Postal Workers Decry Changes And Cost-Cutting Measures

As a result of the new postmaster general's plans to shake up the agency, 'mail is beginning to pile up in our offices,' says Kimberly Karol, a postal clerk and union leader in Iowa.

8/12/2020 5:36:00 AM

The new postmaster general is shaking up the Postal Service — and some workers are alarmed. 'Mail is beginning to pile up in our offices, and we're seeing equipment being removed,' says a postal clerk.

As a result of the new postmaster general's plans to shake up the agency, 'mail is beginning to pile up in our offices,' says Kimberly Karol, a postal clerk and union leader in Iowa.

Morning Edition, a mail processing machine was removed from her facility in Waterloo and others have been removed across Iowa.Of the policy to leave some letters behind for the following day, another postal worker toldNPR last month:"I am sick to my stomach," knowing that means medication could be delayed in getting to recipients.

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Karol echoed that point:"I grew up in a culture of service where every piece was to be delivered, to be delivered every day." She said the Postal Service's new polices are"not allowing us to deliver every piece every day, as we've done in the past."

Other postal workers"all across the country" agree, she said.A letter carrier in Cincinnati was told to leave mail behind if it would require using overtime."We are already short-handed," shetold Government Executive."We don't have enough people to get all the routes done without using overtime."

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Doesn't seem to effect their Sunday Amazon deliveries. You can't stop Trump 2020... krmaher Did Putin write this piece? C’mon, “shaking up the Postal Service” Words count. This is an emergency. How about dismantling, disassembling, breaking up, pulling apart, destroying, causing irreparable harm, sabotaging, subverting? SaveOurPostOffice

Not shaking up.Destroying. Dismantling. C’mon ! Do better! whyy We should not have to pay a personal friend and supporter of the president who has no Experience for this job. Trump is wasting my tax money paying friends with no experience. What the hell kind of reporting this this? “Shaking things up” is generally seen as a positive. Is that how you view the dismantling and defunding of the usps ?

Postmaster DeJoy says, OOPS, sorry. My policies are having 'unintentional consequences'. There is only one result of cutting staff hours, removing sorting machines, and taking our mailboxes away: SLOWER MAIL. If this is a surprise to PMG DeJoy, he is unqualified for his job. AmbassadorRice KamalaHarris maddow CBSThisMorning NorahODonnell CBSMMiller BerniceKing

We live overseas with the military. It used to take me 5-10 days, on average, to get a Priority Mail package from the US. Sometimes I'm still in the 5-10, but I'm also seeing a lot of mail take a lot longer; 2-4 weeks longer. USPS is a lifeline to military families overseas. MoutonInMotion Another immoral but Republican condoned attack on our Democracy. The only hope is the IG investigation assuming termination does not occur first.

I expect better from NPR, this meek excuse of 'journalism' is shameful. Calling it a shake up is a joke and an insult. Dont tip toe around the issue, that only shows which side you favor more by not calling it what it is. This is insanity FoxnewsTV Shaking up the postal service? Really? How about dismantling it.

Damn this country is a damn mess 😂 Dismantling a Constitutionally guaranteed service to commit voter suppression is not 'shaking up'. It's sabotage. i hope you'll learn that while the tweet will get attention with that false frame, it doesn't translate to people trusting you , do better (here for the ratio)

Shaking up? You’re describing malicious destruction of the post office Shake up? Who writes this shit? It’s destruction of the USPS! Credulously reporting that the USPS is losing money, in a pandemic, without acknowledging that a fairly recent law requires them to fund pensions for workers that aren’t even born yet, a hoop we don’t ask of any other institution, lacks journalistic integrity.

Shaking up? WTF are you talking about? You mean destroying. Stop soft peddling 45s criminality. The Trumpoids have two goals here-- steal the November election by disrupting mail-in votes, and turn the USPS over to their cronies in private industry. Apparently NPR is incapable of recognizing Fascism when it's staring you in the face.

portlandorbuzz 'Shaking up' and 'Sabotaging' are different things. He’s ruining the postal service. The words are 'deliberately sabotaging' 'destroying' 'demolishing.' USE YOUR WORDS. DO NOT ASSIST IN THE FASCISM. I expected better than this with the headline 'Shaking up'? DeJoy is out to dismantle and/or destroy the Postal Service. And only 'some workers are alarmed'? The ones I know personally at our local Post Office are sounding the alarm, as are numbers of USPS workers online. Kindly up your game.

We have met the enemy of democracy and it is Trumpy the dictator chelliepingree RepGolden SenAngusKing It's time to do something! ImpeachTrumpAgain This is a crime! senatemajldr GOP do you approve of this obvious attempt to sabotage the US election? If realDonaldTrump wouldn’t have attacked amazon on what he thought were low fees then maybe the USPS would still have that business. Now he has a crony cutting and messing with the USPS.

He's DESTROYING the USPS-get it RIGHT-do BETTER! STOP downplaying everything trump does! Treat things like the emergencies they are-for GOD'S SAKE-he's taking away our ability to vote w/o risking our lives! I'm sorry but this is just absolutely ridiculous. Why make things unnecessarily difficult and expensive. Why take apart something that is and has been working just fine. WTF!!!

Shaking up? Come the fuck on. Say it with your whole chest. 'Sabotage.' EliStokols When corruption rules😡🇺🇸 tyrasquared Shaking up? More like ILLEGALLY DISMANTLING the Postal Service to DESTROY AN ELECTION. And I'm about to shake up my monthly contribution to NPR meaning I'm going to cut it Trump has been “honest” about his criminal activity... He said the election is rigged! That’s simply because he’s honestly rigging it!!!

“Shaking up” is something that happens to martinis. The word you’re looking for is “intentionally sabotaging for personal profit and partisan political gain” If by “shaking up”, you mean “fucking up”, then yes. What is the justification for removing the equipment? Also - so police making more in OT than regular pay is okay? But a mailman during a global pandemic (where there is more shopping by mail) and an election year is NOT okay? Sure, that makes sense.

This is a ridiculous, irresponsible headline!! Shaking up? Seriously? Try eviscerating. Trump’s postmaster general is acting like he is from the former Soviet Union working for a dictator. Sabotage i only check my mail once a week but expecting a letter so went a couple days earlier this time it was completely empty😱. i was shocked it’s always at least loaded with junk mail but never empty.

Not a 'shake-up' - what the hell is wrong you? DeJoy was installed to take the USPS apart and is carrying out his mission. SaveTheUSPS He’s not shaking anything up npr ... He’s actively destroying the Post Office ... npr published the same fake stories *favoring Trump* as they did in 2016 ... 'shaking up' NPR when did you become so COWARDLY

'Shaking up?' Are you mad? This is a constitutional crisis in the making and it's been ignored. Get better, Why not start with “postal workers Alarmed...” Do better ! He’s DISMANTLING the USPS! Al Qaeda is shaking up the Manhattan skyline — and some New Yorkers are alarmed. realTiffyCat Under Pressure from Putin...his IDOL

Shaking up. Sabotaging. Same thing. 🙄 It's true. Mail is missing. I sent out a package to a city less than an hour away (priority) days ago and it may not be delivered until Saturday. Not to mention the tons of packages that have been lost in the last month. It's insane. Ya'll have a union, use it! Walkout and demand trumps pick be removed as the PMG!

There will probably not be a United States of America by November if they're this willing to do this stuff, huh? Shame we just have people who are complicit. Call it what it is: a deliberate act of sabotage. reaching SenSusanCollins levels of “concern” Trump is sabotaging the USPS. In his anti-democratic effort to undermine Vote-by-Mail, he doesn’t care about the collateral consequences, like slowing down businesse, impacting delivery of prescription drugs, ... and NikkiHaley’s pop corn. USPS USPSsabotage VoteHimOut

grace134 “Shaking up”? Sounds and looks like the Trump Government is doing everything possible to control the election. For an administration seemingly obsessed with the economy and nothing else, this is a bad move. The US mail is a pillar of our economy. Those who have the money to spare should go buy Forever stamps. Help fund the USPS. It may sound crazy but stamps can be used later we need to help and support the USPS now in every way possible. buystamps TrumpKillsUSPS TrumpThreatensAmerica TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

“Shaking up”? Come on NPR... you are better than that nonsense. You can spell DISMANTLING!!! by 'shakeup' you mean destroy.. don't be cute, be accurate You meant to say completely fucking demolishing but it must have gotten autocorrected. Ric Ocasek and The Cars knew how to Shake It Up and Louis DeJoy is no Ric Ocasek. You even put arguably the most damning part in your tweet...'equipment being removed'

Where are the machines going? Isn’t this theft? I missing a lot of packages.Rx glasses are among the packages. Been sitting in a hub in California for going on two weeks. I am glad it’s just glasses, I have old ones. However, for some it’s their medicine. It’s their checks. It’s their livelihood being held hostage.

I regularly buy vinyl from Discogs and various independent musicians. 2 different orders arrived in Canada from the UK in 8 and 10 days. I am waiting on 4 different orders from the US that are going on 2 months now with no info on the tracking page. USPSsabotage You’ll so anything for the government bucks, NPR. Suck up any harder?

aravosis TrumpKillsUSPS americablog 18 U.S. Code § 1703.Delay or destruction of mail or newspapers by any person 'shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.' This is alarming. Mail delivery has been in place since 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was named as the first postmaster. And the Constitution made sure that these crucial services were preserved in Article I. This shouldn't be something Americans have to worry about.

Stop sugar coating this ! Say what it is ! It’s dismantling! Do your job ! This is a sabotage, NPR. Be an ally for the truth. The USPS is essential to everyday life! The USPS belongs to the people. Trump and his enablers can’t Kill OURUSPS legally. This is outright tyranny!! I hereby disallow this tyranny. Do you? What are you going to do about it other than whine?

No. This isn't a cute story. Raise hell! Your headline is s disgrace to actual, informative journalism. This is not a “shake-up”. It is a deliberate, insidious attack to put the presidential election into question by a candidate who knows he can’t win without cheating. Words matter, use the correct ones, don’t downplay the seriousness of this.

Stop saying the post office ' lost money' THEY WERE SABOTAGED BY Republicans who made them pay the retirement packages for postal employees that weren't even born yet 🤬 and they had 10 years to do it. that's what bankrupted the post office. Shaking up is an understatement. He is breaking mail delivery.

And senate Republicans are silent. Says a lot about the GOP cheating con going on in the Republican Party win are all cost! Wow no law and order just corruption at a higher level SpeakerPelosi KamalaHarris JoeBiden how can this be stopped. abcnews MSNBC CNN This headline sucks. You need to do so much better.

realHeatherD Shaking up or intentionally crippling? Every American should be screaming about this!!! Misleading headline. He is actually dismantling the USPS. What da...!? If you call a long, thin serrated knife inserted between the ribs and slicing into the heart 'shaking up', sure. Shaking? Come on , this is a hostile takeover and the people of this country who rely on the USPS for medications, paychecks and more to be delivered deserve better from you.

Another example of the president tearing up this nation. Failure after failure will be his downfall heading into the election. Perhaps a better verb would describe what's happening. Try 'destroying.' Or 'dismantling.' Yea, ya'll need to pick a side. They ain't 'shaking up' anything. 'Shaking up' would be like doubling the prices, lowering operating costs, and defaulting on the pensions. This is straight up sabotage. They want to get rid of the mail.

Yep been waiting on Priority mail for over a week. And there is no tracking in it availiable. This is criminal, its war! Again, it’s shaking down not shaking up. Acccurately reporting abuse and criminality is not being biased in your journalism, sugar coating your headlines is being biased. Seek and report the truth.

Come on do better - this is not “shaking up” it is to sabotage the election. No donations to NPR with this type of cover up reporting. Blatently suppressing the vote. Something else the Biden-Harris administration will address. This is not the correct take. Be better! You can do so much better than this, : 'shaking up'

TrumpIskillingusps to prevent the Election. maggieogs Trump attempts to steal Presidency! Come on . we all know trump is tampering with the us postal service to slow down mail to suppress mail in votes. The more people vote, the more likely he is to lose re-election. so put on your big boy pants and report the actual news like it is

C’mon NPR, you’re supposed to give it straight up, no lemon on the side. It’s called dismantling. Shaking up? Is that what you call dismantling it right before the election? Come on, you can do better than that. Seriously? That’s your headline? The US mail system is being deliberately sabotaged by a GOP donor who bought a position so he could destroy it. He’s harming millions who get meds, money & communication from our postal service. This is an attack. DO BETTER.

Or.... MASSIVE conflicts of interest cause new Republican Postmaster to sabotage an American lifeline and utility all in the name of political sport. Same headline for History: Charles Manson Shakes Up Social Scene realDonaldTrump Traitor! We the people will vote you OUT! TrumpIsACompleteFailure Hope everyone remembers, we wouldn’t be having all these trump butt lickers, if it weren’t for republican senators who confirmed them. Vote blue down ballot. We can still get out of this mess, BunkerBoy created.

“Shaking up” or “tearing down,” NPR? Call it what it is. This is a terrible tweet npr. He is actively destroying the usps to help realDonaldTrump and himself (he has millions of dollars invested in post office competitors). CALL IT OUT AND REPORT THE ACTUAL NEWS. I think 'shaking up' is a deliberately milquetoast way of describing what's going on. Trump's got your tongue? He's DESTROYING the USPS in a power grab. Get it straight, will you?

