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President Trump Puts Vice President Pence ‘In Charge’ of Virus Response\n\t\t\n\t\t\t\n\t\t\n\t

President Trump appoints Vice President Pence to lead the U.S. response to the coronavirus outbreak


President Trump appoints Vice President Pence to lead the U.S. response to the coronavirus outbreak

The Trump administration defended its coronavirus response as lawmakers looked to boost emergency spending.

WASHINGTON—President Trump said the risk to Americans from coronavirus remains very low, and he put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of federal response efforts as concern about the outbreak grew among lawmakers and as cities nationwide made fresh preparations.

On Capitol Hill, leaders from both parties said they would seek billions of dollars in emergency spending beyond the $2.5 billion plan President Trump has proposed.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Oh yes, pass the buck. it will the VP's fault for all the thousands or even millions of deaths. The Prez can claim he knew nothing about this deadly disease. Anyway, how 'bout bringing in another few planeloads & shiploads of Corona Virus exposed Americans. Trump went on tv last night to reassure everyone this is under control Unfortunately due to his 0 credibility no one is buying what Trump is selling Dont believe me? Check the markets, all you need to know

Awwwwww shit 🙄 This photo is a gem. Eloquently reassuring. My fears are gone. Get Face Mask Against Corona Virus Now, Protect Yourself From All Viruses: So this is an immaculate infection? So petty. Mike 'Mother' Pence in charge of science? We're screwed. coronavirususa Good thing Trump stopped flights to China when he did and the Dems thought he overreacted.

Trump Puts Vice President Mike Pence In Charge Of Coronavirus ResponseI’m a San Francisco-based reporter covering breaking news at Forbes. Previously, I’ve reported for USA Today, Business Insider, The San Francisco Business Times and San Jose Inside. I studied journalism at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and was an editor at The Daily Orange, the university’s independent student newspaper. Follow me on Twitter rachsandl or shoot me an email Yes let’s use electric shock therapy on the virus right Mike? ⚡️ We fucked Finna solve it with the power of Christ or some shit

That’s my VP❤️🇺🇸💎👌😎 kjmpalermo Pence in charge? We are doomed. Learn for yourself folks. LIAR WSJ PENCE , the guy who packed for the rapture when he hit puberty! We should quarantine California, don’t let any socialists out! It's already here. It's just that we don't know which all places. I think the news channels and politicians need to relax on the potential outbreak of virus. None of them know shit about what’s going on. It’s all speculation. Democrats are using this to scare Americans. Do any of them even care about working together for us?

Bogdanovkurse 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️все пропало мы все умрём Да сколько уже можно истерить We are about to pray the virus away He put Pence in charge. Should that worry anyone?

Trump puts Mike Pence in charge of response to coronavirus, says US risk 'remains very low'President Trump says that the risk to the American people from the deadly coronavirus “remains very low.” “We’re ready to adapt and we’re ready to do whatever we have to as the disease spreads, if it spreads.” About to become high Why? And what does the CDC say?

Why is he only NOW appointing someone ? Thoughts and prayers. Let’s all come together and pray this evil virus away! Bye bye, Pence. Trump just gave you your farewell job so he can replace you on the November ballot. realDonaldTrump Mike_Pence FYI Until he walked into Ding Dongs restaurant. Bogdanovkurse 🔥Does not exclude the spread of infection nCoV2020 through fiat money! Buy bitcoin contactless

This virus was created to reduce population. It started. Coffins/caskets on Amazon ? Mr. Science Pence has got this.

Watch: President Donald Trump addresses coronavirus concerns as outbreak spreadsPresident Donald Trump is expected to speak about the deadly coronavirus outbreak Wednesday evening, a day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Americans to prepare for the possibility of a pandemic. Let the lies begin phase 1 deal secured It seems that the pride of this epidemic is not taken very seriously

Thank God Trump didn't strip funding from the CDC or disband the team that focused on pandemics. Oh wait. Pence will just have to pray us to safety as the new point man. Mike Pence is on it. I feel so much safer now. /s Well that's physically impossible or bat shit crazy. 🦇 Dumb and dumber, what could go wrong!

