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Richmond orders removal of Confederate statues on city land

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney on Wednesday ordered the immediate removal of all Confederate statues on city land, saying he was using his emergency powers to speed up the...

7/1/2020 10:03:00 PM

BREAKING: Mayor of Richmond , Virginia , invokes emergency powers to order immediate removal of Confederate statues; work crews begin taking down Stonewall Jackson statue. (RESENDING to fix typo)

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney on Wednesday ordered the immediate removal of all Confederate statues on city land, saying he was using his emergency powers to speed up the...

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney on Wednesday ordered the immediate removal of all Confederate statues on city land, saying he was using his emergency powers to speed up the healing process for the former capital of the Confederacy amid weeks of protests over police brutality and racial injustice.

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Work crews began removing a statue of Gen. Stonewall Jackson early Wednesday afternoon. Flatbed trucks and other equipment were also spotted at several other Confederate monuments along Richmond’s famed Monument Avenue.Another famous statue on city land is that of Gen. J.E.B. Stuart. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam had previously ordered the most prominent statue along the avenue, that of Gen. Robert E. Lee, which sits on state land. The removal has been stalled pending the resolution of a lawsuit from at least two people who oppose its removal.

Stoney said he was also moving quickly because protesters have already toppled several Confederate monuments and is concerned that people could be hurt trying to take down the gigantic statues.ADVERTISEMENT“We have an urgent need to protect the public,” Stoney said in a statement.

Stoney’s move came on the day a new state law took effect granting control of the monuments to the city. The law outlines a removal process that would take at 60 days to unfold.But during a City Council meeting Wednesday morning, Stoney balked as the council scheduled a special meeting for Thursday to formally vote on a resolution calling for the immediate removal of the statues.

“Today, I have the ability to do this through my emergency powers,” Stoney said. “I think we need to act today.”About an hour later, work crews were spotted near the Jackson statue.Videos posted on Twitter showed workers being lifted in a crane to the top of the statue and attempting to attach something to it.

During Wednesday’s meeting, city councilors expressed support for removing the statues, but several councilors said the council needed to follow the proper legal process.Interim city attorney Haskell Brown said any claim that Stoney has the authority to remove the statues without following the state process would contradict legal advice he has previously given the council and administration.

Stoney and several city councilors said they were concerned that the statues have become a public safety hazard during weeks of protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.In Portsmouth, one man was seriously injured as protesters tried to pull down a Confederate statue.

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___This story has been edited to correct that the mayor has ordered all Confederate statues removed from city land, not all Confederate statues in the city. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Hey let’s dismantle the Democrat party. They founded JIM CROW and the KKK Hopefully rules to be illegal!LevarStoney Organized vandalism. Those that want this statues to be save are just like the traitors that fought the union. These anti American leaders all Dems should be jailed for defacing and removing our history! realDonaldTrump who gives these people the legal right to destroy our history? They were not elected for that! They should all be stopped immediately! ProudToBeAnAmerican 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

The fact those crying about this don’t know why these statues were erected to begin with proves they fail to teach any real history. Confederate monuments/statues are to be studied, not glorified. Public displays are for glorification & not for historical information. White supremacy & racists brought them up & racism keeps them up. THIS IS THE PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTER...RACISM. WAKE UP AMERICA! Biden

Next stop - renaming Washington DC. After all, GW owned about 300 slaves together with his wife Martha. Things are getting a bit complicated now - suggest proper review to define where the line will be drawn. Maybe look at what Germany did after WWII ... not perfect though. blm I must say though if they did keep up these statues they should write the truth they should say here lies an evil man who wanted to keep the slaves slaves here lies and evil man who fought a civil war against his own people just to keep others enslaved hear ye hear ye

All these people who are so heartbroken in the tweets Your Leader your president did say if he was going to run for president he would run as a republican because y'all are so stupid and easily brainwashed go look it up he that's what he said and boy was he right For those who have a problem with this, please answer this question. Are there nazi's statues and monuments all over southern Germany HELL NO!!