.GOP YOU don't care that we know what YOU are doing in the mist of a deadly Pandemic to keep people at risk and seniors from VOTING because you want to limit the vote.GOPChairwoman You don't care many veterans who defended us in wars work at the Post .GOP You don't care that you are affecting businesses and the economy because customers aren't getting orders on time . GOPChairwoman You don't don't care that you are making businesses lose customers because their order are late because the mail is purposely being held up .

No other presidential campaign has talked about voter fraud before the tRump campaigns. Why because he wants to put doubt in the results so he can stay where he is a lot longer. He needs to be stopped. Vote Joe and Kamala! tRump is the fraud! .GOP I realize you don't care about people getting their prescription medications. GOPChairwoman You don't care that we can't pay our bills on time because we get them late .GOPLeader You don't care we can't get checks .SenateGOP YOU don't care our packages are late .

Please contact Congrss and complain. People are not getting meds, small businesses are hurting. People will soon not get checks, and bills will arrive late and people who can’t afford it will have late charges. Please contact Congress, house and Senate and complain. People aren’t getting meds and business are suffering from delayed mail.

I thought it was a federal offense to tamper with the mail?!? Shaking up? He’s deliberately dismantling it. And more than some workers are outraged. WTF NPRdo better! It's all about fixing the election with the mail in voting system.. Trump said it himself it will be rigged. Go figure he hires someone specific a few months before the election? 🤔🤔

Laura_HBIC He wants to take it back to the pony express JoeBiden KamalaHarris HouseDemocrats SenateDems eBay tells us to find an alternative. This is hard to recover from. SHAKING UP?!? This isn’t a new teen joining your high school! Trump is trying to steal the election (again) by any means necessary including destroying the post office!

Remember when Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, and Andrew Fastow “shook up” Enron? glennkirschner2 Is it possible to file an injunction with the courts to stop Dejoy? 'shaking up'? Seriously? Try undermining. Or hobbling. Or destroying. Do better . 'shaking up' = monkey-wrenching Shaking up? Do better. Much better.

BettyPettyBoop 👀 Shaking up? No gift this year NPR. This is irresponsible reporting. NOT ONCE did you mention the requirement to pre-fund pensions for 75 years due to the REPUBLICAN congress in 2006. USPS has to set aside benefits for workers NOT EVEN BORN YET. THAT'S why USPS hasn't turned a profit in so long. Shame on you

shaking up the postal service? sure, in the same way chernobyl shook up the environment. The worst part is realDonaldTrump is doing all he can to steal the election, in plain sight, and all we can do is Tweet 🤦🏽‍♀️ Or colluding with the GOP to damage the integrity of our upcoming election, and with that, our 200+ year democracy.


you misspelled 'destroying' jaywhyelle Headlines like this are why I stopped listening to and supporting NPR 4 years ago. This is a major failure. I wonder if this has anything to do with Trump not looking like the likely winner of the upcoming election. This is not a shake up, it is destruction New Post Master Gen serves Trump ensuring vote in ballots are not a solution...forcing voters to vote in person where Putin has promised to hack our electronic systems. Trump is the downfall of America if he’s not stopped! Fair elections are gone. cnnbrk ABC msnbc roobydoo99

AdamSchiff RepJerryNadler Trump may be immune from prosecution but this Dejoy moron isn't. He's interfering with the delivery of mail. What he's doing is a Federal Offence. Have him arrested please? This is wrong! SpeakerPelosi MarkWarner TheDemocrats fix this! It's destruction of our USPS, founded by Franklin. Tampering with the delivery of the mail, which is a Federal Offence. Trump might be immune from any crime coz he's the 'choke - law and order chief - choke' but this DeJoy character is NOT the president. He should be arrested.

Come on, npr, what's going on? You're just constantly embarrassing yourself with this lukewarm lapdog crap. What are you afraid of? They're gonna hate you anyway, no matter how much you try to placate them. . call it like it is. Trump is using the USPS to rig election. People need to know the truth. He’s not “shaking up” the postal service, he’s fubar ing it on purpose. It’s seditious and against the law. Sgt at arms should arrest him.

People criticizing NPR for this segment, need to listen to the segment and not just read the title. TrumpKillsTheUSPS Tampering with the mail is a felony, and the new Post Master and trump should be indicted immedistely, there is ample evidence of the crime being perpetrated here. arrestthepostmasterimmediately congressmustactnow

that's not what it is NPR. You're supposed to be telling the truth on these stories, like, the OPPOSITE of, say, FOX NEWS. This is an aggressive and, so far, successful attempt to destroy the USPS in order to steal an election from the American people. Write that or STFU. Our democracy and constitutional right to vote is under attack and you're calling it a 'shake up' That's like calling a tsunami a spilled glass of water. DO BETTER

A sentence that makes sense: “Lucky Charms is really shaking up their cereal with a new pickle-shaped marshmallow!” Another sentence that makes sense: “The new postmaster general is purposefully and swiftly DESTROYING the postal service right before our eyes” They lost one of my sons birthday presents. One of husbands birthday presents didn’t get here until 2 months later. Both companies gave us refunds. Companies will go bankrupt giving refunds on goods sitting at post offices.

Get it right. This should read: the new postmaster general is doing everything he can to destroy the USPS. NPR get your stuff together: 'shaking up the postal service.' Confusing cliches is not a good look in national criminal matters. Yeah it's being sabotaged. TigerBlackBear1 Mega Donor DeJoy making sure Trump get re-elected huh

meerkatrodeo 'Shaking up'? WTF is wrong with you, . The term you should be employing is 'intentionally destroying' JFC. Delete your account. They may have to actually work Shaking up usually doesn't mean systematically destroy. Let me write your headlines for you. Your potted plant is doing a horrible job.

If trump tries to discredit the election results by alleging mail fraud, his finger prints are all over the USPS and the trump donor Post Master General. So yeah, trump is screwed no matter what he does. It’s the end of the line for the Trump Trainwreck. Will Congress be able to charge the Postmaster General with mail tampering and fraud, holding up mail is illegal and unconstitutional hope they can stop this idiot gopher millionaire Trumpster!? He is ready to go to prison for Shitler, I don't think so!

SABOTAGE. The trump super donor turned Postmaster General is actively destroying a constitutionally mandated service. A much more accurate headline. NPR you are starting to sound like Susan Collins. Grow back a pair Use stronger language, NPR! TrumpKillsUSPS “Shaking up”?! Diaf. “Shaking up” NPR setting the stage for a contested election which is what Obama promised 4 years ago, “Lawfare”

This is the saddest attempt to subvert democracy. Where’s the opposition to this? Vote by mail is the cleanest voting system there is. Verified. Voting pamphlets for all candidates weeks before your ballot arrives. Last thing Rs want is an informed electorate. Swine! So what can we do? Well...we can hit the polls. (Wear the best mask you have.)

Who the hell is writing ’s news releases, the WH press secretary’s office? “Shaking up the Postal Service”? GMAFB! That is an awfully polite way of saying our government is being overthrown by domestic enemies. RepJerryNadler JoeBiden KamalaHarris SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer UN NATO ICCT_TheHague

meerkatrodeo 'Shake up' Wow... could you be a bit more timid? It's like a 9.0 earthquake 'shakes things up.' He is destroying it. Fix your social media. What's happened to you? get the Kochs OFF your donor list and return to integrity in your journalism! I’m off you. “Shaking up”? You misspelled “wrecking”.

vic21wat “shaking up” ffs do some journalism you useless hack, or at least write a meaningful headline The same way a cherry bomb shakes up the plumbing. Great job guys. “Shaking up”?for crissakes get somebody who can write. TrumpKillsUSPS He is so afraid of being a one term president. TrumpIsALaughingStock TrumpIsACompleteFailure

Shaking up Really Try destroying. He holds major stock in several competing services and SHOULD NOT BE THERE!! Get some balls and tell the truth!! Why don't you grow a pair and report like the country depends on it. 'Shake up' is what I do to a Caesar salad before putting it on my plate. Shaking up? Seems like you should be better with words Maybe MerriamWebster can send you something that will help

The confederate states are shaking up the union. Germany is shaking up Europe. Covid is shaking up our immune systems. Extinction is shaking up the dinosaurs. The USPS was key to the success of my small business. USPS never failed to deliver...literally. ➡New Post Master General is there to *do a Betsy DeVos* on the United States Postal Service. Shame on anyone who tries to cover this up.

That's not a shake up. That's a hostile takeover. “Shaking up”? Don’t candy coat this- this is the total destruction of the USPS JoeBiden KamalaHarris BarackObama HillaryClinton this election is being stolen already Shaking up is not the correct! Please report this for what it really is, the postmaster is sabotaging the Postal Service!

'shaking up' some alternatives to 'shaking up' would be 'destroying,' 'killing,' 'eviscerating,' 'enervating,' 'gutting,' 'rotting from the inside,' just kinda off the dome here 'Shaking up?' Yeah... um, folks are gonna shake-up Pledge Weak, you cowards. Shaking up? Seriously? How about fucking up? This is not a shake up. This is a shake down of the American people. Our institutions and services are being destroyed and dismantled to our detriment until we agree to sell our votes for our lives, with no guarantee they will honor their side of the bargain. Try again.

You. An do better than this, ! Why don’t you report on his financial interests in competitors to the USPS? I'll walk my ass right into a polling place with a mask on. Covid and Trump be damned. LarsJohanL Why are mail processing machines being removed from usps USPS offices? Makes no sense. The economy is already bad - this will slow mail going into holidays- ruining sales 4businesses across USA. Really?

This is why I quit supporting you. “Shaking up?” You’ve got to be kidding me? Your news service needs a serious shaking up, and shipping out! 😡 Shaking up?! Destroying is more like it Why are the most respected media outlets always soft balling these headlines? Active destruction and intentional delays are deemed shakeups? What would DeJoy have to do to qualify the headline USPS UNDER ATTACK?

This is terrible, irresponsible framing. You are normalizing the systematic dismantling of our government. Please do better for all of our sake. 'Shaking up?!' This is no time for euphemisms! What a shit headline. His 'hired terror squads' can't stay idle - put them to work disassembling sorting lines that have saved hours of manual labor? makesnosense

GOD HELP 'shaking up' is a terrible description for the corruption that is occurring - clear evidence if you look at the financial conflicts of interest of the new PG. This watering down of GOP harm over the years is why I've stopped my subscription. Really ? This headline almost warrants an unfollow. “Shaking up the Postal Service —“ USPSsabotage TrumpKillsUSPS

This is voter suppression “Shaking up,” really? Kind of like Covid “shook up” Herman Cain? What’s wrong with you people? GrowlinAtTheSun Trump is doing a great job for Putin in regards to destroying America I think you mean “intentionally, corruptly, sabotaging at the president’s direction to benefit his own campaign”

Shaking up? How about fuxxing it up? Isn’t tampering with or otherwise messing with the mail a federal crime? He’s freaking destroying it. Say it out loud! They’ll come for next. Resist By shaking must mean screwing up? * sabotage Jim Jones shook up Jonestown. Try to use your 280 better “Fucking up” - there, fixed it for you.

Come on NPR, you guys are better than this. Kenny_Mayne “Shaking up” go eff yourself Shaking it up? It’s affecting small businesses already. Shaking up? Workers are alarmed? How about this for a headline: Trump’s lackey is Destroying the Postal Service during a Pandemic & Workers are Pissed Off! 😷😷 Fail

The destruction and subsequent privatization of the USPS has been a GOP dream for decades. DeJoy is there not only to assure the failure of voting by mail, but to further McConnell's Conservative agenda by destroying the USPS so it can be sold off. 'Shaking up'? No, idiot who tweeted this. 'Shutting down,' not 'shaking up.' Because Trump knows he loses if every vote is counted.

The fix is in!!! What is wrong with you? “Shaking up?” You’ve deserved your impending demise since Reagan. Fuck your insolent centrism. A 'shake up' would be Taco Tuesday, or Casual Friday. This is 'gutting' and it's painfully obvious why. Horrible. I can’t believe I give you money. This is a power grab orchestrated by a wannabe autocrat. Act like that is a fact or become state propaganda. Those are your two choices.

Did everyone lose their minds the last four years? Are you all incapable of using appropriate adjectives and verbs? Why are you in the media so afraid of the truth? Put down the thesaurus. What Trump is doing is destroying the ability of thebUSPS to function right when it most needs to. No going back on routes for more mail. No overtime work. Hand canceling to 'save money.' Speak truth please.

I just keep coming back to this embarrassing lead and i suppose that's the point, yeah? Siani_Colon 😱NO So medicines not being delivered on time. Checks not arriving. Ballots not arriving. NOT A SHAKE UP. SHAKING UP? Goddamnit NPR what the hell is wrong with you? Abstract_E Baby. On. Baby. He still ain't going nowhere. (I had to, don't leave me!) 😂😂😂😂😂

The word you are so desperately searching for is trashing He's trashing the Postal Service You're usually better than this NPR NPR, I count on you for accurate information. “Shaking up” is not accurate. Delete this tweet. Revise your introduction so it reflects this administrations intent to cripple USPS and harm mail-in voting.

