Spike Lee: ‘Confederate Statues Need to Come the F— Down’

Spike Lee: ‘Confederate Statues Need to Come the F— Down’

7/1/2020 3:36:00 AM

Spike Lee: ‘Confederate Statues Need to Come the F— Down’

In an interview on a new episode of Luminary’s Black List Podcast, hosted by Black List co-founder Franklin Leonard and Black List community director Kate Hagen, Spike Lee voices his agreemen…

voices his agreement with growing calls to remove statues and iconography commemorating the Confederate States of America.“F— that flag,” Lee said. “That flag, to me, [makes me feel] the same way my Jewish brothers and sisters feel about the swastika… And them motherf—ing Confederate statues need to come the fuck down.”

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The topic came up amid a larger discussion about Lee’s body of work, touching upon the opening of the writer-director’s 2018 film “BlacKkKlansman,” which opens by sampling a shot from “Gone with the Wind” that features a tattered Confederate flag before seguing into a speech by a white supremacist played by Alec Baldwin.

As Black Lives Matter protests continue in the United States following the murders of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and countless other Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement, use of Confederate iconography is being reexamined. Some statues of racist historical figures have been removed across the country.

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“It’s like the film was made yesterday,” Lee said. “So, there’s two ways to think about it. That it’s still unique. It’s still new. And then also, Black people are still being murdered [and] dying. If you’ve seen ‘Do the Right Thing,’ how can you not automatically think of Eric Garner, and then King George Floyd?”

“It’s never been about how [Black people] respond to it,” Lee continued. “It’s been about how our white sisters and brothers respond to it. And have you been watching CNN like I have? People are marching all over God’s Earth chanting, yelling [and] screaming ‘Black lives matter,’ and they’re not Black… That’s the big difference. For me, that’s the big, big difference. You see a young generation of my white brothers and sisters [and] they are out there in full effect. I mean, forget about the rest of the world for a second. White folks are marching in Salt Lake City [and] Des Moines, Iowa, where there ain’t no Black folks for a minute.”

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If he’d learn how to speak English he might appreciate their relevance. SpikeLeeJoint So do those muthafukkin statues of MLK. Cool. Now do a story on why the murderers who killed Breonna Taylor have not been arrested. They should have never went up in the first place. They honor traitors that waged war against their own countrymen, lost and surrendered. At best, they belong in history books taught to children as a cautionary tale.

We need more Confederate flags and more Confederate statues. No, anyone that wants them down should go back to Africa. Yes!! But spike supports planned Parenthood? I love spike lee By the way, Spike, most of your Jewish brothers and sisters feel the same way as you do about the Confederate flag. We have so much in common. We must unite.

Da 5 Bloods is a great film. Nice work Spike! afuasowusu He’s correct. Most Confederates & KKK were Democrats. Oh and slave owners. I agree. It has taken too long. Fair enough. Could you talk to Ice Cube maybe and explain to him about that second part. At least vote to move the statue to a museum and not destroy the art/history. Yes whether you like it or not statues are considered art.

Do the right thing! period. Get all of them off of public property. He's right. Spike Lee is right! Calm down juice.. In this discussion I have heard no mention of the idea of the erection of statues of people of color who are American heroes. I just hear people wanting to tear down history and forget it rather than bring out elements that have not yet been honored. Is it the money?

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