Removing TREASONOUS landmarks does erase history we should never celebrate or commemorate enemies of the United States. Let me tell you a Twitter story About the shame of Johnny Reb, Nasty racist guy cost the Union, Lots of bloody red Then one day Donald tweets 'Cops! Beat those blacks & Jews!' And that's when Trump got The bad C.S.A. statue news Carolina bigot corn, Texas Tea BLM … Ya'll

We done warn you 'South will rise again' types. We were hoping you'd work it out of your redneck little heads. We gave 150+ years to 'get over it'. You done didn't do your homework, so we take your action figures away. We done warn you 'South will rise again' types. We were hoping you'd work it out of your redneck little heads. We gave 150+ years to 'get over it' You done didn't do your homework, so we take your action figures away.

Stonewall Jackson and the others like him were all traitors to the great United States of America...why Americans would honor traitors, I don't understand...does Germany honor the Nazi Party? A BIG shout out to the mayor for picking up the mantle of cultural genocide gripping our county. Great job at destroying US History. His lack of law and order and pandering to the Left are inspiring to all those will not stop here. They are coming for YOU next.

They need to remove ArthurAshe statue it's offensive and most of us want fairness can't take down some and leave him up!! takedown RacistMarxistAntisemites racistmovement blacklivesmatterbs The irony... When does the J Edgar Hoover building get renamed? we 12s 9.8 Oh for God's sake. This is insane.

HAVE U GOP SURRENDERED to the LEFT BREAKING FROM POTUS - Agree w/LFT to DESTROY OUR PAST - WIPE OUT AMERICAN REDEMPTION for BLACKS? DESTROY EVIDENCE of TRUTH? R U ppl IDIOTS?! BOWING to lft MORAL AUTHORITY? 1776Unites WomenKAG ForTrump BlackVoices4DJT marklevinshow So exciting! And yet there was outcry when the Talibans blew up historical artifacts.

You mean the guy who wore black face, twice? Anytime you see a Confederate statue I want you to think Rape, Pedophilia, and the Commodification of Africans. The End Sickening !! Mayor should face Treason Charges !! jobooya This is a concession. That’s how it had to play out. The statue ends up in private hands somewhere and no one gets killed on the ground. It’s a win-win … but the effort continues. This one worked out for all. protests2020

I, too, mostly learned history from looking at statues. People used to be green and quite large. Most of them sat on horses. The horses tended to be mad. Everyone had bird shit on them. People liked swords. Is Trump going to send out soldiers to block the removal of these statues? They do not want to except the fact this is the start of possible socialist change. Just ask someone from Venezuela! They have been giving us warnings!

Another one bites the dust. Hurrah! Is there a way to just chisel the traitor off that poor horse. That's a big enough statement for me. A riderless traitorous horse statue. It would also by symbolic. AWESOME! SovietUnion collapse 2.0. AndrewJackson & founding fathers like ThomasJefferson & anti badtrust TheodoreRoosevelt. Reign of rotten regimes in EU & US must end. Counterrevolution by Phenotype of skin color obsessed & badly educated crowds supported by an inferior oligarchy

So when the 'painful' statues are gone, can all you perpetual victims please shut up and move on God I hate people nowadays! They literally disgust me! LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic BLMTerrorists AntifaTerrorists FCKBLM FCKAntifa I don't have a problem with all this. But all I'm saying is watch out Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument. Didn't they have slaves?

Twitter has been flooded with Republican tears this is why the ppl in those areas are always gonna be worse off. the politicians just want to pay them off to shut up and the ppl are fine if they can destroy stuff for a little while. no one ever benefits except the elected ones. how about changing the cycle, morons.

LiberteViva good. Should have done it decades ago 'emergency powers.'😆 Guess he will be arrested for trying to remove history that needs to stay to remind all of. The leftards have t a clue He's hoping that this will whitewash his blackface. This is what being on the RightSideOfHistory looks like👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Since we're just destroying history and taking down statues, should we also remove this one? Since we're just destroying history and taking down statues, should we also remove this one? Since we're just destroying history and taking down statues, should we also remove this one? Since we're just destroying history and taking down statues, should we also remove this one?

haha owned j_arthur_bloom Fascist! Looks like mostly white people.... interesting... funny thing.this statue for Jackson not because he support slavery but because he fought for his state,Virginia.This mayor,I bet he did far less for Virginia,for this city than jackson. Raise the southern cross . The 14% is just that 14% nothing more

👏👏👏👏👏👏 Good. Total abuse of power.. Robert E. Lee opposed Confederate monuments. He wanted the country to heal, not to highlight a divide in the country. I'm telling you there are criminals in charge, intentionally wrecking the America we once knew. Disgusting. 🤔 Think about it... I'm glad racism is over!

