George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide: Live Updates

George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide: Live Updates

Protesters briefly gain access to Treasury Department complex in DC

Protesters in Washington breached the complex of the Treasury Department and spray painted the area, a law enforcement source says

5/30/2020 4:53:00 AM

Protesters in Washington breached the complex of the Treasury Department and spray painted the area, a law enforcement source says

Protests following the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded that he couldn't breathe while he was held down with a knee by a Minneapolis police officer, have spread nationwide. Follow here for the latest updates.

Atlanta mayor: "This is not a protest ... this is chaos."A police car burns after protesters marched to the Georgia State Capitol and returned to the area around the Centennial Olympic Park and CNN center in Atlanta, Gerpon Friday, May 29. Alyssa Pointer/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was visibly angry at a news conference during the Atlanta protests Friday, telling protesters to"go home" after they became violent and a police officer was hurt."What I see happening on the streets of Atlanta is not Atlanta. This is not a protest, This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. This is chaos. A protest has purpose. When Dr. King was assassinated, we didn't do this to our city," she said."If you want change in Amerca, go and register to vote ... that is the change we need in this country."

She added:"If you care about this city then go home." Read more: CNN Breaking News »

Where's the National Guard ! You can easily remove paint stains by using a spray or thinner to remove the seal. I've never tried it, but it's better than just washing with water It seems that hitting with J is effective. I hope the city will be restored quickly. MONEY HEIST x100! I enjoy the defense of cops because most are good and they should not be profile because a few are bad, and yet a few bad Muslims, a few bad Blacjs and a few Mexicans are systemic problem with the people +how they are raised...they r all terrorists, gang bangers and drug dealers

UN Human Rights Chief urges “serious action” to halt US police killings of unarmed African Americans : Good. The motherland of USA terrorism. And what did law enforcement do ? Calling All Patorits We Need To Protect America from Antifa!!! Protect the White House and President Trump!! you love to see it It’s time for the military to take care of these rioters. Breaking into federal buildings won’t end well, and I’ll be laughing at the outcome.

Some justify the violence and complain about a weak president at the same time. Make up your mind, seriously Killer Mike to CNN, “I love CNN — but karma’s a mother... Stop feeding fear & anger everyday.” wmiddelkoop CNN is be owned by the clintons Ugh, I love this song! CONGRESSPASSUBI OR DIE!!! We love to see it

CNN has done it!! They have created a civilian army that doesn't think for themselves and only believe what CNN tells them!! CNN is the enemy of the State!! STORMTHEWHITEHOUSE Lies.. No excuse for any wrongdoing but should white people have rioted and burnt down the nursing home where the black man was beating a defenseless elderly white man to a bloody pulp caught on tape? It seems that story was totally forgotten about

Sick and tired of the coverups and lies we need a new government period 1% rich sick perverted men that run this world foh FuturesCalling Now that they are breaking CNN property in Atlanta are they still protestors? AMERICA IS BURNING! CNN If there was one area to try and loot, that would've been it 😁

Protesters breach CNN faculty and they are not covering it. Show the world that the protesters came after CNN NickSzabo4 These protesters are gonna MintTheCoin while they're in there because the government won't Pics Trump will never go back in our house for 4 more years! Period!..... Very slow on the uptake WASHINGTON DC: Protestors have breached the barricades in front of the White House and are being held back by police.

This Is not protest Are Democrat criminals You will see this only in sanctuary cities and Democrats cities CNN Rioters not protesters NickSzabo4 I hope they painted 'Buy Bitcoin'

Protesters, law enforcement clash in downtown L.A. during protest over George Floyd's deathSeveral hundred protesters, many in masks, converged on downtown Los Angeles as part of a series of national demonstrations to show outrage over the death of George Floyd. (Photos by Dania Maxwell and Jason Armond) All of a sudden social distancing doesn’t matter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd stoplooting Now show the shit getting burned down by the black hooligans forgot ( not so ✌️)pictures of these ppl smashing CHP vehicles...

Protesters enter Minneapolis police station, set firesMINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Protesters angered by the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died while in police custody, gained access to a Minneapolis police precinct on Thursday, the third... Makes sense if the officers are out surrounding the alleged murders house, who would stop them from doing this? FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! FUCK MINNEAPOLIS POLICE! Rioters*

Minnesota protest updates: Protesters gain access to Minneapolis police precinctPeople protesting the death of George Floyd have reportedly taken over the Minneapolis Police Department's 3rd precinct and set it on fire. WeNeedPrince Good, hopefully they’ve over to the next precinct 👍 How do we know it wasn’t the police that did it just like they did autozone?

Department of Homeland Security at risk if Secret Service moves back to Treasury: ANALYSISSen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Diane Feinstein introduced Senate bill 3636, which, if put into effect, would transfer the United States Secret Service back to the Treasury. Who the fuck cares when the police just illegally arrested a member of the free press! Good less government

Louisiana Bill Would Mandate 3-Year Minimum Sentence For Trespassing On Fossil Fuel SitesThe legislation could inflict harsh new punishments on Black protesters opposing a massive complex of plastics plants on what are likely slave burial gro... Jim Crow Laws in effect in LOUISIANA!! I mean, using a national state of emergency to get this through is fucked. As far as I can work our celebrity intervention has more clout than anything else, so maybe thecampaignbook can get involved on behalf of his fellow bouef 🤞🏻

Former Justice Department official says Trump is 'basically calling for the shooting of protesters'Vanita Gupta, head of the department&39;s Civil Rights Division in the Obama administration, said the Minneapolis Police Department was on her “radar” during her tenure. Looters yes protesters no big difference looters are criminals Burning down a city is not protesting - it is plain destructive criminality. When you excuse criminals you condemn the innocent. Here educate yourself!