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Report: Getting Out Of Bed In Morning Sharply Increases Risk Of Things Getting Even Worse

Report: Getting Out Of Bed In Morning Sharply Increases Risk Of Things Getting Even Worse

10/24/2021 5:15:00 PM

Report: Getting Out Of Bed In Morning Sharply Increases Risk Of Things Getting Even Worse

WASHINGTON—According to a report published Thursday in the Journal Of Applied Psychology, the act of getting out of bed in the morning dramatically increases the risk of things becoming even worse. “No matter how bad things were upon waking up, the very moment our trial subjects pulled off the covers and stepped out…

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Thought this was a satire page. Why are facts being stated? Oi Staying in bed, I’ve discovered in the past, often doesn’t work great either. The world is unraveling outside your window… don’t look outside your window 🤷 Chill ....huh KatSteelwing Wait... Onion is a parody site.... Why are they telling the truth!?

Yes, because when I sleep (and I take A LOT of naps), my problems temporarily go away. ok doomer Good ONION IS A GOOD CARACTER TO SAVE YOUR LIVE!!

How Close Is Virginia’s Governors Race?The polls show a tight contest, even as the state has gotten steadily bluer in recent elections. It’s not close . The press wants it close , but it really isn’t . Just like California! They wanted a tight race . Ended up being a 30 pt race . So ABC , just stop the dramatics

rocketdog56 Thank you for retweeting. During the colder months in Sydney, in this Covid year, being in bed has been of great comfort. Hell NO, you get up, get ready for the world, and go out to do good things for others. The corrupt cannot wait for you to be in bed 24/7 so they can ruin the planet. Yep

misskylie77 I mean the days things have gotten worse are also the days I got out of bed conspiracy?!? BedBedlam SleepNumberNWO /s Hilarious! 😂 FACTS I knew it!!! JohnJHarwood Robin23D Anyway..i try to go back to bed as soon as i feed my decide if I really want to get back up

WSJ News Exclusive | Carvana Faces Government Scrutiny and Fines Following Consumer ComplaintsAs it scales up, Carvana’s online-only approach collides with the real-world red tape of selling used cars. 'Makes me wish I’d just gone to the car lot,' one buyer said. thanks I sold my car to Carvana and had zero issues. It was a perfect experience They are scam artists who skate close to that lemon law line as they can! Buyer beware. They run their own extended warranty company they pretend is an outside vendor. You have to hold their feet to the fire for them to honor it. I can’t wait for the class action lawsuits.

ninefoldrin2 That's objectively false. Things are getting worse whether you get out of bed or not. docfreeride It me Ain't that the truth I think this is called depression Yes,finally yes - under the wool life is improving respecting the sheep and sleep.. remember the hardworking drones making the bed, gear, cloths, pillow.. sheets.. it opens your mind.. and closes your eyes

This sounds like depression to me didn’t Brian Wilson stay in bed for 3 years. Wake up slowly hot snooze a couple times then get up maybe change your routine but get up and take care of yourself first JuiceOlive Also increases the chance of them improving a lot more 🎈

When Gene Simmons isn't performing with KISS, you can find him paintingGene Simmons is getting serious about art. The co-founder of KISS spoke to CNN about how he began painting during the Covid-19 pandemic as a hobby to decompress, and, now, he's actually selling his artwork. There is absolutely nothing genesimmons wouldn't sell... the man is rich for a reason ..... Paul Stanley has been painting for a number of years now, Simmons is simply following his lead. The difference is that Stanley paints mainly for himself, Simmons will turn it into a money making business as he does everything else. Duh


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Apparently, Harry Styles Is Becoming a Marvel SuperheroThis is not a drill: Harry Styles has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Eros, the brother of Thanos. OMG BYE. Writer/Author 👉🏻 Evon Latrail Trending evonlatrail 🔥