Fine with it but should have been voted on. Democracy is fragile and can turn in either direction if not respected. Ask yourself this question: What have the pro(re)gressives built that is of any worth which can be validated via reason, history, and general human experience? They have one area of expertise: destroying what others have built. It's a hatred built upon an envy of accomplishment.

And Now, what about the indigenous people of Canada and how they were conquered by the French? Why no riots in Canada? And what about Canada prime minister justinTrudea wearing black face 4 times in the last 10 years? Where's the outrage?! blm BlackLivesMatter CanadaDay Sad day in America.. Why dont we just throw away the declaration of independence too while were at it. I mean a slave owner wrote it 🤷‍♂️

Put up a Sherman statue if you want to preserve history. HA! Now he'll resemble a stonewall. 🤣 Politicians need 2 grow a back bone & tell Blacks, Antifa & BLM society isn't taking down history that offends them. mature people don't take down history. if U take down white statues/history then take down black history/statues including MLK, jr. that's equality. MM arr

They can't come down fast enough. How will we remember the confederacy without statues glorifying it? Oh right, books and museums. Duh. Correction: Traitor statue of the traitor Stonewall Jackson Good. Emergency my foot. Kowtowing to mob rule I call it. it's good to see that they stop shooting themselves long enough to watch this, what a fucking farce

Does that mean Richmond WAS NOT the capital of the Confederacy? This are Statues. STATUES. of long dead HISTORICAL Figures. Yes they were Confederate. But they are STILL PART OF HISTORY. YES these ppl did bad things back then. Confederates -- still losing after all these years The average American’s understanding of history is child-like at best.

Unconstitutional use of emergency powers Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States of America. I would prefer blowing up all Confederate monuments but would settle for taking them all down and sticking em in a museum somewhere,for the”heritage” people. Emergency dictatorship powers invoked. I should run for office since we are now the land of dictatorships.

Good riddance How is that an emergency? He's hoping you forget about his blackface/kkk hood This is ridiculous. What kind of emergency requires statues to be removed? What threat are they posing exactly? CutieE305 About damn time 'Down with the traitors and up with the stars' Send them to line the lobby of Trump Tower if he likes them so much

Emergency powers Whats the emergency? Let’s have a full debate and vote, after all we are a democracy. Acting like a communist is unacceptable 'Every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”- '1984,' George Orwell

Stoney laying on his side on a flatbed on Monument Ave the mayor of Richmond is a joke Sounds good, but now it’s time for those that are African decent to demand for Reparations. Saving Stonewall's Face so to speak... The sudden stop at the bottom is tough on faces... StonewallJackson RVA Richmond Virginia BlackLivesMatter RobertELee JebStuart

Couldn't have left the horse? Poor guy has probably hated having that pos on his back all these years So are the crowd removing these statues as crooked as the cops who enforce horrible laws? Emergency being, dems want to erase the part of history where they were openly murderous racists. This is history in the making.

A quick biography of StonewallJackson: It’s time for change in this country! Let’s move it forward! With the removal of statues commemorating racists and their names removed from schools and federal buildings; pretty soon the only ones left will be on hotels and golf courses. I went to school with a direct descendant of Stonewall Jackson. I know because he was proud of it. Like being an idiot who was a wall in front of his own troops who shot him while he was trying to defend slavery is something to be proud of.

Found out the reason. Looked up a photo of 'Lavar'. Self explanatory. He was a Democrat for goodness sake! Stonewall Jackson This is sooo awesome It's nice to see a Confederate statue get taken down! 😁 FuKCAPITALISTS Good! This what everyone in goverment and citizens need to do. Let construction workers take down the statues causing tearing the statues down just makes a big mess. Should just remove it all in one piece

My family and I visited the South twice when I was in my early teens. One time we stayed off of the interstates. I thought the flags and occasional monument was 'cool,' like being in a foreign country. Back then I never really considered the feelings of blacks upon seeing them. How very Taliban of them.

