President Biden Says It's Tough Being a Cop, Rejects Defunding Police

Joe doesn't wants to offer more resources to cops, not less.

10/17/2021 2:10:00 AM

Joe doesn't wants to offer more resources to cops, not less.

Joe doesn't wants to offer more resources to cops, not less.

He eventually pivoted to policing in the modern era ... confessing that, yes, it's a difficult job to do in 2021 -- and one that seems to be less and less sought after ... which the Prez says is a shame, as he said our cities, neighborhood and citizens need police to stay safe.

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And then ... he talked about defunding the police, without using those exact words, per se. Joe says policing does need to change -- but he simply doesn't think stripping resources is the way to do it. If anything, he said the opposite ... that cops need more resources, and education on how to best implement them, referencing community policing and other tools.

It's an interesting stance ... and appears to differ with what some in his party have called for in the wake of George Floyd and other high profile police cases over the past year or so. Read more: TMZ »

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What? i had a stroke reading the caption, wtf If they did that intentionally it’s pretty funny. Is this a quote You guys day drinking? Did you have a seizure while writing this tweet? defunding the police is a bad idea start to finish Instead there should be funding and mandatory training in tolerance and lowering their aggression towards people in custody or anyone who questions their position of power.

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