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Rudy Giuliani’s Request for Evidence Seized by FBI Is Denied

The federal judge’s decision allows a special master to review what material taken by the FBI is subject to attorney-client privilege.

9/17/2021 8:45:00 PM

Rudy Giuliani asked a federal judge to return some material seized by the FBI or have it destroyed. The judge said no, allowing a review of the evidence to proceed.

The federal judge’s decision allows a special master to review what material taken by the FBI is subject to attorney-client privilege.

Rudy Giuliani has denied lobbying for anyone in Ukraine or working as an agent of a foreign government. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Aly Raisman recounts FBI agent ‘diminishing’ her abuse when reporting NassarThe retired Olympic gymnast is calling for an independent investigation into the mishandling of abuse claims against Larry Nassar. TODAYshow I'm proud of you. Hang in there. Trying to Clean America up is an Unbelievably Humongous Task. This Country was Founded on Filth, Immorality, and Corruption which is what you see Today. That's why they allowed Larry Nasser to continue to Rape all of you. They knew about it TODAYshow The FBI has screwed up everything it's touched over the last decade including Parkland and many of the other things they were warned in advance about and completely ignored TODAYshow FBI and our military are corrupt!!

McKayla Maroney: FBI made 'entirely false claims about what I said'Olympic gymnasts McKayla Maroney and Simone Biles ripped the FBI and the Justice Department in Senate testimony Wednesday They sure as hell should have. They are brave and strong for letting everyone know how this affected them How about ripping your parents for not teaching you that a “doctor” doesn’t need to touch your privates to heal you…

Simone Biles, Other Elite Gymnasts Slam FBI For ‘Failed’ Nassar InvestigationThe FBI “turned a blind eye to us,” Biles told a Senate committee Wednesday. nice right? horrible Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️

Olympic Gymnasts Slam FBI For Botched Investigation Into Larry NassarThe failure to properly investigate the USA Gymnastics doctor allowed him to sexually abuse 70 more athletes, lawmakers said in a Senate hearing. Maybe they should have also had some expert witnesses testify. I hear Jim Jordan was available 😁 Senator Blumenthal to Wray, in painstaking detail, “Make no mistake, egregious failures like this one do not arise out of no where. The IG findings paint a shocking picture of FBI derilection of duty & gross incompetence.” They all deserved better and so does America.

FBI Director Chris Wray: No 'good explanation' for mishandling of Larry Nassar abuse caseWray apologized to the victims of Larry Nassar for the way the bureau handled abuse accusations against the former USA Gymnastics doctor. FBI Assistant Director did not do a professional investigation on Dr. Nasser / Nassar doing life imprisonments . Junior colleague deserves to be fired . Jill Tyson deserves to be fired . Unacceptable in a Private Sector Of Government. Why has the perp not been executed yet?

Gymnasts Demanded Real Justice After FBI 'Failure' to Properly Investigate Sexual Abuse“USA Gymnastics, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the FBI have all betrayed me.”