'There stands Jackson like a Stonewall. Rally behind the Virginans' Man, they are really not playing with this woke movement. You have a checkered past, or did something wrong and you get your statue torn down. Crazy, hopefully they don’t find stuff on other people like George Washington or MLK because then it’s going to get really crazy.

Richmond just removed the only reason to go there. Now it has all the character and appeal of Toledo, OH. I have no issue with removing monuments. I do have an issue not allowing citizens to vote on these things. Only because cowering to the mob has no defined finality. I will laugh if it ends up as a buy for the American Pickers show because it stashed into someone's hideaway property!

Has the court order been lifted to determine when the lee monument will be removed? I wish Clarksburg, WV would take down their Stonewall Jackson statue on the Harrison County Courthouse plaza. You can’t have an homage to white supremacy, when POC are trying to get a fair trial. No more Stonewall! Another one bites the dust.....take 'em out of the history books....he was never alive

LevarStoney knows, Virginia is for Lover’s ❤️, NOT haters if this were not an election year none of this nonsense would be happening. This very heightened awareness of racial problems and demolishing statues of historic figures who presumably may have had something to do with slavery. And all of this is costing lots of money

Wooooooooow. Virginia who knew. denver_rose Oh Trumpy won’t like other people doing Executive Power thingies. 🙂 The statue was erected in 1919, paid for by the United Daughters of the Confederacy & planned by one of Jackson's friends. In 2020, why would we continue honoring him? His contributions to history are in books and there's no reason to continue glorifying him with a memorial.

Like the great latter archeologist Indiana Jones said: 'It belongs in a Muesum'. Can I have it? Weak leadership “Statue” of Trump. Just needs to be bronzed. Wow, they are removing the statues. This is sure to fix any and all problems in America. The 180 degree turn begins......................NOW!! It all may seem sudden and out-of-the-blue, but it's really generations too late.

That's an emergency? racist whites care more about statues of racists than they do for the living. Statues of these monsters belong in museums Look at all the Karen’s with cameras celebrating nothing really happening. We live in an age of the Symbolism of Nothingness. Kris_Sacrebleu Dont let Trump know SarahPinsker They can leave the horse...

A sad day in America. Jackson never owned a single slave and never oppressed anyone. A good use of tax dollars and social progress...they hate to see it. Awesome Whatever, the statues belong to the Democrat party let the DNC do what they want with their own statues. MAILEDIT How about people VOTE on it. Excellent

i don't like this. 1) this is flat out an abuse of power 2) the people should have a say on this and 3) where are the statues going? are they being put in a museum? Maybe people should know the history of these statues before claiming history is being erased. These statues weren’t put up to honor but to oppress.

And just like that... The USA is becoming a third world nation too scared to leave up historical monuments to teach our young. The real message our young are getting? Bullies win. Demonrats won’t uphold any law! This is a war memorial and is supposed to be protected, but Demonrats lets the mob rule over the law.

I wonder what the violent mob will ask for next. Replace with statue of Ronald Reagan Fascist Democrat Governor blocks The People from vote. Abuses executive powers to unilaterally destroy historical landmark. Those who destroy history deserve to be destroyed in turn. Mr. Gorbachev tear down that wall. That Stonewall! Or something like that?

Trump supporters would put up statues of Hitler and bin Laden if they could Anybody else think it would be hilarious if it fell over and smashed one of the people watching? But not like instant death crush. Like maybe gasping for air and twitching with an eyeball hanging out crushed. That is an excellent result of a troubled conscience, it pays to make things right.

Wonder why this wasnt an issue under Obama? Because it's a non issue. 😂🤡 Why do we accept so little from our politicians and the media? Stop the black white comments. Unite, don’t divide. Heminator realDonaldTrump send in the feds!!! So so so so glad to see this. Destroy, Erase, Improve Welcome to this powerful sermon

The city council voted NO on the removal. RichmondPolice CityofRichmond You better get out there and protected your city and your property. This new Democrat party is making their move even before the election. Wasn't someone in Virginia's government supposed to be defending Stonewall Jackson? I LOVE RVA!!! Can't wait to move back. 30+ breweries and no redneck monuments!