Destroying, dismantling, killing. Say it for what it is. This needs a congressional inquiry. Postmaster General has a conflict of interest with holdings in opposition companies to the USPS. In excess of 30 million. This is insane Dear NPR-let me fix that for you: The new postmaster general is systematically dismantling and destroying the Postal Service-and all the workers are horrified. TrumpKillsUSPS

FBI CIA GOP is this legal, what trump is doing? NO. ARREST HIM! “Shaking up?” Do better . nprpolitics I know it’s a big ole word but logistics is moving things from point A to point B. A logistics expert is what the post office needs. Trumps man Who DFUQ still gets mail What a crap headline 🙄 USPSsabotage USPSisEssential

You misspelled 'dismantling' Grow a pair, NPR!!! The creeps who could cut your funding will be gone presently. Jesus - 'shaking up' - cowardly reporting!! NPR your assessment of the post office is incredibly divisive the post office is a serving not a business JamesDoubek the hook in this tweet does not match the original sentiment in your article or headline at all. 'Gutting' would be more apt.

Shaking down, maybe. Not shaking up. Postal workers if you’re upset go vote vote vote vote. This does not display the urgency and massive upheaval that is actually going on with this agency Trump and all his Corrupted! Families!!! Friends And Republicans Enablers Should Go to Prison! Election Fraud Is A Crime!!! Wake Up America!!!!!!!

Wow some real 'shaking up' huh you guys REALLY need to stop downplaying fascist sabotage This is more than enough to show the American people not to vote by mail ur vote is being highjacked go to the poles no matter what make ur vote count pick up family members and friends take them to go vote it matters.

Then we get off our ass, put on our masks, and VOTE IN PERSON. Jesus, have some fight, have some fury. Come on, NPR. I love you. I know you are better than this. Fix it. Yawn. Where is the TRUE headline about what's happening? This is s HUGE deal, and it doesn't sound like you guys think so. This isn't reporting. It's whitewashing. You are supposed to be the standard!

Is “shaking up” really the best phrase? DoBetter You all need to work on this story. This headline is analogous to saying that John Wilkes Booth was looking to shake up the executive branch back on April 14th 1865. Do better You misspelled 'sabotaging'. Shame on for this headline.....he’s destroying the USPS SaveThePostOffice

smartdissent 'Shaking up' Don't you mean decimating? Shaking up or purposely trying to destroy it? I feel like it is a big difference. Who try’s to make something less automated? Film it. This is like ufos. jewstein3000 “Shaking things up” like an earthquake to a city you complicit knobs Terrible, terrible reporting. This is not a “shakeup”; it’s the deliberate undermining of the postal service by Trump and his allies. And it’s unprecedented and unconstitutional. Stop the normalization. partoftheptoblem

'Shaking up' fuck off lol. He's trying to actively dismantle it. Maybe the headline should read: 'NPR headline writer acts as facilitator of realDonaldTrump and his co-conspirators in their effort to destroy the US Postal Service' Where are they putting the sorting machines? Why are you calling this a shakeup? This is an emergency.

Hello?!?! This is bad. You’re making it sound like they are just making personnel decisions. Shaking up = destroying? Can we PLEASE call it the destruction it is and not a 'shake up'? This is a shit headline. DO. BETTER. He is not 'shaking up the Postal Service'. He is shitting on it and smashing it to bits.

Shaking things up Good Lord TrumpKillsUSPS and hundreds of thousands of Americans. This is on him. Interesting headline to say the least. Downplay the Atrocious actions of the Trump cheating on this election much? Call it what it is: deliberate sabotage intended most likely to illegally influence the election in Trump's favor

You spelled “fucking” wrong. Be serious NPR... he’s destroying the USPS for tRump! '...Cersei Lannister is shaking up the Seven Kingdoms...' Jesus Christ NPR. DO BETTER. Isn't tampering with the mail a federal offence? WTF is wrong with you guys. I mean you consider this news and accorate. My god have all lost your integrity. Jesus.

'Shaking up?' What kind of half-baked nonsense is this? Do better, as this kind of Orwellian masking of the truth diminishes your platform. The USPS is being deliberately destroyed by an inexperienced vandal. stellgirl15 We have to push back on this HARD! Intact your reps NOW! This is an overt effort to demolish democracy. Get to it!

Breaking “Shaking up”? How about purposely destroyed? By shaking up you mean tearing it apart right? Shaking up? Destroying!! Come on NPR! You guys have a union stand up take pictures shine a spot light on the problem I don’t understand why every state doesn’t have early voting mbalter 'Some workers are alarmed.' Oh cmon NPR, do your job. Just say 'almost everybody is freaking out'.

I am disappointed in NPR Shaking up? WTF kind of bullshit is that? Shaking up like a 9.5 on the Richter scale maybe The problem is that Dejoy sees the Post Office as a business and not as an essential service that millions of Americans rely on for lifesaving medication, paychecks,& their small businesses. USPS processes around 48% of the world's mail, so sabotaging USPS is sabotaging the world

How can this blatant attempt to interfere or sabotage the electoral process be allowed Crap headline!!! This is not a shake-up. This is war. This is sabotage!!! Prolly gonna hafta stop paying my money to NPR after this sorta crap... You spelled “shitting all over” incorrectly. Shaking up?!? WTF is that garbage headline He’s destroying the postal system to help steal an election.

shaking up No. This is not it. Do better NPR Shaking up or shaking down? Shaking up? WTF is wrong with you? More like sabotaging and destroying. Trump will destroy democracy and the media will still be using these begnin mild descriptions instead of calling it what it is. The media today would have called Hitler an misunderstood leader shaking up Europe. Pathetic.

What a bad headline. Do better. Call it what it is - deliberate destruction, not a 'shake-up'. This Is a direct assault on the election by Trump. He picked someone to head the Post Office not to run it but to dismantle it. “Shaking up”?!!! You mean destroying!! There is no reason to trust Trump or who he puts in charge of things. They will always lie.

The new postmaster general is attempting to gut the postal service to his personal financial gains. Stop acting like he is trying to do this for the good of the USPS. He isn't shaking things up, he is tearing them down. SaveTheUSPS We are waiting for a college textbook that my daughter needs next week. It was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago. The seller refunded the cost and asked us to return it or pay for it if it ever shows up.

Do better It's not a 'shake up', it's looting of our public institutions. You need to fix this headline! It in no way conveys the urgency of the threat to our democracy. The new PMG is a Trump donor WITH ZERO EXPERIENCE. But he will profit when he dismantles the USPS. So don't be cute, this is an emergency! How embarrassing. SaveTheUSPS

What the ever living f*ck. An absolutely idiotic and destructive headline from npr Someone needs to be fired over this. I can’t keep donating to an organization that carries water for fascists. “Shake up..?” NPR? He is trying to save cost? Yeah right. brooks_rosa “Shaking up” is not the appropriate term. “F***ing up,” maybe, but not “shaking up.”

Shaking up? No. Try again. Dismantling. Destroying. Those are better descriptions. My package was supposed to be deliver today... 😤 it still at the usps and haven’t moved for a week now. dismantling the USPS ...officially 3rd world! Shaking up? C’mon, now. They’re DESTROYING it and DISMANTLING it. Don't go down this line. I have already abandoned nytimes CNN for shoddy reporting and headlines. Bye bye npr npr

Waited 2 weeks for my mortgage pay off letter Bank is PISSED they finally broke their rule and just gave me the amount over the phone Said 'We'll pay the wire transfer fee, with trump interfering with the mail i wouldn't trust sending a check through the mail' ಠ_ಠ “Shaking up”....come on. This doesn’t convey the intentional damage and harm he’s inflicting.

Shaking up? How about Deliberately Sabotaging... This is the lamest take I've seen in a long time. The Post Office is being *destroyed* and ALL AMERICANS should be alarmed. This is an unconstitutional dismantling of the primary means of keeping American commerce running and enabling Americans to communicate off the internet.

TheDoorOKC Just so everyone knows, the old racists they receive inches of right wing propaganda in the mail every day are still getting their stuff on time. Every day. I’m channeling KamalaHarris during her Billy Barr interrogation: Stealing, Destroying, Sabotaging! Try some stronger synonyms Just like Germany in the 30's and 40's.

purposefully destroying the institution is not shaking things up. we need you to be brave, npr, and not couch the truth Hey WTF is wrong with you? Some would say sabotaging an arm of the government. 'shaking up' donwinslow Or....”deliberately destroying” and it’s alarming af. More of thump and his idle rich friends destroying America.

Are they recording, tracking and filming all these changes? The need to make sure it is all on the record and detailed. Reporters need to press workers to detail everything. dame_keep Women4Biden lunaticopresid1 WinterwayEd BlueFutureNow votevets It isn't a shake up, he was placed there to actually destroy it. The USPS was started by Benjamin Franklin, and a two-bit mob hood is ripping it apart!!!

RepAdamSchiff RepKatiePorter TheRickWilson ABC NBCNews CBSNews MSNBC CNN PBS TIME Newsweek Tut, tut, tut. Stop falling into the trap of placating reporting. Real journalists bring confidence to their work, telling it like it is. Reporters cowardly tiptoe to ensure access. You know DeJoy has taken a wrecking ball to USPS, so say it. Our democracy is at stake.

It’s NOT a shake up! NPR you’re better than this! “shaking up the postal service” NPR - I thought you were better than this. Apparently not. Fix this title. You know better. Shaking up. Cutting and slashing would be much more accurate. Saturday night massacre. Do better. Jesus Christ Shame on you, . You know what these measures are intended to do.

I think the word you wanted was, “destroying” Where is the pilfered equipment being taken to? NPR, where is the rest of the article? What about USPS had to use $ to plan for pensions for the next 75 years! Those people haven't even been born yet! Talk about setting up to fail. Also, what about the stock DeJoy owns in competitors of the USPS? Hmmm...

You misspelled dismantling p_pierpoint That fu$king dictator is messing with are mail, and if reelected and the Dems dont win the Senate it will be so much more. The word you are looking for is fu%ing, not shaking! And it's disgraceful! nprscottsimon Why is NPR lying? nprpolitics Why aren't you reporting accurately? Why should we donate if you're just going to misrepresent the news? Fyi WBUR

“Shaking up”? That is not the correct verb for what is actually happening “Shaking up” Dismantling, destroying, undermining, weakening, impeding ... NOT synonymous with “shaking up.” Do better NPR NPR you are such a let down Shaking down the postal service Congress need to do something to stop what is happening to the post office.

KLoBootcamp charlesepotts NPR isn’t exactly conspiracy theorist.... Shaking up? More like a Coup d'état! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I think you meant to say 'The new postmaster general is destroying the Postal Service.' “Shaking Up” They’re decimating and sabotaging it. 'Shaking up' is not how you spell 'sabotaging.'

That postmaster general is going to spend a long time in jail for this along with lot of other people. The word you are looking for is ‘destroying.’ 'shaking it up' heh OK that a funny way to say 'trying to make it not viable for... delivering mail in a timely manner' but go on... I'm alarmed, motherfucker.

WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?! Really? A 'shake-up'? Why so soft, NPR? 'corrupting and undermining', not 'shaking up' SOUNDS LIKE DELIBERATE MISMANAGEMENT!!!! ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!! You spelled sabotage wrong Don't you mean the new postmaster general is dismantling the USPS? If by “shaking up”, you mean “fucking up”, then yes.

Boy this is a horrendous way to frame the active undermining of a federal office that the entire country relies on in an attempt to rig the election This is the destruction of our democracy. They are ruining the vote. Why is your milquetoast reporting giving them cover? Have a spine, please. You’re journalists after all. Say it like it is! Shake it up!

WTF? ‘Shaking up the post office’? In what ignorant dimension is criminally dismantling a government institution and public service ‘shaking things up’? This is NPR, not FOX. Do better. Tell the real truth, openly, honestly, or just find other jobs. FFS. 'shaking up' is a funny way of saying 'attempting to murder'

Please reconsider the wording of this headline. Call corruption what it is. If you don’t want to extend to that, at least use “mismanages”. Sabotaging the postal service. Shaking things up is positive spin. 'Shaking up?' Really? What kind of cost cutter reduces technology and increases inefficiency? It appears more like DeJoy is shaking down the USPS to reduce its effectiveness, to suppress voting, and to prepare it for sale (cheap) to business friends.

This is a HORRIBLE headline NPR. Amanda_Bril I really doubt that’s really happening. If it’s first class mail it goes out the day it’s received at the office. If mail order pharmacy’s are mailing medication anyway but 1 st class mail, the pharmacy needs should be investigated. 'Shaking up' means not delivering mail? How about 'business as usual' and just deliver me my mail?

My motherboard better not be busted. Here's a fun game: name an institution that NPR won't cape for. I have a relative who works in the post office, they confirmed (back in March) that the amount of unprocessed mail reaches well above normal rates of mail! This statement exemplifies why after 30+ years I don’t donate to my public radio station anymore.

How about you tell the truth, npr? This administration is deliberately trying to destroy the USPS. That's tampering with the mail. sabotage is not “shaking up” Call it what it is - S A B O T A G E 'shaking up' I think the word you're looking for is 'sabotaging.' Jesus. Shaking up? Try sabotaging. Come on DO BETTER.

