Rachel Levine, Jim Banks, Twitter, Account Owner, Federal Official

Rachel Levine, Jim Banks

Twitter suspends Rep. Jim Banks for misgendering transgender four-star officer

Twitter suspended the account of Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) Saturday after he intentionally misgendered Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, the first openly transgender Senate-confirmed federal official, a spokesperson for the platform told Axios.

10/24/2021 11:57:00 PM

Twitter suspended the account of Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) Saturday after he intentionally misgendered Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine , the first openly transgender Senate-confirmed federal official , a spokesperson for the platform told Axios.

Twitter suspended the account of Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) Saturday after he intentionally misgendered Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine , the first openly transgender Senate-confirmed federal official , a spokesperson for the platform told Axios.What they're saying: 'The account referenced has been temporarily locked for violating our Hateful Conduct Policy,' the spokesperson wrote. 'The account owner is required to delete the violative Tweet before regaining access to their account.'Get

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The Congressman was censored because he truthfully reported that Levine was genetically born male wth the XY chromosome and therefore was genetically a man. Just shut down twitter cos Noone knows who or what anyone is anymore Facts according to religions are not facts...they are opinions. Scientific fields including biology, endocrinology, physiology, genetics, neuroscience, and reproductive science, have confirmed that both sex and gender exist as a spectrum. Even children understand this.

To much of this political correctness Yea...that's why. sick So now it's come down to denial of chromosomes? Got it. katz_mum I hope Banks gets what's coming to him. We must do a better job of vetting those people we vote for. Fortunately the grifty, venal ones ones usually end up being Repubs. 🤷‍♀️ I support him he's right

The gender is it private or not? Now the important thing is the gender and not the ideas or projects? We move backwards! Twitter Twatted to an “IT”

Rep. Eric Swalwell Shares Chilling Voicemail Sent To Him By Tucker Carlson Fan'Tucker attacks me. His fans respond with threats to kill my family. And Tucker knows exactly what he’s doing,' said the California Democrat. That guy on the tape is funny. Who's his writer? Shvt happens. People do this to Trump supporters but personally, I think he is just getting trolled hard 4chan style. I wish that guy at the fly shop had laid him out cold!

For those screaming “freedom of speech”, Twitter is not the government and its Twitter audience has a right to not be harassed or threatened. Simple, Banks broke the rules. Freedom of speech Trust the science He should be in jail for lying in official communications jack calls the shots now. The world is going to hell at lightning speed…

Good for twitter Stop Using Phony Science to Justify Transphobia - Scientific American ...

Colbert Hits Conspiracy Theory-Spewing GOP Rep With A ‘What The F**k’ Question'The Late Show' host went to town on New Hampshire state Rep. Ken Weyler's bonkers 'report' on the coronavirus shots. The media and the impact of Hollywood fantasy good 회개와 거룩함 사역회 BUSAN 피조물이 창조주를 모르는 것이 비극입니다 WordAboutRapture

GOP rep falsely claims to be the top Republican on the Jan. 6 committee.MaddowBlog: Indiana Rep. Jim Banks is trying to present himself as the 'ranking member' of the Jan. 6 committee. The problem, of course, is that Banks isn't the ranking member on the Jan. 6 committee. In fact, he's not on the committee at all. MaddowBlog Is there no end to the false representations and lies ? MaddowBlog I bet he’s also impersonating a human being as well 🤔 MaddowBlog Fraud? Impersonation? Something should be done by his leadership, but they’ll ignore his stupidity.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Asks Buffalo To Elect ‘Badass’ India Walton As MayorAt a rally, the New York congresswoman also framed a Walton victory as important for American democracy.

Jake Tapper Says Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Has 'Issues' After Her Rant On Bannon Vote'Her behavior suggests somebody that ... is not tethered to reality or basic standards of decent behavior,' the CNN host said of her fight with Liz Cheney. RaeMargaret61 Her behaviour suggests to me that she's wt and a bully who needs to be stood down. Green is a attack dog for the GOP she does what she’s told She is passionate about defending the American values and principles and NOT giving everything we hold dear away to vagrants, immigrants and foreign powers. She is what America stands for and the left hate it. Pariscummings backs MarjorieTaylorGreene

Oklahoma state rep slams Governor Kevin Stitt for saying 'no such thing' as nonbinary'If we are continuously saying like, 'You're not real, you have to suppress that part of you,' what is that going to do to our community?' Oklahoma's Mauree Turner, the nation's first nonbinary state lawmaker, asked. You lads are in a big mess 🙄🙄🙄 В. ГАЙФУЛЛИН, РОТШИЛЬДУ: К ВЛАСТИ ЕВРЕИ ПРИШЛИ НА ИГЛЕ