Not in favor of Confederate statues, but using emergency powers to remove them should scare the hell out of everyone. Liberalism is a mental disorder Well Done. Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!! You cannot erase history you morons !! Move to Canada pleaseeeeee How does the major have this right? Hope he is removed from office. Destroying history, good or bad, doesn't change history, it's like sweeping dirt under a rug, it festers and makes an even worse mess.

I'm all for erasing history along as we repeat it let's have a 2nd civil war let's see who wins in the modern time let's see dems try to do anything Here’s some history for all the “Children of the Confederate Losers” to chew on. Traitors don’t deserve recognition in the Public Square. So all the voters or in strong support of this or is this another Democrat just flexing their power on the American people to demolish our history because it’s political correctness for all of their yo-yo yo boys let’s support them in the streets of the cities

It’s funny bc it was the democrats who seceded from the Union by starting the confederate states. Now they are trying to hide the fact that they are a historically racist party. All statues of white people must be destroyed! BlackLivesMatter It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission hahahaha. Excellent move, Mayor!

Great news! At least the mob won't be able to tear them down. 🙄 Statues aside. Isn’t he abusing the true intent of that power? Those who agree with taking them down are applauding now, but what if he uses them for something you don’t agree with? Not saying they should or shouldn’t come down, but I am saying this is a slippery slope Virginia

Idiots. GloriousMidweekService Yeeeeessssssss, also in November the American people will invoke the right to VOTE all this M/F, out off the White House. You can’t erase history '45' trying to figure out how this violates his executive directive. That’s how it’s done ! 🖕🏻realDonaldTrump These bully tactics are going to push the US to more unrest and signal a new way to the youth of getting what you want. The days of mostly civility probably gone. They have already begun targeting the church which was their ultimate goal. This is all prophesy!

Did Richmond mayor just violate federal law? Where is monument moving to? Awesome, protect them until this mob is quelled and cooler heads prevail. Thank God for SchoolChoice decision. Hurrays

Richmond mayor orders prompt removal of Confederate statuesRICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney on Wednesday ordered the immediate removal of all Confederate statues in the city, saying he was using his emergency powers to speed up the healing...

Spike Lee: ‘Confederate Statues Need to Come the F— Down’In an interview on a new episode of Luminary’s Black List Podcast, hosted by Black List co-founder Franklin Leonard and Black List community director Kate Hagen, Spike Lee voices his agreemen… In this discussion I have heard no mention of the idea of the erection of statues of people of color who are American heroes. I just hear people wanting to tear down history and forget it rather than bring out elements that have not yet been honored. Is it the money? Calm down juice..

Mississippi governor signs bill into law removing Confederate symbol from state flagUPDATE: Mississippi governor signs bill into law removing Confederate symbol from state flag. Finally Making progress. Keep fighting.

Columbus, Ohio, Takes Down Statue Of Christopher ColumbusFor many people, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said, 'the statue represents patriarchy, oppression and divisiveness.' It stood at City Hall for nearly 65 years. . Yuge! : Since TheLeft & CenacelCulture have Canceled ThomasJefferson, will you continue your AnnualTradition of reading the DeclarationofIndependence? FourthOfJuly NPR Prescient Wiley 1998 cartoon: How SpotOn it was. MourningInAmerica About f**king time! Now erect a statue to the Arawak’s who were wiped out by this despicable jerk! hot

Boston to remove statue depicting freed slave kneeling before President LincolnA statue in a Boston park depicting a formerly enslaved man kneeling before President Abraham Lincoln will be removed, according to city officials. With immediate effect🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ Why? in the first place.

Another Statue Of King Leopold II Comes Down In Belgium—Here’s WhyThis is why statues of a 19th-century king are being torn down now. Because it’s hype to remove monuments now. In the next episode - books, history archives. Good, evil bastard Why not going for the real ones?