Call it what it is. Deliberate sabotage of our public services. Expected better that “shaking up”... “Shaking up”? , FFS, do a better job. Try “Dismantling a constitutional entity to support GOP voter suppression”. It’s not a “shake up.” It’s sabotage. With this type of shit take away calling a total destruction a shake up, don’t bother coming to me for a membership or car donation

Why are you contributing to Trump’s disinformation? He is destroying the USPS. All of us, not just postal workers, are upset. Shame on you “Meticulously Destroying” is more like it! 😲😒😒😒😒😒😒 This is just as bad as the 'hip young Nazi' headline. The words are DELIBERATE SABOTAGE. 'Shaking up.' Not a 'shaking up', its an obvious plan to slow down and/or discredit the election results usps USPostalService DeJoy DeJoyMustGo Election2020

Ol manufactured consent head ass DRESDEN (FEB. 15, 1945) - Allied bombers “shaking up” the town That’s an odd way of saying he’s rotting it from the inside out. How about gutting? Eviscerating? OneRebelRebel WTAF? Removing equipment? That is insane. At this point I'm in favor of also defunding NPR Beverly21811568 Sabotaging a Fair Election

Shaking up? He is completely undermining the services of the USPS. Your headlines need to reflect the danger this is to the American people. Shake up? NPR: now is the time to get a better headline writer who takes the crisis’ in our country seriously. You are not providing information. mikesatz 'Shaking up' or shaking down? I recommend a stronger headline. USPS USPSsabotage USPostalService

A lot of seniors and other financial recipients will be getting their checks much later if at all. Of all the times for our government to make things even more challenging for people who count on the mail for their food and essential money. Shameless...more homeless to come😢 NPR putting in work to maintain the Nice Polite Republicans brand.

'Shaking up'? They're trying to destroy the Postal Service as part of a systematic effort to suppress the vote. Raise the alarm! NPR, come on folks it is called 'sabotage' not 'shacking up' the Postal Service. USPSsabotage USPSisEssential I’ve never had a problem with USPS until about 2 months ago. I’ve had one company attempt to ship the same item to me 3 times since July 1 and it just keeps disappearing without a trace in a Bensenville, IL, UPS center, waiting for “induction to USPS”. I could drive there.

this isn't a 'shake up'; it's blatant tampering by someone with ties to/has made campaign donations to the administration. You spelled ‘sabotage’ wrong You meant to say ‘sabotage’! Raise your hand if your mail has been slowed down👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 ETTD. To my post office people's: Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat; nor gloom of night, along with voter suppression, stay you couriers from the swift completion of your appointed rounds!

Jesus NPR, you’re going to sugarcoat this Come on. Do better. Sounds more like a 'shake down' than a 'shake up'. 'Shaking up' is not how I would put it. Can you do better? SenateDems HouseDemocrats We have a fire burning here. All hands on! Where are SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer? This sounds like 'dismantling' rather than 'shaking up' unless you meant 'shaking up' as something that happens in an earthquake.

What happened to you? As a news organization you are now lock-step with the other MSM facilitators in destroying this country in your desire to increase profitability. This is not a “shake-up”, it is a blatant attempt to destroy a critical component of our Republic. Where is Moist von Lipwig when you need him? “NEITHER RAIN NOR SNOW NOR GLOM OF NIT CAN STAY THESE MESSENGERS ABOUT THEIR DUTY” GoingPostal

Shaking up? Destroying. What a disgrace worked for post office for 32 years and if it killed you all mail gets delivered on day it comes in it is the best run organization if allowed to work right best logistics in The world leave the 700,000 workers alone single mothers make up majority of staff sendavidperdue SenatorLoeffler what are you doing about this?

This is a shitty, shitty tweet. Do better. Did your wimpish corporate LAWYERS write this pusillanimous headline? 👎😡🤯 You might think that your passive voice will protect you from these same destroyers turning on you but it’s only a natter of time before they marginalize you even more than you already have been.

Please do something! Maybe private funds from JeffBezos ? If by “shaking up” you mean “sabotage” I agree. Who wrote the garbage tweet/headline? Purposefully destroying a 244 year old institution in order to steal an election is not 'shaking up'! sounds like more than a shakeup 'Shaking up the Postal Service'? Come on NPR!! This isn't a little shake up. This is the Demolition Derby. Your headline is milquetoast & misleading. Where has good journalism gone?

I had to UNFOLLOW - I see enough STUPIDITY from realDonaldTrump and WhiteHouse Messing up Screwing up Mucking up Destroying Tampering with Rigging Just plain fucking up Your writers need a better vocabulary... Deliberately changing policy & practice which cause massive delays isn’t “shaking up.” How about some accuracy in reporting & using the correct description, like “sabotage?”

This is like breaking the system. Ben Franklin is spinning in his grave. These bastards want to steal our votes and keep America from electing anyone but their Chosen One. Ummmm - it’s way more than a shake up. Do better ! USPS I hope the new postmaster understands that deliberately delay the mail can be considered fraud let alone election fraud. The question for the Postmaster is he willing to go to jail for trump? Messing with the mail under the disguise of saving cost Is a federal offense.

Hey, NPR, it’s not “shaking up the Postal Service” when you try to slow down mail in order to attack our very democracy. It’s an assault on the very democratic institutions of our country. 🐂💩‼️ Gutting would more like it. Do better NPR! Wow. You really know how to not say the truth. Shaking up? Shaking up

JFC, .. Do better. It's overt sabotage.🙄😳 I think when the head of an organization has financial incentive to ruin the company he’s in charge of & proceeds to take deliberate steps to ruin the company he’s in charge of, we should use a term other than “shaking things up.” It’s sabotage. I got no mail yeaterday. First in 5 years

Is there a reason you're not calling it direct sabotage? Get your big boy panties on and call it out. The term you are looking for is sabotaging. The new postmaster is sabotaging the postal service. Shaking up, indeed.🙄 USPSsabotage - say it. Call it what it is - sabotage ., that lede is weak. Here you go. Trump donor and new postmaster general is using his position to gut the Postal Service in overt attempt to suppress voting ahead the November elections.

, this a journalistic malpractice. This is not a “shake-up”, it’s an unconstitutional attempt to destroy the Postsl Service. It is astounding how complicit the media is in normalizing Trump. Wrong! Try BREAKING UP. This is not a 'shake up', whoever wrote this. It's sabotage of an entity explicitly authorized by the Constitution that the GOPpers claim to love. Stop normalizing the bullshit that's going on here.

Shaking up... People look to you for reality based news Real Headline: Presidentially appointed (inexperienced) post master general enacts system changes that threaten not only the postal system but democracy as a whole; and EXPERIENCED postal workers know it. This headline is like saying “Robbery victim decries redistribution of resources.” What is happening at the post office is a political hit job.

The new postmaster general is trying to DECIMATE the post office he’s not shaking things up- he’s trying to tear it down to sell it off to private companies and destroy voting by mail. Call it what it is: DESTROYING, DISMANTLING, BREAKING the Postal Service. Shake-up? Come on NPR, do better. You spelled “Destroying” wrong NPR. Come on now.

Uh, you might want to specify that this is the only definition of 'shaking up' that works here: Well well well, apparently destroy and shaking up are synonyms now... Let me just 'shake up' the government then. Can’t wait for JoeBiden and KamalaHarris to remove him and all the cronies Trump installed.

Call this WHAT IT IS: a fascist takeover of government services. , why do you still act as if Republicans pay your salaries. They don't! stop the both sides crap. A crime is in progress wake the fuk up Dear npr 'The new postmaster general is SABOTAGING the postal service.' You're welcome! Shaking up. I felt bad when I discontinued my NPR sustaining membership last year, but it was absolutely the correct thing to do.

maybe you could not normalize the destruction of democracy... trump is sabotaging the Postal Service and trying to steal an election... 'Shaking up'? NPR enablers can't spell the word 'sabotage'? Wow that’s some special spin. Keep both siding! What will the media do when the administration comes hard for them.

the bull in the china shop is shaking up the interior design of the place - and some workers are alarmed Shitty headline is shitty. This is a bad headline you should be ashamed of this This headline is shit and the thing is, you know it but you posted it anyway, so what does that make you? Are you sure 'shaking up' is the right term for a sabotage?

Sabotage. It’s called sabotage. “Shaking up”? Are you kidding. This is journalistic malpractice. Congress needs to stop this. The Post Office is a Constitutionally mandated service not an Executive branch department. Congress should be able to petition the courts to issue a restraining order on the directives of the new PMG.

“Accountability is painful for those who’ve never been held accountable before.” Engrid Theilman It’s not “shaking up” it’s a crime. Literally. 'Shaking things up' NPR? Sabotaging the USPS for political gain is what you should be reporting. 😷 “Shaking up” is NOT what they are doing. Actively dismantling is what they are doing.

It lost $9 billion last year. It's not supported by tax dollars; it's funded by postage and services. Pol Pot really “shook up” Cambodia —sincerely, I wonder if anyone has thought of setting up a volunteer mail service alongside them: a Friends of USPS who, if they happen to be out of work or working less during COVID, volunteer to help mail carriers get important things like, say, voting cards to and from voters...

NPR do better. And in an election 🗳 year. Go figure 🤔. Shaking up? What happened to you WeNeedRealJournalism Gee has Trump taken over NPR I may have to rethink my monthly donation. Wait till he gets a hold of NPR since you gutless wonders stopped being informative and became Propaganda Narrative Creators

An earthquake shakes things up. A mercenary sent in by Trump to destroy the USPS in order to undermine our free elections is Godzilla unchained. Let’s keep things in their proper perspective. Seriously, NPR. Stop being lazy cowards. Say it straight out. He'll bury the sorting machines in the earthquake.

Gonna go to the grocery store later and take a shit in the middle of the bread aisle. You know, shake it up a little. Come the fuck on . you are better than this headline Not a shakeup. This is a shake down. The SenateGOP and HouseGOP created the crisis by requiring USPS to prefund 75 years of benefits. The GreedOverPeople ProDeath GOP are using government organizations to turn USA into an authoritarian dictatorship LIKE THEIR IDOL PUTIN did!

shaking things up the way Krakatoa did in 1888 You spelled 'systematically and deliberately dismantling'. Come on NPR, I expected more than this from you guys “Shaking up” by firing leadership, and slowing down the mail? This was a pathetic headline, even by NPR’s standards. Get it the f together, NPR.

fabuliner17 I believe the word you’re looking for is “sabotaging”. The only thing you know how to shake is a malted. Shame on you NPR. Stop normalizing this administration’s corruption with weak, misleading language. Trump and his minions are deliberately sabotaging the post office to undermine vote by mail. SaveThePostOffice I give this headline an F.

'shaking up' is an interesting spin on destroying the post office The new postmaster general is actively working to destroy the postal service. Not ‘shaking up’ but destroying while trying to sabotage a free and fair election. Everything trump touches dies The new manager of local McDonalds is “shaking up” the fast food burger joint by replacing their Big Mac sauce with rat poison

My last 2 day priority was received in 8 days. I obtained this rare video of the new Postmaster General in his office: Which intern wrote 'shaking up?' “Shaking up”?..... more like destroying but nice try NPR SHAKING UP? Don't both sides this. It's a partisan assault on another one of the people's services. It's not a management tweak.

This isn't shaking things up. This is destroying it. Another impeachable offense. Sabotaging for nakedly political reasons. Stop pussyfooting, The new postmaster general is destroying the Postal Service — and some workers are alarmed. There, fixed it for you. “Shake up”, when it’s intentional it’s not a shake up, it’s systemic voter manipulation.

They aren’t shaking it up. They are destroying it. Report facts. This is really beneath you. It's being torn apart from the inside out. Stop the candy coating, ffs! Stop with the propaganda. This isn't a 'shake up' and you know it. All postal workers should keep notes for the new postmasters’ election interference trial.

NPR, do your jobs. I had been an NPR addict for 16 years. Now I can’t believe what a disappointment it’s become right when we needed them the most. NO. 'shaking up' the Postal Service. Come on DO BETTER. This is why I no longer support you - even though I donated a car to your organization 4 years ago. No more. You are a GOP shill. BoycottNPR

tsk tsk npr. 'shaking up'?! FFS He’s not shaking up the post office. He is suppressing the vote. refugeingrief Omg! Fucking Trump! Talk about a horrendous headline. He isn't 'shaking things up'. He is systematically tearing it down. 'The new postmaster general is destroying the Postal Service — and some workers are alarmed.' There. FTFY.

It can be fixed after the election, come on NPR- this headline is hiding the truth, disenfranchising voters. The DonnieDumbFuck Administration is demolishing the USPS. 18 U.S. Code § 1701. Obstruction of mails generally U.S. Code Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

JamesDoubek this is not cost cutting or a 'shake-up'. We all know its sabotage and destruction. Call it what it is, James. Don't be party to the destruction of truth and democracy. SHAKING UP THE POSTAL SERVICE I'm a postal worker watching the destruction in real time. You can fuck off right into the sun, NPR.

C’mon. Get Real, . Dont disappoint. In a healthy democracy press would not normalize a dangerous administration or describe sabotage of an agency as 'shaking up.' This is what comes of both -sidesing everything while claiming impartiality, of valuing access over holding power accountable. RIP4thEstate

“Shaking up”?!? Sabotaging This is not a shake up. It's destruction. It's politicization. Try to be more accurate in your headlines . Change this headline- or lose my families financial suppprt. Who is with me? This isn’t the first time... not by a long shot with You misspelled 'fucking'. Corruption apparent!

