Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fined again for not wearing mask on House floor

The Georgia Republican has now racked up $5,500 in House fines for mask violations.

10/26/2021 3:47:00 AM

Rep. Greene has been fined for a third time over her refusal to comply with House rules on facial coverings.

The Georgia Republican has now racked up $5,500 in House fines for mask violations.

, an outspoken opponent of masking and coronavirus vaccine mandates, was fined Monday for a third time over her refusal to comply with House rules on facial coverings.The House Ethics Committee published a notice saying the Georgia Republican will need to pay a financial penalty for a Sept. 21 incident in which she did not wear a mask on the House floor. The fine costs $500 for a first-time offense and $2,500 for each subsequent violation.

Greene, who in Junefor comparing mask rules to the Holocaust, did not appeal the fine.In May, Greene was first fined as part ofa group of House Republicanswho refused to wear masks, and again for a Sept. 8 incident in the House.Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., recently complained about her lack of a mask while she was attending a House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Merrick Garland last week.

Greene was defiant in a statement to NBC News on Monday, saying,"I’m taking a stand on the House floor because I don’t want the people to stand alone."The Ethics Committee also announced that Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., had been fined for breaking the same rule. He did not appeal.

Clyde's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Tom Rust, the Ethics Committee's staff director, declined to comment on the actions. Read more: NBC News »

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Remove her ass if she can't follow the rules. She really should wear a mask. It would be an improved esthetic Stop playing with her and throw her outside, down the Capitol steps on her face. Her problem is, she has small women syndrome with stubby weird toes. She is just not all there to be honest. I do not see what is so difficult about this. If she chooses not to GB follow rules and protect her coworkers then ban her from entering.

Send the money directly to build a new transgender flag to really drive her more insane. Perfect headline for Marge. She needs SOMETHING to cover up that face!!!! Sick of seeing her face on the media, way too much. Why the news kept giving her all the publicities that she obviously devise for? She's grandstanding. There's photos of her complying with mask mandates in airports. She's so bored she has to create chaos to bitch about.

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Cave woman Stop letting her in… it’s just that simple She could have that waived as alergy. And there hasn't been a time when Pelosi and even the president himself have failed to abide by a mask mandate? Plenty of examples, SF, Chicago majora,Pelosi and her haircut, so noone should be throwing rocks. Expelling her would be a blessing.

And was there ever a face to cover. 🤨🤦🏽‍♀️ Why? Believe me mtg, wearing a mask would be an improvement

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Just keep fining her - take away her pay - every Penney RepMTG =“Grotesque idiocy mixed with neurotic lack of self awareness” She just makes her constituents pay it. What’s funny is they think they are doing something but are just being cringe af I wish she would use a mask all the time. It would hide her evil smile 😈

Gg She probably just forgot to shave! They should have a 3 strikes and you’re removed from office rule. I would think she who want to cover that face, for shame. Don't let her on the House floor anymore. Escort her out when she refuses to wear a mask. Then send a letter to her constituents to let them know she is not able to perform her duties as their Representative and should be voted out. And stop paying her!!

Rep. Jim Banks suspended from Twitter for misgendering trans government official Rachel LevineTwitter suspends the account of Indiana Rep. Banks after he intentionally misgendered Assistant Sec. of Health Dr. Rachel Levine, the first transgender person to hold an office that requires a Senate confirmation, in a tweet. - NBCOUT NBCOUT This is so backwards LMFAO. Why we pandering to absolute minorities. No one cares about pro-nouns in the real world NBCOUT Soooo, Twitter suspends accounts because of “misgendering”, but allow the taliban to use the platform? You know, the terrorists that have killed thousands of Americans. My brothers, and sisters in arms. Someone tell me how this is ok, please. NBCOUT How many of the accounts who are echoing and amplifying the Congressman's comment will have their accounts suspended jack

Oh god now she'll use this as a drive for whatever her next move will be. Get rid of her ypsiradio She definitely should cover her face. As much as possible. Just sayin. That ain’t no valentine. And if anyone should cover up their face..... Well, if this was baseball… Expel her. She is spreading Covid virus misinformation and anti vaccination propaganda

Strike three, you’re out!!! I used to think that such people only exists in countries where scientific knowledge is limited or people find it hard to understand it, that woman needs to be checked mentally, she could be suffering from mental disorders

Twitter suspends Rep. Jim Banks for misgendering transgender four-star officerTwitter suspended the account of Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) Saturday after he intentionally misgendered Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, the first openly transgender Senate-confirmed federal official, a spokesperson for the platform told Axios.What they're saying: 'The account referenced has been temporarily locked for violating our Hateful Conduct Policy,' the spokesperson wrote. 'The account owner is required to delete the violative Tweet before regaining access to their account.'Get Stop Using Phony Science to Justify Transphobia - Scientific American ... The world is going to hell at lightning speed… Good for twitter

Hulk Hogan looks better with the headband. Keep her out of the House of Reps... Maybe she hasn’t seen this? ExpelMarjorieTaylorGreene Need to heavily fine her!! Trump Jr. hints at $DWAC & Rumble Partnership She can leave. She needs to be removed from the house What is the point of a lawmaker breaking the law.

Twitter suspends Indiana Rep. Jim Banks' official accountTwitter has suspended an Indiana congressman’s official account after removing a post about a transgender Biden administration official over a violation of the social media company’s rules. Oh, was him mean? So Twitter patrol smacked his hands like a nun in grade school bc he referred to a biological male as a man? WARNING ⛔️ WARNING ⚠️ COVID-19 is the mark of the beast… DONT TAKE THE JAB!!!!

Sweetheart use your fight for what really matters don't seek to get back show them their is power of God and not this small minded lies of evil. God if she would just cover that horror show permanently we’d all be better off! neanderthal Fines don't work for MTG. Guessing that'positive'note will become a bit less so if it causes an injury or death to herself or another. It's possible Covid-19 might be present. It's just as possible for people to die of completely unrelated causes. Perhaps she's empowered by the refusal to comply. STIMULI

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