Protesters shut down 110 Freeway in downtown L.A. over killing of George Floyd

The crowd mostly dressed in black held signs and rode bicycles across traffic lanes while some held up sign that read 'We are not thugs.'

5/30/2020 5:38:00 AM

BREAKING: Protesters have shut down the 110 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles during the third day of unrest over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis

The crowd mostly dressed in black held signs and rode bicycles across traffic lanes while some held up sign that read 'We are not thugs.'

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore tweeted, “In response to recent demonstrations, we stand with our community and rebuke any instance of police brutality. No one despises a bad cop more than a good cop.”He added, “However, as we continue to facilitate spontaneous and planned protests, violence or property damage has no place here in LA.”

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AdvertisementNine people were arrested Thursday night at a Fontana protest.That event, which started in the 8400 block of Sierra Avenue about 6 p.m., initially involved about 50 demonstrators but grew to include about 100, police said in a news release.

Protesters blocked traffic and threw rocks at the windows of businesses and passing vehicles, according to investigators. Some windows at Fontana City Hall were damaged, police said.Police declared the protest an unlawful assembly and ordered the demonstrators to disperse about 9 p.m. Some of the protesters refused and threw rocks at officers, prompting them to ask other agencies for help, police said.

AdvertisementIt took officers more than an hour to break up the crowd, and nine people were arrested on suspicion of various offenses, police said. There was no immediate word on what charges they might face.InMinneapolis, protesterslobbed bottles, trampled a perimeter fence, broke windows and overran a police station. Crowds continued to ransack the station, burn cars and fire guns in the air early Friday.

Floyd’s deadly encounter with police began Monday night after he was accused of trying to use a counterfeit $20 bill at a grocery store.Cellphone video of his arrest outside the business shows Officer Derek Chauvin driving his knee into the 46-year-old’s neck as Floyd pleads that he can’t breathe. After several minutes, Floyd appears to lose consciousness, and a bystander can be heard yelling that Floyd’s nose is bleeding. Even as paramedics arrive to check Floyd’s pulse, Chauvin’s knee remains positioned on the man’s neck.

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You know, if cat owners would simply floor it, drive through them, they will learn very fast to stop standing in the middle of a busy freeway. BoomCalifornia Just as a heads up, this was tweeted yesterday. kcrw I wish the police would bend the knee to its public and really protect and serve and stop protecting their racist immoral counterparts! The cops can stop all this by showing solidarity with the people. blacklivesmatter lapd cops beverlyhills fucktrump MayorOfLA

Come LA be best They need more TVs & designer purses! They should shoot those that are throwing things & vandalizing !!! JRScribe This was around 10pm. This was backup I guess. Must of been at least 50 go buy, never seen so many in my life. Disease spreading vermin. DeniseDresserG “Por favor. Su rodilla en mi cuello ¡No puedo respirar!”

newborl GeorgeFloydWasMurdered , er war 66 Jahre alt als er ermordet wurde.Minneapolis (Quelle: TV A R D Nachrichten 28.5.2020 schland ' Ein Schwarzer wurde festgenommen und ist im Krankenhaus gestorben....' GeorgeFloyd RT 30.5.2020 ojoyard Trump is the process of breaking humanly your country in depth into 2 parts which will be difficult to reconcile after his departure

Wag muna uwi LA!!!!!!! mellapotsss Plow through. They have no right to imoede others kerryfjacob Rodney King was TWENTY EIGHT years ago. I was NINE years old when CBS interrupted my Saturday morning Cartoons to show footage of the Riots in L.A. ALL day long. JusticeForGeorge Don't go easy on that killer cop

jack CNN MDNBC have all cancelled Covid19 in America by inciting protest to all their Democratic protesters by lying to their faces. Zero social distancing good job Please be careful LA protestors 😞 there’s still a terribly contagious virus and LA is a hotspot w the most cases in the state... cjandgary 👀👀