You spelled sabotaging wrong. He’s not ‘shaking up’ he’s ‘sabotaging’ OMG THE HEADLINE. Wtf npr. Not you too. “Shaking up” Give me a fucking break he’s destroying it. Do better NPR You misspelled 'dismantling'. No. He is dismantling it. Don’t both sides this. Shaking up? You mean sabotaging? Be better NPR Is there some crime he is committing?

More like Bringing it Down!!! There’s nothing good about what the new Postmaster is trying in the era of Covid and an election!! Looks like they are deliberately trying to shut it down!! Are you fucking kidding me? S A B O T A G E It's fucking SABOTAGE. 'shaking up' Shake up, NPR?!?! Seriously. So tone deaf.

“shaking up the postal service” really NPR? Do better. realDonaldTrump TrumpIsAfraid Fucking the Constitution is not “shaking up”. Purposely throwing a wrench in the distribution/delivery of the US Postal Service isn't *shaking up* the's sabotage to slow mail delivery, make it appear disfunctional, privatize mail service & in so doing DeJoy (and Trump) profit. Ur wording is atrocious. DoBetter

I have not received my forwarded mail — including Social Security information and my primary ballot — even though I know it was received. Dismantling is more like it. NPR you can do better. Another NPR failure. This is how NPR reports on an attack on the US Constitution. Laughable NPR LAUGHABLE 😡 Really NPR? “Shaking up” ? “decimating” and “politicizing” would be much more accurate!

Bad framing, 'shaking things up' is not the same as 'systematically dismantling' Wake up . Horrible reporting. It's not acceptable. Soft. Flaccid. Cowardly reporting. “Shaking up” is allowing Hawaiian shirts on casual Friday. This is straight up sabotage. Your poor choice of words, as a headline, normalizes this kind of blatant corruption and behavior along with downplaying the severity of the situation. Once again... Do. Better.

OR - Trump Seeks to Rig Election by Destroying USPS. Isn’t tampering with the mail a federal offense? AintAProblemTilWhitePeopleGetHurt We are all alarmed. False...the USPS has for decades been poorly managed and corrupt. If mail is piling up anywhere, that is on the postal workers failing to do their jobs.

Try “destroying”. “Shaking up” headline ignores context. First ever election using nationwide vote by mail for a US President is in ~90 days. The administration in power suddenly, without warning or planning, unilaterally overhauls a 200 yr old institution. Context matters. What the fuck NPR 'shaking up'? are you shitting me?

Trump, Barr and McConnell are Koch employees. Koch bought the Republican Party. Koch has two demands. 1) Eliminate the Post Office 2) Eliminate Social Security Trump, McConnell, and Barr serve Koch. realDonaldTrump senatemajldr TheJusticeDept SenSchumer JoeBiden Undermining, sabotaging, attempting to destroy. All would have been accurate choices for your headline. do better.

“Shaking up” or destroying? RnRManifesto The kind of election fraud you usually see in nepotist/family-ruled 3rd world dictatorships. Welcome to the club, USA. Stop worrying about the U.S. Postal Service being sabotaged to sway the election! GOP politicians care deeply about the well-being of America, democracy, and free elections. (Joking: They're liars, cheats and thieves! Just like me, their almighty king!) SenateGOP HouseGOP

Ya know, , if you want people to actually take you seriously (as they once did), you need to stop trying to be the nytopinion of radio (and dancing around the truth), and get back to telling some actual truth. This is a shameful take . It’s decimation. The post office is being destroyed! The intent of appointed post master general is to prevent free and fair elections to be held in November! Don’t sugar coat corruption! Postmaster General

That's 'shaking up'? Need to go back and look for your article on how Beirut is 'shaking up' its waterfront real estate. Shaking up. WTF? Read the Constitution. He is gutting it for political purposes to destroy the election This is hurting us. Now eBay is telling all sellers to consider other carriers. USPS is a service. We don't require USMC to make money. Why do we think the Postal Service should have to make money?

Fire DeJoy 'shaking up'? Do better Not a shake up, its a scorched earth war. DO YOUR JOB! Really half-assed effort but hey... Sloppy reporting. You’re better than that. Direct sabotage. This is called abuse of power and likely violates Federal laws. Delayed medication etc. Sabotage not shakeup You’re better than this headline

By 'shaking up' do you mean murdering? It’s not a shake up. This is deliberate. Get your shit together NPR!! Do better An iceberg is shaking up the Titanic--some passengers are alarmed ''''''''''shaking up'''''''''' It's not a shakeup, it's deliberate destruction. He needs to resign. And if by “shaking up” you mean “shake the shit out of...” then yes

You misspelled 'destroying from within.' More of a shaking down SamKallis The packages I send out for my business have been delayed these past few weeks and it sucks! Not sure what to do, except keep apologizing to my customers. Also, I just switched to direct deposit because any mailed live checks have been delayed too. :( SaveUSPS

Shaking up is really not the words I would have chosen here. Why are they removing sorting machines? How does that make USPS more efficient? ‘Shaking up’, ?!?!! ‘Destroying’ or ‘imploding’ would be FAR more accurate. TerribleJournalism DoBetter “Shaking Up”? You mean “total annihilating “! This is a really ridiculous headline.

couldn't you at least TRY to show our spineless media how it's done? 'Shaking up' instead of 'destroying' is a disservice to the millions of people who need an affordable delivery service. Where are the prescriptions from the VA for our vets? God, we need better from you! Im a Postal family: it started 2 months ago, overtime cut on delivery service, people getting written up, working 7 day since March, now 5 days as of June, merging equipment making it impossible to complete a task before shift shift pick up slack and they fall behind.

If by “shaking up” you mean “strangling” Took me 2 weeks to get a thank you card 2 states away. NOT DOING HIS JOB is more accurate. THIS is why I stopped listening to NPR. I've been shipping for 16 years and can count on one hand how many delivery issues I've had. I've had 3 in the last week of packages being marked as delivered but actually weren't. This is incredibly disruptive and purposeful.

Do better - the new postmaster is dismantling the USPS. SaveTheUSPS This election is going to be a mess Shaking up 'Shaking up'? No, he's not shaking it up. He's dismantling it. Do better. 'Shaking up'. Do better 'SHAKING UP'!? What about undermining our democracy? Jesus Why isn't something being done about this?

I think 'Shaking down' is what you meant. They are being attacked by the mob. Hey, ... 'dismantling' and 'destroying' may be better words to use here. Just a thought. “The new postmaster general is destroying a great American institution in real time “ — There, fixed it for ya, ... You do know it is illegal to slow down the mail, don't you?

Mnuchin says we can wait until January for more relief...merry Christmas ya’all. “Shaking up”...that’s not what this is, you know it, so have the courage and ethics to say it. Hey NPR, Iove you guys but come on man.. DO BETTER DeniseDM5 ArrestDeJoy for violating 18 U.S.C. §1701. Obstruction of mails generally Whoever knowingly & willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Ponies are coming back to deliver the mail on...screw these vehicles.Obama will then be blamed for the delays. KarrieUrbanist “Shaking up” the post office?! Delete your account SamKallis I think the word you were looking for is sabotaging, not ‘shaking up.’ You mean sabotaging? You can do better than “shaking up”. He’s destroying it!

I think you mean 'destroying', not 'shaking up'. Shaking up? I think you mean destroying... Still waiting on something that was suppose to be here by last Friday at latest. What a clever way to destroy the economy a little more. 🧐👎 Stop tampering with our USPS. It is essential Destroying is the word you’re looking for.

This isn't a shakeup. This is a dismantling. Do your damn job. “Shaking up?” Seriously? Can you say 'gutting'? SHAKING UP 🙄 The word you were looking for is “sabotaging “. Stop this milquetoast, middling BS and report the facts. They are undermining a constitutionally mandated service to disenfranchise voters in the upcoming election.

the right still calls you fake news even when you frame everything the incorrect way that flatters them. it’s pathetic. who is in charge over there now, they suck massively This not someone trying to “shake thing up.” This is a trump sycophant trying to help trump steal the election by rigging the system.

Shaking up? NPR, do better. The current Postmaster General is destroying the USPS in favor of their own investments, as well as suppressing American access to free and fair elections. Shaking up...FFS, that's mealy-mouthed, cowardly bullshit. CourageNotCourtesy 'Shake Up'? Seriously? Can we mail ballots in with UPS or Federal Express?

My 80 year old mothers prescriptions are late.... we are watching an attempt to subvert an election in real time, and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Call your legislators. Seriously NPR? If I stop paying my mortgage am I “shaking up” home ownership. Doing it a new way? I’m disappointed in your characterization of events.

“Shaking up” ? It’s not shaking up when the result is destruction. Smh at your willingness to be complicit. Y’all need to shake up whoever did this tweet Susan_Hennessey 'shaking'? messing mucking fouling fucking Sent a first class letter Miami to Philly 11 days ago. Arrived today. How is that possible in the USA?

Ugh! Shake up NO. Please stop w the bs headlines. He’s trying to destroy the USPS. Blatant election meddling with no consequences. This country desperately needs measures to prevent this crap and punish the offenders. This is NOT a shake up! This postmaster is destroying the USPS! I’m very alarmed by this!

Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 was passed by the US Congress, under Democrat control, abolishing the then US Post Office which was a part of the cabinet, & created the US Postal Service, a corporation-like independent agency with an official monopoly on the delivery of mail. Shaking up? Really? “shaking up” would be changing uniforms but this dude is trying to destroy USPS and more importantly democracy.

You spelled 'hostile takeover' wrong! “Shaking up”? Please reframe.... Stop sanitizing the carnage. This isn’t a shake up. I depend on medication delivered by mail. My son’s CPAP supplies are delivered by mail. DeJoy is messing with our health! Who typed this swill needs to quit. Now. Never seen 'sabotaging' misspelled as 'shaking up' before. Did you consult the style guide before doing that

Time to hang it up . You offer nothing of value. This milk toast journalism is betraying our country. What... shaking it up? Choose your words, ; you sound like a toadying CDC director changing safety guidelines because they're 'hard.' He's intentionally trying to destroy the post office to foil voters. If you're not going to report facts, go away.

Downsizing and cost cutting is a process to prepare a business for sale. It’s not shaking things up. I encourage everyone upset about this to light up their Elected Officials of Every Level. From Block Party Organizer to Senator. Call em, every day. Both local & DC office. Have friends call em too. Our Government doesn't work for us until we start cracking skulls. DO WORK!

Come on NPR... a 'shake up?' More like the new postmaster general who brought his way into the role is giving the Postal Service a second slow working poison pill. This is a shit article title. Fuck that NPR. Do better. DeJoy was sent to destroy the USPS and you are helping him. Shake, my ass. Bad lead in... not a shake up... Stop freaking normalizing!!!

My own carrier said it's really scary and bad right now. “Shaking up” = “trying to kill” ....but I’ve given up expecting better from Koch- and Kaspersky-funded NPR. Signed, a former monthly WBUR supporter Polite whispering, tiptoeing and mincing around doesn’t cut it anymore, NPR. This isn't a 'shakeup.' It's sabotage.

You mean sabotaged. 🙄 WTF?! 'shaking up'? Only if you mean that in the sense that a toddler having a temper tantrum is 'shaking up' the entire candy rack at the checkout lane. 🙄 Thank goodness the actual interview is truthful - this clickbait headline is embarrassing. Just say what is actually happening. Jesus. 'Some workers are alarmed' it is being systematically crippled for blatant political reasons.

So you mean to say, fascism? 'Shaking up'? Really? More like destroying it in a blatant attempt to give Republicans an excuse to privatize it. ewarren SpeakerPelosi What is being done about the postal service? Putin will be pleased Shaking up? Do better NPR. Don’t be complicit with the sabotage by DeJoy

'Shaking up'? Try destroying. This is the destruction of the postal service from the inside out, CALL IT WHAT IT IS!!!!!!! “Shaking up” is lazy journalism. “Tearing apart from inside” is more accurate. Trump and his henchmen are destroying our internal systems. He wants to cripple the country so he can get away with the massive fraud and money laundering with our federal dollars. And this right here is election tampering and voter suppression. Be alarmed because it’s bad.

This headline is weak sauce! You can do better! misspelled 'sabotaging' How about you stop pussy footing around the topic and call it as it is? This article uses far more accurate terminology. You're wimping out trying to straddle the fence. It's yet another sign of how journalism has been destroyed at NPR where you'd describe the OPEN sabotaging of the USPS by a Trump stooge to steal the election is merely 'shaking up the postal service'. What hack intern wrote this? Yet again, providing cover for Trump.

Whomever decided 'shaking up' is appropriate should be permanently banned from writing anything for public consumption ever again. Really? That’s all you got? “Shaking up” !!!!!!!! people in Hawaii still haven’t received their August medications in the mail. This is criminal me, eating poison: I’m shaking up my physical health — some internal organs are alarmed

Nothing like amplifying the BS Trumpaganda. “Shaking up”?! Trying to sabotage or destroy credibility would be a better headline. 'Shaking up'? Call it what it is: sabotage. Report accurately on Trump's criminal/autocratic actions. 'Shaking up'? Did you seriously write that C'mon, NPR, do better. Say the truth...the USPS is being systematically torn apart limb from limb! So, yeah, some workers are alarmed!!!! They're right to be alarmed!!!!!