Quick, get that patient to the White House. But lived in poop and urine in SanFrancisco? Show us. Literally one hour ago, this comment did not age well: 'As of today we have 15 cases of COVID19 with only one new case detected in the last 2 weeks.' --Alex Azar, Secretary of HHS

President Trump Has Never Been More Dangerous Than He Is NowTaken together, Trump’s escalating authoritarianism and rising popularity make the present moment the most harrowing of his presidency thus far. EricLevitz writes EricLevitz EricLevitz You must be noivous about more Harvey Weinsteins being brought to justice. EricLevitz & EricLevitz kindly keep your hateful rhetorics in New York. The most dangerous politician in America today lies in your party, named BernieSanders, you can try to spin it otherwise but it won't work. Reagan, JFK & our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves.

But..but...Trump's sockpuppet Ludlow said it was under control and air tight. All is well! Welp Pence will be thrown under the bus, and he will run 2020 with Nikki Haley. See i dont know why i just came into my head something i didnt like about CENTCOM that will always disagree on. And im finding it hard to trust. Sorry im unable.

Fall guy in place. Feel better now. We are all going to die! Oh good former gov of Indiana with 29% approval rating will keep US safe Could u imagine Biden do it? NOT

Under President Trump, income growth has slowed across the U.S.48 states saw a decline in growth of real median household income under Trump – including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida, four states widely regarded as the key electoral battlegrounds for 2020. Shocking!! Of course it has!! That 'tax cut' was BS and only helped corporations and the wealthy! You're serial liars about Trump but we'll believe this. FakeNews Highly selective data set only exposes your bias as 'reporters'. It says nothing about the pretty good state of the economy.

Mike Pence takes his hands off the wheel as he leads the first task force meeting for Coronavirus: The title of the WSJ is an insult to the whole Chinese people. That is not human rights and freedom of expression. You have hurt ordinary Chinese citizens not relating to politics, and even your Chinese employees have protested collectively. Dare to apologize is a decent media

We’re doomed Where are the democrats? Oh yes, finding more lies to try impeachment again and not helping find solutions for Corona virus! Democrats don’t care about Americans! They only care about their hate-filled anti Trump agenda! But if any of them contract Corona they will move! Dems whining about Trump’s response while, at the same time, stumping for an open border. Where I come from we call that “dumb as a door nail”.

Good choice! We trust Mike Pence, he is smart, good heart & good work. Mike Pence, a good American leader to Trump's leadership! Pence? No faith in him at all. Why not a doctor who actuallly might know something? Oh, wait! Trump appointed him. Now I know why! Oh, you mean the same Mike Pence who was responsible for an HIV outbreak in Indiana?

Guess there will be a lot of praying. Dear God, mother, please don’t let me get the corona virus.

Donald Trump accuses Supreme Court justices of bias in 1st direct attack as presidentPresident Trump demanded that two sitting Supreme Court justices recuse from all Trump-related matters, insisting without evidence that they have treated him unfairly. Trump is a thug. Great way to get SCOTUS on your side, Trump. Right. So he can have a 5-2 majority. Like that's gonna happen 🙄

Good for something now. He's being set up to fail. NikkiHaley will be Trump's VP candidate in 2020. What a joke. It's just so Trump can control the narrative thru his little-me-wannabe, kiss-a$$ follower, Blind Putz Pence. Congrats Repubs & fans of the Impeached; ur risking our Republic. Just as the founders were concerned might be possible. This Jerks jst stickg thumb in eye

Is that so when he F**** up he can fire him. And pick Nickii as his VP. JoeNBC ChrisCuomo So, VP, “Science is fake news” Pence is now running the US government’s Covid_19 response. Please understand if I am not the slightest confident of an effective national effort. Why not a doctor instead of pence!

CoronaMike Could the coronavirus be Trump’s katrina Hmmmmm... CoronavirusOutbreak CoronaVirusUpdates NO ONE REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING Good step by POTUS.

Caused by homosexuality in 3..2..1 I wonder what public health experience VP has that BarackObama's Ebola virus response coordinator didn't? Because he’s so good with these things. ... a hand off ? One can only hope prayer circles will work?

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