Protesters briefly block 101 Freeway during large protest over George Floyd's death in downtown L.A.

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Protesters blocked both sides of the 101 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday evening in a protest over the the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed Monday after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground with his knee.

, a black man who was killed Monday after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground with his knee.

Television footage showed the protesters blocking the freeway and confronting a California Highway Patrol patrol car. It appeared from video that at least one patrol car was vandalized by protesters during the confrontation, and one protester was injured after falling off the CHP cruiser as it drove away. That protester then receieved medical attention, and the person’s condition was not released.

“I’m concerned. They have exhibited a significant degree of violence,” LAPD Asst Chief Robert Arcos said. “The actions I watched in the video were incredibly disturbing and go against the basic law enforcement and principle of preservation of life,” he said.Moore said Wednesday night that he was also “troubled by the violence on the freeway.”The mayor of Minneapolis called Wednesday for criminal charges to be filed against the white police officer seen on the video kneeling on the neck of Floyd during an arrest, even after the man said he couldn’t breathe and stopped moving.


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i would peacefully protest in front of the congressmen, or senators, mayors, governors homes. the protest are so far away from them they dont care! it would be more productive then destroying shit

These are criminals blocking traffic, not protestors. I know LA Slimes loves criminals.

White's pretend but they know!

Two blacklivesmatter protest Saturday May 30th Pan Pacific Park 7600 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles CA 12pm &&&&&& Mariachi Plaza 3pm 1831 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90033 BlackLivesMater GeorgeFloydWasMurdered GeorgeFloydprotest

LailaLalami Le monde entier doit se soulever contre ce RACISME qui sévit dans la plupart des pays occidentaux! Il faut interdire tous ces partis politiques d'extrémistes qui provoquent la haine! Sinon le sang va couler de plus en plus!

The fools are looting and burning business run by African American families = That's really fighting for their communities rights.

'Let's block medical personnel from getting to their jobs, therefore (possibly) allowing others to die!' Fuck sidewalks !

Wait where Newsom to remind them were still in SIP until HE says so 🙄

Y’all screwed😂

Geez I wonder if Nancy was prayerful

morgfair Oh hell I was all over that one!! I fired to deputies for excessive force so Fu—-n wrong..I’m so sorry😩

At least the “Stay at Home” order is over now....

Good for them. Fuck The Police

The struggle continues CNN

professional agitators

Segregation works

They want people to be late for work. That will show the bystander a thing or two

Candidate514 get the riot squad and crack their heads

😡🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸 Democrats have always used the 'white cop killed black' tactic to earn Votes! Wake up people! 😡🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏

😡😡😡😡 The murder of George Floyd is a plan for Blacks to go out and Vote for Biden😡😡😡😡😡 it's another tactic from the Elite, the Deep State! 😡

😡🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸 George Floyd was murdered no doubt! But it was planned! To cover for Biden!!! Wake up people!!! 😡🇺🇸😡🇺🇸😡🇺🇸

What does California have to do with it Leave LA out if it.

I understand their anger but have they forgotten about Covid? You shouldn't try to honor someone by risking your own life.

Oppressed people are going to put a stop to government sanctioned police brutality. Violent actions will beget violent reactions. As they should.

Charge them for murder 💯 definitely the culprit... But the business shit? Yeah you will be getting gassed and you should be. Target isn't a public place for one and two just stop justifying destroying a town, others homes etc. who have nothing to do with it.. circle of idiocy

No, civil,unrest is not to be tolerated, criminal, draconian penalty.

♨️WE'RE NOW SEEING a 2020 Ferguson, Missouri type action in Minnesota. Rushing to JUDGEMENT starts most Race Riots & BLACKS LOSE TWICE❗ They're always used as PROPS for LIBERAL political HATRED & Media ratings as Cities burn♨️

There’s a difference between protests and riots.

Whites AmerMedicalAssn created new slave trade so floydgeorge racist normalized! Blame ortho neurosurgeons invent butchery joint spinal fusions insurance fraud worst had to lie! Pain is normal natural cured daily doses of TLC! Pain isn't arthritis!

if it remains peaceful then please let them do this, they want the world to know their pain

Justifiable outrage should come from all Americans not just one group. they're not alone; however, we need to unify our communities not destroy them. Take legal action and demand better ethics reviews b4 hiring someone to be a cop.

Here come the cockroaches.

Protesting in LA. That's pointless. I home it doesn't deteriorate into another crime spree that demeans GeorgeFloyd death like in Minneapolis.

Can we stop calling these protests. No where in a protest do you steal, burn down buildings and intentionally injury people. What the officer did was wrong and he will see his day in court but two wrongs don’t make a right.

That's fine to be upset at the situation; do something positive about it; look into if you can have the police charged. Don't hurt people and burn sh!t. That's fu*ked up. what if that were your business? and it got burned to the ground because people can't control themselves wtf?

Just can’t Get With BURNING THE AMERICAN FLAG COME ON MAN NOT THE FLAG ; I Know There has to be another way to PROVE A POINT “”” THE AMERICAN FLAG 🇺🇸 STANDS FOR US ALL””” I Get Where your at but Doing it this Way Will Only make it Worse 🇺🇸

If only I had time to protest. I'm too busy working and bettering my life 👌

At least now we can see the media only cared about covid til a more emotional story came up. No word on how bad all this congregating & hand holding is in a pandemic but last week going to the beach was gonna end the world.Only thing media likes more than a pandemic is a race war

need to run over the fools.. the nation is being bent by lies that the aholes in the media promote..