QuotedReplies There needs to be action to stop this! “Shaking up”. - media has not learned anything in the age of Trump. It’s why we are here..... in masks, homeschooling, and 1/4 of the country couldn’t pay their July rent or mortgages. That's not shaking up. That's dismantling the USPS! Jack Kevorkian was “shaking up” the medical establishment too. Be better with this headline.

The fuck is with this tweet? FFS, “shaking up”!?!? USPostingServic Master General will end up with a criminal indictment for tampering with election ballots. He will end up losing and found to prison. And the President is “brash.” Sucking up to fascists won’t save you, What sauce do you use for the boots?

Treason by postmaster dejoy ,trump traitor some workers and MILLIONS OF CITIZENS are pretty alarmed You're failing us. This isn't a 'shake up', it's the destruction of the USPS. Call it what it is. People, CALL YOUR MoCs, particularly your GOP Senators! Explain to them that GOP voters are disproportionately older and more at risk, and rural red voters rely on USPS more than voters in blue urban areas. Make the case that it’s in their best interest to save USPS!

That’s your “both sides” reporting? You are just getting sad! We need you, buck up and tell the truth. You should be ashamed of this headline. USPS shouldn't be making money. It's a necessary service for the people. Here, I fixed it for you. You mean destroying!! NPR you need to do SO much better. This headline says nothing about the reality of what’s happening. Shaking up How about dismantling, sabotaging, destroying? How about mentioning it’s by design in advance of elections? And DeJoy has $30mill investments in USPS competitors?

Seems a trifle more dire than, “shaking up”. Everybody has to stop sending any mail except for ballots as we get closer to November. Did your phone autocorrect 'fucking up' to 'shaking up'? And delete the word 'deliberately' right before it? Y'all really should double-check your posts for these kind of errors before you hit 'Tweet'.

Shaking up? That’s the best you’ve got for a headline? I’d have used “destroying”... This is NOT “shaking up”. This is TEARING DOWN. rimonima you should have prefaced this title with ' trump chosen postmaster general.' This is deliberate attempted sabotage and cheating, and it needs to be known who the perpetrator is. We need to fight back. SaveTheUSPS

Maybe NPR will write better headlines when my membership check gets “lost” in the mail. NPR, what's up? Post master DeJoy is not 'shaking up'. He is deliberately ordering machines (which improve efficiency) REMOVED. How do you spin that as 'shaking up'? That is deliberately trying to kill the Postal Service.

marynlm Here's how to look up your senators' phone number. Call them now. It really works. Trumps bud in the post office needs charges brought against him. Now! Euphemisms like 'shaking up' are unworthy of use in news reporting. He's deliberately sabotaging the post office. He's fucking dismantling it.

This is journalistic negligence. No longer listen to or support NPR after 30+ years. Please pass the Hero’s Act !! Now!! you spelled sabotaging wrong Raping, ruining would be better descriptors. We know that would give the alternative operation (corporation CEO or owner) a discriminating choice on the delivery of ballots. Just as the unpresident is taking control of the USPS with the PO General he has appointed and how the republicans have been depleted USPS for years.

You spelled destroying wrong. Republicans want to kill the Post Office. They have delusions of privatizing EVERYTHING which would be a disaster is that we call it now? A shake up? 👎 It's not 'cost-cutting', it SABOTAGING public services in a bid to 1) obstruct voting and 2) privatize privatize privatize. Criminal.

The worst take Were you guys sick the day they taught journalism in journalism school? He isn't 'shaking up' the Postal Service, he is deliberately DESTROYING it. What would have to happen for you people to just once tell the truth in public? 'Shaking things up?' You have GOT to be shitting me with that headline.

Shaking up? Try DESTROYING!! This is a terrible headline. “Shaking up” is a very charitable description of what is happening to the post office. “Shaking things up” 🙄 tRump and his lackey are FCKING up the Post Office. Fixed it for ya. Slowing down mail delivery is not a “shake up”. It’s sabotage and violates the constitutional mandate of the postal service.

I've been shaking up my apartment by smashing all the windows and burning my furniture - and my housemates are alarmed. Just an unbelievably useless view from nowhere 'shaking up' is an awful nice way of saying 'dismantling' the postal service Are you actively trying to facilitate the end of democracy? 'Shaking up'?! Do better.

“Shaking up” is a weird way to say sabotage 🤔 JFC, call it what it is! The Corrupt Postmaster General is manipulating the post office to suppress the vote & help re-elect Trump! He is interfering in the 2020 election & coordinating with the WhiteHouse to do it! Ted Bundy is really shaking up college girls and some campuses are alarmed

Oh, NPR. Do better. Why would removing equipment the post office already owns, thus slowing down service, be considered 'cost-cutting'? It only increases the hours needed to complete the task, thus it would cost more. 'Shaking up'?! You mean intentionally undermining The phrase isn't 'shaking up the Postal Service' , it's 'SABOTAGING the Postal Service'. SaveThePostalService SaveTheUSPS!

Oh no Seriously? Do the fucking story. You guys know better than this. 'Shaking up'? How about 'Destroying one of the greatest postal services in the world to try an reelect a developmentally challenged racist Russian asset.' Stop mincing words. Jesus.... your journalistic entegrity has really taken a nosedive.

As a Letter Carrier I can state with complete confidence that he is attempting to destroy us This is a really bad tweet. Wow 'shaking up', huh? When did you turn into Fox News? Pathetic. “Shaking up”? Who wrote this garbage?!?!? These wannabe jack-S politicians think that running govt. agencies is same as running one of Trump’s failing businesses.

Shaking up? Uh... have you guys been compromised? My god, please take a mulligan on this headline. It’s, to quote mashagessen , an “autocratic attempt,” not a shake up. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Not a ‘shake up’, it’s an intentional breakdown! Lazy, lazy writing C’mon NPR, let’s call this what it is: sabotage Not shaking up - willfully destroying the USPS at a time it is needed more than ever.

Shaking up? Are you effing kidding me? No! He is dismantling and crippling the USPS. “Shaking up”? That’s the best words to describe what’s happening? How about “undermining “? Or “sabotaging”? Really disappointed in you! Sabotaging you mean. Shaking up. More like sabotaging in hopes Republicans can suppress mail in votes. What’s happening to you NPR?

Shaking Up? More like shaking DOWN. Utterly irresponsible headline NPR. Postmaster General is a thug, undermining Democracy, under direct orders from President Trump. This is a conspiracy being orchestrated by the Trump administration to undermine the 2020 election. We should all be concerned by the postmaster's actions and Congress should open an investigation.

“Shaking up” NPR normalizing fascist moves of a dictator looking to steal an election? SHAME ON YOU 'Shaking up'? About what I would expect from (N)ational (P)olite (R)epublicans “Shaking up?” Its more of a tear apart from the contents in your own story. For Whom the Bell Tolls was a great book about “shaking up” a bridge during the Spanish Civil War.

Jesus. Do better. He is destroying our postal system in advance of the election. He has a huge financial conflict of interest. What, NPR, now you’re shills for Trump and his henchmen? SHAME on you. Shaking up? Seriously he's doing worse than Shaking up! He's breaking it! Doing his best to make sure voting by mail is delayed, blocked, in doing so he's making citizens, including veterans and military, senior citizens, wait for prescriptions, social security, etc. Its criminal

The FBI needs to investigate this, NOW. Any actions, even if just intended for non-political purposes, that interfere with the FEDERAL MAIL has got to be checked out. Given the CONFLICT of INTEREST of the Postmaster General, criminal charges seem inevitable. Really? Come on you all are supposed to be the sane ones.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for this headline. Your organization has been garbage 'Shaking up'? Shaking up? The word you’re looking for is destroying. Isn’t some of this a violation of confidentiality or privacy laws.?That mail is not just drugs for the elderly, but can also be financial papers and documents with sensitive information.

You misspelled “destroying”. “The new postmaster general is TRYING TO DESTROY & DISMANTLE the Postal Service — and some workers are alarmed...” There. I fixed it for you. Wow, sounds like he's really shaking things up over there! How does blowing out delivery times to weeks equate to shaking up the USPS? Normally the big boss wants to improve delivery times, not increase them.

NPR please call it what it is. trump installed a loyal hack to dismantle USPS capabilities in order to disrupt mail to interfere with the election. It’s one of many GOP actions to undermine elections & suppress votes. How is this not a RICO violation. It’s an organized GOP crime. “The new iceberg is shaking up the Titanic — and some passengers are alarmed.”

“Shaking up” What a complete under representation of what is really happening. Seriously NPR. Do better, much better Jesus Christ, better. If by “shaking up” you mean destroying a system that has worked surprisingly well since it was created - then yes - the new (unqualified) Postmater is shaking up the postal service

ha ha ha he's actively working to destroy it but do go on John Wayne Gacy is shaking up children’s birthday parties Wow 🗑 Manufacturing consent Whoever writes your headlines must also do the Netflix blurbs for the title screens. Thesaurus- 'shake up': disturb shock agitate cause revolution churn up clean out clear out liquidate make a clean sweep overturn purge remove rid turn upside down These are fairly strong, but still not strong enough to describe what's happening. You chose the weakest.

Try 'sabotaging', not 'shaking up'. ah yes - rather like the Feds “shaking up” the Portland protests or Trump “shaking up” Nato. lay off the valium, sip some coffee and do better. Here, NPR, try again. I'll help: 'Postmaster General is eviscerating USPS just as it faces its most critical performance test in history.' Time for ACLU to sue for voter suppression tactics.

The new postmaster general is *systematically destroying* the Postal Service-and Americans are alarmed. Shaking up He’s fucking it up on purpose. Seriously? “Shaking up” Your coverage continues to underwhelm. Waiting for you to start airing “reluctant” Biden supporters and covering the ridiculous false narratives designed to confuse. Step up and say it straight in 2020, should do better.

*Sabotaging Fixed it for you I’ve been getting mail much faster than I have ever before. 2-4days from 2 -3 states away. NPR is lying. Gotta love the gentle-voice version of Fox News “fucking up” is more accurate and the exact same number of characters. The new wolf is shaking up the hen house -- and some hens are alarmed.

What an absolutely complicit, dangerous headline. THEY ARE DISMANTLING THE POSTAL SERVICE TO AID IN STEALING THE ELECTION. That's the headline. GOP arsonists continue to set fires to American institutions The new postmaster is DISMANTLING the Postal Service. Big Difference. C'mon NPR. You serve the public. Be accurate.

So if my house burns down, I guess that's just life shaking things up. alisonfraser Shaking up?! Are you serious? Unfollowed. Terrible reporting. He’s destroying a critical service all Americans rely on. Thought this kind of shit was A FEDERAL CRIME!!!!!!!🤦🏼‍♀️ You could actually condemn this obvious attempt to influence an election, you know.

Here's the thing tho. How long do we have to be warned against this before Congress steps in. I really don't understand why things have to be totally destroyed before people f****** do something. Then years later we have to listen to a 'how did this happen' documentary... Euphemisms, TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Softballing fascism won’t stop it.

This headline is misleading. It’s sabotage not a shake up. And “alarm” is putting it mildly Getting real tired of NPR pussyfooting around the truth, constantly using euphemisms to describe he startling and unprecedented behavior of this administration. Donald and Barr are trying to turn this place into a Banana Republic

'Shaking up'? What is wrong with you ? MiaFarrow NPR would 'both-sides' Trump dropping a bomb on an American city. NPR is pathetic. Yeah, this isn't a both sides thing NPR, it's a Trump loyalist trying to effect the election. Do better. Why are you giving this pro-Trump spin? They're not 'shaking' it up -- they're trying to turn it unto a dysfunctional smoking wreck, to undermine mail voting, and by extension American democracy. WAKE UP, NPR.

Isn’t delaying mail Trump’s policy? That is how he is rigging the election and you guys do nothing. Why is NPR describing this as a 'shake up' when you know it's a dismantling? 'Shaking up the Postal Service'? Is that the best NPR can do for American citizens? I have to wonder whose ad bucks paid for you to use this tweet lede. Come on, NPR, give us truth. They are trying to maim the Postal Service enough to mess up the mail-in ballots against them.

It’s called “dismantling” or “destroying.” Google is helpful for finding just the right words when you’re having a what’s-the-word-I’m-looking-for brain-freeze moment yet short on time. 'Shaking up'? Don't you mean destroying, sabotaging, dismantling, shitting on, etc, etc? Why be vague or use 'nice' language here? Stop normalizing, NPR. Thanks.

What the hell is this headline? This is garbage. He banned overtime, resigned or fired 25 execs, and is dismantling automatic sorting machines. He is purposely slowing down people's mail, medicines, and mail in ballots. What the fuck kinda trash reporting is this? 🤬 Do better NPR America expects better from you.

Appreciate that you’re spotlighting this matter. But you need to call it what it is. He is trying to DESTROY the USPS. You do mean 'fucking up', don't you? Jack the Ripper is really shaking things up in the late night London street scene. Here’s why some sex workers are worried. NPR you must do better than this! 'Shaking up' really? That's what you've got? SMH I remember when I trusted and counted on the reporting out of NPR. What happened?