The military needs to be brought in! AngryBlackLady Please Governors. Listen to your people. Hear the pain and anger. You must clean out your police departments. Hire more black and brown people. If you don’t, this spiraling violence will flair as the pandemic worsens. Lock down your states. This is the Summer of our discontent, made glorious summer by Trump BlackLivesMatter

are you serious? The same modus operandi soros drones! Easy fix Fight for freedom and human rights! Look, all these losers are going to eventually go back home and continue living their lives as they always have and not changing a damn thing. MrJonCryer It's happening: via YouTube _drewski185 Human are terrorist

MrJonCryer Why are they not all being arrested for not social distancing? ITS TIME, America. We will stand for it no longer. Follow us to join the ItsTime movement and stay tuned.... OneRace Social justice Public health apparently. This is MayorOfLA new Los Angeles Shameful law abiding citizens have no protection from this corrupt mayor Pander to thugs

The root of the problems hasn't change since the slavery era... thesundaypaper If the police officer responsible is not convicted of a significant crime, the protests will be a lot more disruptive. Let this stand as a major warning against police brutality. Can we start locking them up. Take out this trash

Actually LAPD shut it down before the protesters came through. FIVE DEMANDS, NOT 1 LESS (We stand with George Floyd and Minnesota) : 1. RELEASE the American citizens arrested in demonstration. 2. APOLOGIZE for definiting us as THUGS, RIOTOR. 3. WITHDRAW all the charges of all demonstrators. 'Not surprisingly, then, support for Trump correlates highly with a standard scale of modern racism (r = +.48; Van Assche & Pettigrew, 2016).' research

Protestors Over George Floyd’s Death Block Los Angeles FreewayCrowds of people protesting the death of George Floyd gathered in downtown Los Angeles and blocked the 101 Freeway Wednesday night. Floyd, an African American man from Minneapolis, died Monday whil… Well I mean there’s hardly any cars about so it’s a good time to do it lololololol look at the picture they used. pure propaganda

Protesters, law enforcement clash in downtown L.A. during protest over George Floyd's deathSeveral hundred protesters, many in masks, converged on downtown Los Angeles as part of a series of national demonstrations to show outrage over the death of George Floyd. (Photos by Dania Maxwell and Jason Armond) All of a sudden social distancing doesn’t matter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd stoplooting Now show the shit getting burned down by the black hooligans forgot ( not so ✌️)pictures of these ppl smashing CHP vehicles...

News Conference for George Floyd Killing with Hennepin County D.A.Another news conference is about to go down in Minneapolis about the killing of George Floyd. SorosPaidCops SorosEnemyofthepeople this will create more anger then this conference. whatever happen to lockdown? ask yourself how the virus disappeared. How are we allowed to gather for protest, but not allowed to gather for anything else.. Looks bad for bad cop but..till you walk a mile in a inner city police officers shoes...Think before you Damn all cops! Hardest job in the world protecting us from All criminals!! 3-6-9. ---mikeD

Protesters return to downtown Los Angeles to decry police killing in MinneapolisGeorge Floyd: Protesters rally outside LAPD headquarters Fucking Monkeys What good does this do? BUT NOT TO OFFER SUPPORT TO THE BRAVE POLICE OFFICERS THAT HELP IN EVERY WAY THEY CAN DAILY RIGHT?

George Floyd Protesters Breach Minneapolis Police Precinct and Watch It Burn. Here's What to Know'When the looting starts, the shooting starts': Trump tweets about protests in Minneapolis, saying 'THUGS' are dishonoring George Floyd's memory and suggesting the 'Military' assume control Hey troll you are the thug 😂🤣 Thugs have taken over and the army should be called in. How is looting Target a protest? Somebody has to assume control. The people of Minnesota aren't doing a good job.

The Shooting Of Black Americans Started Long Before The LootingDonald Trump threatened George Floyd protesters on Twitter, but their lives have always been at risk. Starting a riot and burning down your city does involve some level of risk here and there WHAT! realDonaldTrump did not THREATENED them!!! STOP WITH THE LIES!!! Was he talking to the protesters or the thieves and looters? Dear Lord this is weak, even by HuffPo standards. 🙄