers is likely to have to cut jobs, its chief executive said on Thursday, as it outlined plans for an overhaul of its business after the coronavirus hit jewellery demand. Slave labour at DeBeers drying up, I guess. Who's next? Ya... feeling no sympathy for the diamond GIANT!! diamond encrusted facemask by jph 2020

EU extends ban on American travelers - again - with US COVID-19 cases far outpacing European countriesFor the second time this month, the European Union extended its travel ban on Americans on Thursday, as U.S. COVID-19 infections continued to rise. Well, we got our wall, Mr. President.

Bryan Cranston reveals he had COVID-19, says he's now donating 'liquid gold' plasmaBryan Cranston is revealing that he had coronavirus. Now, he says he's using his antibodies to hopefully help others via plasma donation. Walter White would sell them real 'breaking bad' in good way 😄 Everyone in Hollywood is gonna say they had it

Teachers write own obituaries as schools near reopening amid COVID-19A group of Iowa teachers have sent their own mock obituaries to their governor in hopes she'll revisit plans for reopening schools. Wear your mask!* *Exeptions: Burn Loot and Murder block parties, democrat political rally/funerals All of them should be fired.

Apple delivers blowout earnings amid COVID-19, market shrugs off iPhone delaysApple Inc on Thursday delivered blowout quarterly results, reporting revenue gains across every category and in every geography as consumers working and learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic turned to its products and services. Bully for them! Wait. We're taxing them, right?