Congress the post office is a problem that needs attention immediately!!!! This is a crime happening before our eyes!!!! “Shaking up?” How about “destroying” Come ON, npr. I love you but what is this bullshit? It's not a shakeup, it's an attack, and it's perilously close to succeeding. You guys are the fucking worst

Language still matters. ‘Shaking up’ is not descriptive of what is happening. What the fuck kind of enabling tweet lede is that? He is purposefully dismantling it. Call it what it is. This is bullshit. Fix your headline. It's sabotage. It isn’t “shaking things up”. It’s destroying a necessary service. My insurance REQUIRES my family to get medication through USPS & we’ve been waiting for an order of much needed inhalers for 2-weeks on an order that is supposed to ship 2-day.

“Shaking up the Postal Service?” Do your. They’re destroying the post office to privatize a service and undermine democracy. That’s the objective story. I call on all companies using the USPS to send promotional and non-essential mail to pause in September and October to relieve congestion and allow the free and and smooth movement of ballots. Election2020

Do better He’s not “shaking it up,” NPR. He is actively destroying it. Do better. When you refuse to report on the seriousness of the Trump administration’s destruction of every agency, you enable that destruction. What happened to the NPR that reported on hurricane Katrina and called out the corruption of local officials to their face? Shame on you for this carefully crafted headline.

Hmmm... “shaking up” does not cut it here npr. Do better. Shaking up? What a garbage cop-out from an increasingly cowardly group of Republican apologists. Go write headlines at OANN or Breitbart. 80% of the post office budget is for labor costs, if they want to keep their jobs they had better figure out some cost cutting measures themselves.

Typical craven NPR coverage, thanks for nothing weasels Terrible headline. Just awful. And there's not a damn thing we can do about it. You can do better. “Shaking up” is NOT what’s happening and you know it. nancylevine Headlines like this are why I quit donating to NPR. They slobbered praise on Trump’s fat a** throughout the 2016 campaign and downplayed or ignored HRC. Nina Totenberg was one of the worst.

Shaking up is not accurate. USPS is being demolished wow what’s happening Hmmm not sure 'shaking it up' is the right phrase ... maybe trying to interfere with an election .... maybe undermining it due to conflict of interest!! Check the post marks on your mail. Mail has slowed significantly. Fix your headline, please.

Yeah, I'm just here to watch everyone pile on you for the TERRIBLE framing. 'Shake Up' is what a restructuring CEO does to a failing company. The USPS is a PUBLIC SERVICE, and Trump's stooge isn't 'shaking it up,' he's outright DESTROYING it to sabotage an election. You suck. This is a harmful lie. The new postmaster general is attempting to destroy the postal system. Who’s side are you on?

Deliberate sabotage is not “shaking up.” Come on, NPR. NPR, fix this headline or lose even more credibility. The postmaster general is INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING THE USPS FOR THE BENEFIT OF TRUMP'S ELECTION. Stop carrying water for this criminal administration. Write the TRUTH or lose all credibility. It’s not “shaking up” it’s “sabotage!”

OMG just delete your account if you can’t write a truthful headline. You mean screwing up, destroying or f$cking up, right?! Stop going soft on this administration!!! Fixed it for you: The new postmaster general is UNDERMINING the Postal Service --- and VAST MAJORITY of workers are alarmed. False Equivalency is a Pro-Right-Wing Bias. This shit from is not cute or non-partisan, it is Right-Wing.

You misspelled destroying. He is not 'shaking things up'...he's dismantling it. It's really sad that your reporting has become what it is now. GTFOH! Dismantling, gutting, destroying. No mention of the 75 year pension funding mandate that doesn't exist for any other federal agency or private company and which requires them to fund pensions of future employees who haven't even been born yet and is THE ONLY REASON the post office hasnt turned a profit. Fuck npr

I think you mean 'shutting down,' not 'shaking up.' Do better i remember tweets like this every time npr asks for money He is dismantling it. What an absolutely awful headline. He's not shaking it up. He's destroying it Shaking up is not a synonym for dismantling. Delaying the mail is a felony. Dismantling, destroying, gutting, crippling, etc. The best you can come up with it “shaking up”? Do better.

Shaking up? More like dismantling. Do better reporting. Taylor Swift shakes things up this a$$hole is tearing it down. Wake up! NPR. You will be axed next. Better call this what it is. He NPR, do journalism, that is all SABOTAGING Shaking up? That's an odd way to spell sabotage. Maybe President Biden can threaten to defund NPR if they don’t start acting like a journalistic organization again. Because it seems to work awfully well in the reverse.

“Shaking up” is NOT the term for what’s going on. Maybe sabotaging? Maybe fucking up? Not shaking up It’s not “shaking up,” it’s sabotage do better. This is not a shakeup it's decimation Jeezus Christ! “Shaking up”? He’s tearing it down, making it inefficient by design! This is why our country is in such dire straits, because bullshit media narratives like this. Tell the goddamn truth!

trumpharmsusall DUMP DEJOY I think you misspelled DESTROYING How is brutally DESTROYING equivalent to 'shaking up'? Took 2 weeks to get a straight forward priority mail package delivered straight to Fresno IRS PO Box. Something is gravely amiss. Hey shaking up? Really fcuk you! “Shaking up” ... come on, NPR.

Shaking up? That Post Office is being systematically dismantled by a Trump crony from within and you pick soft language. Good Gawd grow a pair and call it what it is. Oh NPR you need a New Roger’s Thesaurus. Dismantling is not “shaking up”. Sad to see an alleged non partisan news org shy away from factually accurate verbiage . Earthquakes don’t “shake up” neighborhoods they destroy them.

If you feel that NPR's coverage is downplaying a situation that is a threat to our democracy, MAKE YOURSELF HEARD! Here is their online feedback: And here is their customer service number: 1 (202) 513-2000 Not shaking up. Sabotaging. your genteel euphemisms take this from the arena of 'news' - who are you trying to appease?

This is fucking embarrassing. This reporting isn’t neutral, it’s complicit in republicans trying to gut the post office. Are you serious with this headline? I love when a new boss 'shakes things up' by destroying the business and making everyone miserable. No, Trump's postmaster general is sabotaging the Postal Service in order to win an election and to end the Constitutionally mandated Postal Service in order to privatize all mail service.

Shaking up is ... not what I would call what he's doing. Do you believe in our Democracy or not, because it's very obvious and very simple. He and Trump are trying to turn the postal service into a mess so Americans can't vote by mail. Uh, can you say “understatement”? shaking things up is when you fire the manager at McDonald's f****** s*** up is when you decimate a service for a political agenda and your own personal profit. Do better NPR

“Augusto Pinochet is shaking up the helicopter tour industry!” –NPR “Shaking up.” Ok npr. “Shaking up”? Do better, . Extremely disappointed in the framing of this headline. Not sure if this was a choice by the editor or by the journalist but its wildly deceiving. You dont have to be nice to those actively destroying an American staple.

the word you're looking for is 'destroying' not 'shaking up' You mean destroying the Postal Service. Shaking up is what I do to my dog's eye drops. Correct title. New PMG at Trump's behest is intentionally slowing and blocking mail services. There, fixed it! For FUCK sake NPR, when I joked about the media publishing stupid, vapid takes while Trump is actively stealing the election, I didn’t think you’d take it as an invitation to jump on the bandwagon. Honest to God, do better, this isn’t a fucking game.

Et tu npr “Shaking up”? That’s a lot of headline laundering . Try “Sabotaging”. Sending hostile, anti-government industry people to run critical agencies seems like a deliberately bad way to run and crash a country. 21 days from mailing (7/7) to clearance (7/28). Late charges, also. Mailed from Philadelphia TO Philadelphia. Overnight-2 days was the previous norm.

Gee whiz Would you please, please be less cowardly? Call things what they are. What DeJoy is doing is dismantling and sabotaging the postal service, not “shaking it up.” He’s not some inspired innovator. He’s been put in place to destroy it. Tell the truth. H.R.6407 - Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act

A lot of regular citizens are pretty damn alarmed as well. bootlickers. delete this Pretty sure you can find better verbs, NPR. Let me help: destroying, annihilating, killing, decimating, get the message. Now rewrite your Lede. Actively sabotaging and dismantling, are, I believe, the words you’re looking for

'The new postmaster general is DISMANTLING the Postal Service.' There, fixed it for you. C'mon JamesDoubek 🙄 C'mon you can do better than this... even I can do better than this... try this 👇👇👇 The new postmaster, who's heavily invested in private mail companies, is Gutting the USPS endangering its very Existence.

Kinda like that time an iceberg shook up the titanic. “Shaking up” cmon 'Shaking up' seems inaccurate. 'Blowing up' maybe? “Hijacking” or “dismantling” are more appropriate terms than “shaking up” Send video, we all need to see the meddling. Gold star for understatement. Very bootlicky. The new postmaster general is sabotaging the Postal Service — fixed it for you - tellthetruth...

He’s intentionally destroying the USPS since they want to sell it off That don't surprise me because Donald Trump nominated one of his closest fundraisers to run the US Postal Service STOP THE MADNESS N. O. W. This isn't 'shaking up' the Postal Service, it's a concerted effort to undermine and destroy it.

Shaking up? I think you meant to write “running into the ground”. Translation: Right wing politcs and large corporate donations to are now dictating it to defend Trump staff in its headlines. Ugh. The media in this country is fucking worthless. And by “shaking up”they mean dismantled. Come on! Call it what it is! I’m so tired of the media tiptoeing around what this admin is doing! If it’s a lie call it a lie! If they are crippling the post office - say it!

He is not “ shaking up” the Post Office—he is purposefully destroying it. Do your job NPR and stop soft-peddling the news. If you can’t report accurately don’t report at all. NPR. You are a big part of the problem here. Come on. This is worst headline ever. .clairecmc .HamillHimself .Alyssa_Milano .Rosie .RoArquette .cmclymer

“Shaking up”? Shame on you npr. Mail being piled up and you say he's shaking things up? HE'S RUNNING IT INTO THE GROUND, NPR!!! Get it together. How exactly can you claim that removing equipment that actually makes the post office WORK 'shaking things up'? It's sabotage, plain and simple. He's moving the post office back to a pre-modernized state where sorting is all done by hand. How is that helpful?

The new postmaster General is SABOTAGING our postal service! Get it together NPR! call it what it is: intentional sabotage of the postal service. It’s not a side effect of the changes, it’s the goal. I think the 's' verb you're looking for is 'sabotaging.' His actions are not “shaking up” but rather purposefully decimating USPS.

This is not a 'shakeup'. It's a dismantling. Call a thing a thing. Remember journalism? My God. Shaking up? Try destroying. Use your words . So sick of media soft pedaling the destruction at hand. Stop just stop. Shame on you! Call it what it is-a slowdown! It is a plot to stop the vote of Americans from being counted!

“Shaking up”? Let’s get some explicit coverage. carolinasandy20 DeJoy should face consequences for this behavior. Is shaking up slang for dismantling? “Shaking up” They are dismantling the Postal Service. It is a shame that NPR has bowed to the criminal organization in the White House. I guess you are wanting the donations of the Trump thugs.

I no longer listen to or support NPR because of spineless reporting such as this article. This is why I transferred my 20 year funding of public radio to political candidates that will fix this mess. Your politeness is dangerous. “Shaking up” ? You mean dismantling the Postal service. Come on “Shaking up”?! The Constitution establishes postal service & this administration is actively destroying an essential component of our democracy. Do better .

You spelled destroying wrong No Guts NPR; you are hopelessly failing us! “Shaking up”? Did that come directly from Trump? Just say “ruining” Jesus christ I have had the same P.O. Box for business for 10 years and suddenly mail is mysteriously being returned to sender for no reason That’s beyond a shake up!

This is your npr on Koch. Atrocious reporting. C'mon guys they aren't putting decaf K cups in the break room...the word is DISMANTLING Stop coddling these people and call their actions what it is. SABOTAGE, not “shaking things up.” Destroying, not shaking up. Do better. Did you hire a NYT headline writer to come up with this nonsense.

Really? SHAKING UP?!?! He is dismantling the Postal Service! Sabotaging the postal service is more accurate. 'Deliberately sabotaging for personal financial gain.' There, fixed it. 'shaken up' as in a martini, or as in Shaken Baby Syndrome? Seems like when the baby shaking is intentional, we call it murder.

Flaw alert! Hire someone who can write well - your headlines are lame. He is destroying the postal service. It's the only way trump can win. Create a crisis, cause doubt and steal the election. Running it into the ground. yet more gutless hedging on the dismantling of our national institutions, very cool

Destroying would be a more accurate term You misspelled “trying to destroy” “Shaking up”? He’s taking a meat cleaver to the USPS in order to destroy it! Are you drunk on that Koch money you keep taking? 😡😡😡😡 'Shaking up...' You enabling worms! Joseph Stalin really ‘shook things up’ in the Soviet Union

LynnMNichols I love NPR and depend upon its news team to inform me. 'Shaking up the Postal Service' isn't what is happening, and I'm terribly disappointed that NPR allowed such a tepid description of what is really happening. How about a rewrite? Bad headline. “Shaking up”? How about “destroying”? still thinks it’s 1975

Ah, the usual tepid take from NPR. Nice journalisming all over America’s chest. NPR you are better than reporting it as shaking up, come on 'Shaking up'? Does Sarah Huckabee write your tweets?! Do better, NPR... FFS. Knock it off, NPR, and tell the truth at the outset!! “Shaking up”? Horrible choice of words that does not accurately describe what is happening.