Many have been charged, a fraction have been convicted and given mandatory sentences. 🥸 There's a 'Fine Blue Line' between us and them! The unbalanced scales of justice has proven to ignore the value of selected human lifes.

Cause everybody in the hood has had it up to here It's getting harder and harder each and every year They said it was for the black man, They said it was for the mexican And not for the white man But if you look at the streets It wasn't about Rodney King Smoke from all around!

Holy shit!!

Good to see that it's not only Black people who are outraged. Unity

Protesting is great. But how about voting in November. And in 2022. And in every election, local or federal, that comes up.

Awesome...hope they let the doctors, nurses, ambulances, fire trucks, and other people (that they depend on as part of the public) through.

Also ... George Soros hiring gig workers?

what better way to say how horrible the death of one man is - than to burn down and loot your own town. And all in the name of racism. great job in doing the exact opposite that you say you are standing up for. well done

Note how Dem media lackeys stage/frame photographs so the small number of protesters involved is not obvious. It's a typical Dem propagandist trick to make their kook movements appear larger/more popular than they are. .

This should read: BECAUSE a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground with his knee NOT after

The root of this is Trump! Pls Recognize that. The killer was a HUGE MAGA fan. Minneapolis: add this to your platform, wear anti-Trump masks, and you will get the visibility you seek. Resist RedButVotingBlue NeverTrump

And just like that Gavin Newsom's 'Stay at home' order ended!!

enough is enough. justice for the people!

They should protest that in minneapolis not LA or any other city.

Reason 5872 why people from LA are morons

Arrest them, this is wrong, all wrong.

I hope they are willing to wave their right to treatment for COVID since they've decided to ignore social distancing.

Haven’t you ever wondered why we haven’t gotten reform in this arena? I have a name George Soros! He wants us to fight. Manipulates w $. Let’s stand up & vote the dems out to make laws that protects our African Americans instead of dividing us. Hate divides LetsTalk

I wish these people spent their time bringing communities together and taking care of their families, then police killing people would be a thing of the past.

Maybe arrest the 4 cops and charge with murder Or is it not allowed to defuse the situation. Those cops deserve to rot in prison

Killed? MURDERED!!!!!!

Where is the mask? Are they inmune to the COVID19?

But Democrats think its ok to kill Newborn babies & late term babies. What is the difference? Murder is murder. If you approve killing babies, why protest killing anyone? Idiots!!! Its how they set humanity up. They are destroying ALL HUMAN RIGHTS !! WAKE UP. ITS ORCHESTRATED.

Its orchestrated on purpose. It's how they planned it to start riots amongst the people. Divide & Conquer. It's so easy to see. It's the Marxist COMMUNIST playbook. Cops are infiltrated too. Americans are being set up. These NWO DEMONS want civil war to destroy us. Wake Up Now.

Had the people filming and watching stepped in and saved that mans life then. None of the violence would have happened. No jobs lost , no fires , no buildings destroyed, no lives lost , no tear gas , etc etc etc. but this world is set on mischief

So an individual was killed by police in another state and these guys decide to shut down the Los Angeles freeways And attack a police car in protest? Nothing like rallying in entire city against you in the span of five minutes

And didn't the 'open the economy' protesters have 'operation gridlock' all over the USA and that was applauded?

Well they can’t block traffic if you drive right through them

The cops were fired. I'm sure a lawsuit will be filed and settled for big bucks. Peaceful protesting is fine but when it turns violent it only breeds resentment and discrimination.


Why is there only this anger when a cop kills someone? Why isn’t there anger when 50 people were shot in Chicago over Memorial Weekend including a 5 yr old girl? Where is the out cry for her and the other 49 victims including the 10 that died?

This should read 'killed Monday after 3 Minneapolis police officers pinned him to the ground while one watched'

Protesters seek justice for George Floyd? Really? Looks to me like many see an opportunity to riot and loot.

I'm all for protesting peacefully, but when you take it to the moronic level, I'm 100% against it (looting, setting buildings on fire, endangering others, blocking the f'n freeway, etc -- doesn't get you ANYWHERE). Put these people in the same class as covidiots.

And it's not even summer yet. 🥤

Are you going to report and condemn The lack of social distancing and masks like you did for the lock down protests?

What is blocking a freeway going to do? Asking for a friend?

While GeorgeFloyd death is widely condemned in US, the same police brutality is PRAISED in Hongkong. Pls StandWithHongKong against PoliceBrutality under CCP & HKPoliceState

Video of trump instructing police to be harsh. Read

Glad you noticed. Wow, what journalism! A six year old could have done better....without the paywall. Get real

They're probably headed to a Target to loot and rob.

Horrible and tragic.. However, what has that got to do with LA?

Peaceful protests allowed this is how our real NoBullshit realDonaldTrump is on it!

Still waiting on the outrage and riots when that black guy beat the crap out of a helpless white elderly man in a nursing home.....or all the black on black killings in Chicago this weekend 🤔

RT !!✊🏾❤️

We want justice

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