Terrible headline. This is. It shaking up. This is undermining and attempting to dismantle. Do better. This kind of “reporting” is why NPR doesn’t earn a piece of my teacher’s income anymore. You can’t ‘two sides’ this fascist nonsense action from the GOP and not be complicit. Shaking up the post office the same way an artillery barrage shakes up a town.

Wear a mask and vote in person or Trump will steal it. Remember on September 11, 2001 when terrorists “shook up” the World Trade Center? You literally can’t write a headline any other way thank a poor, obfuscatory cliche Oh no . Who wrote this headline? Step away from tabloid bait. For 50 years you’ve been a bedrock of neutral info & interesting stories. “Shaking up”

Folks, shake up Trump's cheating by requesting absentee ballots ASAP! Be counted & beat the obvious Gop voter suppression tactics. Shaking up - in the way corporate raiders ‘shake-up‘ a privately owned company by outsourcing all the labor, shutting down domestic operations and selling off the physical assets in a blitz before moving on to the next victim. Well done NPR.

Shaking up? “Systematically dismantling” is the phrase you’re looking for. “Shaking up”? Seriously!?! come on, npr. call this what it is. it’s only a free and fair election on the line. no big deal. Why is this not under a microscope? Come on wouldn't sabotage be a better description? Shaking up is a funny way of saying being sabotaged by a Trump suppprter to win the election for him Get a spine NPR

It is not part of the administration. I believe The postmaster change was voted by a committee appointed by previous admin? Do I need to read the article to see if npr included that info? Whatever baits the orange man bad crowd... Shaking up? How about destroying the Postal Service? Shaking up is the new destroying apparently

Seriously better. This is lazy journo Terrible framing NPR: try undermining, gutting, etc The Gambino crime family really “shook things up” in the NY construction business. shaking up = sabotaging In the interest of accuracy, replace the 'sha' with 'fuc'. “Shaking up”?!?! Call it like it is npr. He is DISMANTLING the USPS

Do better, nprpolitics “Shaking up” is how you describe politically motivated sabotage? Damn do better. Handmaidens to autocracy. Old enough to remember when NPR was better than this. Sure. Like citizen ropespierre was “shaking up” the French aristocracy. Some stories don’t have both sides, and if you keep pretending they do, Trump will establish himself as president for life and you’ll be shut down.

Terrible both sides takes like 'shaking up' is how you blew it in 2016, NPR. How about you delete this tweet and try again? He’s gutted the leadership positions and centralized power for himself to hurt mail in ballot initiatives and also benefit his own interests. Use accurate words . DeJoy is not shaking up USPS. He is decimating it the same way his wife Aldona Wos decimated NC’s Department of Health and Human Services under Pat MCCrory. Same MO: no qualifications other than a lack of scruples, grifting, and expertise in destruction.

NPR... Nice Polite Republicans npr..... do better..... our democracy is at stake. He isn't 'shaking up' the Postal Service. He is a top Trump donor put in place to sabotoge mail service before the election. Call it like it is. Please. The American people need the facts... not this wishy-washy cr*p. TimOBrien Lazy, irresponsible headline.

Sadly, continues to do this shit ('shaking up'?) over and over again. I used to be a fan, but not anymore. Shaking up? the new postmaster general is fucking up the post office. mama_bird_of7 Stop it. He's not shaking up the postal service He is actively trying to destroy it Say it Words Matter. Do better.

Sabotage = 'Shaking-Up', because NPR still thinks both sides value freedom and democracy. Nope. Redo this headline. “Shaking up”? It’s sabotage NPR The new Postmaster General is trying to destroy the post office and rig an election. There, I fixed it for you. You're welcome NPR Do better. Shaking up? Or attempting to destroy to make way for profiteers such as DeJoy and wife?

My small town in SC very recently replaced the familiar & distinctive mail jeeps with brand new generic white minivans. The logo is so small it's like an unmarked van. I'm assuming the order for new wheels was made before Trump's thugs got a hold of USPS. This is a woefully inaccurate headline crafted to avoid upsetting conservatives. They are WILLFULLY destroying the post office and have stated they are doing as much.

'Shaking up' and intentionally destroying are two different things. Destroying. Not shaking up...destroying. And it’s intentional. Here in Canada it's disturbing to see American society being dismantled before our eyes without much pushback. A Nations Postal Service reflects it's ability to serve it's citizens. Please don't pull punches when traitors are trying to destroy your civilization.

New postmaster general is dismantling the Postal Service - fixed it for you. You misspelled 'destroying'. Shaking up”? Tampering with postal service to sabotage voting by mail during a hundred year aggressive pandemic you mean? “Shaking up” as in destroying? 'Shaking up.' Are you kidding me? He is sabotaging our postal service to rig the election for trump.

You misspelled dismantling. The new post master general is dismantling the post office. Come on NPR, you are better than this. New Postmaster is Destroying the Postal Service. Fixed it for you. Don’t pussy-foot around. America needs hard hitting truth. This tweet serves only to aid in the normalization of what’s happening. Shaking up?

“Shaking up” NPR is such a joke You spelled dismantling wrong. Sabotaging not shaking up, you are writers use accurate words Shaking Up? That’s what you call criminal behavior? Really? Come on! Sabotage, undermine, cripple, destroy, lots of other words besides “shaking up”. Get REAL! Shaking up? Shaking up

“Shaking up”? Seriously? The new postmaster gwneral, seemingly incompetant, is in actuality attempting to destroy the post office to satisfy the foolish whims of the President. Shaking up?!!! More like - F-ING it up. Come on, NPR, don’t NYT this issues. You're just lying. This is not a shakeup, this is sabotage.

“Shaking down” is more accurate. Don’t whitewash what they’re doing to the USPS. The reason I don't listen to . They when south right after 2016. Too often NPR you allow yourself to be a tool to further oppression & tyranny. Shake up is the wrong term. Language matters. This isn’t “shaking up.”The average person reading this headline wouldn’t understand the magnitude &dangers of the problem &may not read further. Do better

It’s not “shaking up thr Postal Service,” it’s sabotage. Shaking up? Packages are being lost, mail is being delayed. People are not getting their medication, their checks etc. It's a catastrophe designed to destroy vote by mail. And it's awful. That’s not “shaking up.” It’s dismantling. Shaking up. Ugh.

Gutting the postal service is not shaking up. He is not shaking up he is trying to sabotage and put people out of work Shaking up? really This headline is shit. You are normalizing the purposeful and calculated destruction of a government agency that helps millions of people. You do realize if trump remains in office NPR will be on his destruction list.

Shaking up? Is that the same as destroy 'cause that's the plan . Wow. What a shitty headline. This is unconstitutional sabotaging by a treasonous donor with conflicts of interest and the political motivations of depressing mail in voting. You guys really earning your acronym “Nice Polite Republicans” today. Are we supposed to take anything you say seriously when you pull stuff like this?

Waiting to see any valid reasons for the Republicans actions in doing this other than to destroy democracy... You misspelled destroying. This not “shaking up” its dismantling. Fuck you npr for this shitty headline. Wtf is wrong with you? You been infiltrated by crap editors? Congressional oversight is about to bust trump's election interference scam wide open. His minions who enable the scam to be implemented are conspirators and won't be free from election interference investigation or prosecution.

But the postmastet's stocks are increasing. Union “Shanking up” at every company I have worked at never meant cut productivity, reduced profit, and settled for bankruptcy...although I Maher have worked with Bain so that could be the key... And nobody cares apparentlyWhy I'm not sure Artificially inflated surcharges(which is fraud)creates a profit that doesn't exist on a diesel cost that doesn't exist

DeJoy is an investor with inside info in the transportation industry Call it was it is- election interference groundwork Why do you write headlines like that Somebody tell Louis DeJoy that tampering with the election is a federal crime and he could go to prison‼️ coco_lavan Remember hearing about some unhinged postman piling up months of undelivered mail and the outrage people felt? Postmaster General DeJoy is doing this on a national scale.

I'm really tired of people blabbing and saying how unfair this is- what are we going to do to CHANGE it Like actual action, not just fuming on Twitter? A serious issue to be solved immediately. Democrats need to act RIGHT NOW! All in der fuhrer trumps plan to be like his dictatorship friends It’s funny because ups and fedex use usps for delivery’s 😊

What a shame. We had the best postal service in the world about. Ten years ago. Criminal. Can the House or Congress take legal action against incompetency & big banks that thwart USPS operations? SUPPORT USPS. Another CORRUPT TOTUS swinging door WH apptment. Such a disgrace. Stand w USPS! Send card showers! Thank YOUR postal worker! USPS GJslogans corybooker

Almost two months later, my package has yet to be delivered or my missing package request to be answered. 🙃 Please use an accurate headline you sellouts What the actual fck is going on? “Shaking up”? Who the fuck decided that that is what is going on? Try this, “The new postmaster general is delaying and disrupting the postal service — and workers are furious.” At a minimum be factual with your headlines. I expected better from NPR.

Overhaul! Seizing up is pretty much the opposite of shaking up. 'The new postmaster general is deliberately dismantling and sabotaging the Postal Service — and some workers are alarmed.' There, fixed it for you. USPS problems MUST be addressed NOW. Mail service is already being delayed for me. People need their meds. The upcoming election is UNDER THREE MONTHS AWAY & far too important to assume it will work out. SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff RepJerryNadler HouseDemocrats SenSchumer

Well yea because he sucks. Shaking up? I expect better NPR. Come on, NPR. Your coverage is a travesty now. Stop broadcasting from a fantasy world and report what is happening. 'Shaking up the Postal Service?' Is that what the history books are going to write? Y'alls framing is garbage and you know it. Do better.

CarmenCrincoli Let’s be crystal clear: the Congressional GOP are responsible for a completely unchecked president. This historic national Trump disaster is brought to you by: thanksGOP GOP SenateGOP HouseGOP senatemajldr congressdotgov thatbilloakley This headline is shameful. They aren’t changing the size of a standard envelope or the shape of stamps. For fucks sake.

NPR! WTF! This is so misleading. What a disappointment. Some workers alarmed? Really? JJohnsonLaw There need to be whistleblowers & daily leaks. People need to start documenting what’s going on. It’s going to be like the Nuremberg trials after the Trump Administration is kaput. Weird way to word 'intentionally destroying.'

JJohnsonLaw Interference with an election is a punishable crime. Hey NPR, seriously, whose nephew is handling your social media? That mofo is destroying the Post Office to sell it for parts. You know this. “Shaking up?” What are they doing with the equipment? Mayhem! That's not a shake-up. That's sabotage.

Delayed? Try never delivered at all. I’ve been trying to get my mail for 3 weeks. My kind carrier only has junk mail bcuz it’s processed differently. No regular 1st class mail. I even went to the distribution ctr-all I saw were truckfuls yet they claim no piles exist. Trump is working all angles to sabotage the p.o.

'shaking up' wow, way to make something very serious sound so boring no one would care to click on your article. deb2227 'Shaking up?' 'Shaking up?' Will you stop with the mamby pamby faux 'both sides have a point' idiocy? He's deliberately and obviously trying to destroy our constitutionally mandated post office so trump can steal an election. For once can you admit objective facts are facts?

dame_keep Inspector General for Post Office needs to get MILLIONS of phone calls. I used the 877-876-2455 number and followed the prompts regarding election mail fraud and reported DeJoy. If you see something,say something. Website: What can we do? USPS problems MUST be addressed NOW. Mail service is already being delayed for me. People need their meds. The upcoming election is UNDER TWO MONTHS AWAY & far too important to assume it will work out. SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff RepJerryNadler HouseDemocrats SenSchumer

Even the mail is not defended by the crooked GOP. dame_keep Fire DeJoy. He is destroying government property . “Shaking up”? Why the solicitous phrasing? He’s destroying it the way you would a company you want to sell for parts. The media’s framing of what is being done to USPS must include the fact that this is a classic ploy from the Republican playbook: use the cudgel of budget woes to destroy agencies that serve the public

OMG Shaking up is not the correct term. You know better Shaking up or ran into the ground intentionally by the corrupt gop? “shaking up” is an interesting way to say “running into the ground to disenfranchise voters and re-elect a criminal president” Inexcusable How shameful that you dance with joy at attacks on democracy.

Removing equipment sounds more like dismantling than “shaking up” but have fun out there ig. Disruptive actions put in place. NO ONE PUT IN CHARGE JUST MONTHS B4 MAJOR JOB disrupts on this scale unless that's the goal. 😱😈🤯 STOP. NORMALIZING. CRIMINAL. BEHAVIOR!!! “Shaking up.” JFC 🙄 Timothy McVeigh is shaking up the Federal Building in OKC.

Shaking up? Sabotaging. He's screwed up the postal service badly, in a way that looks deliberate. Please use honest language. 'shaking up' LeslieMac Corruption is the hallmark of this administration. PostalService Trump FireTrump Stop with the pleasant euphemisms. Jesus. You need to be much more direct about this-call it what it is! A full-on scam and an abomination!

you misspelled “purposefully dismantling” you useless bag of spare parts i think the term you're looking for is 'dismantling' Shaking up SABOTAGING. He is SABOTAGING the USPS not shaking it up it's not a godamn backyard fiesta, ffs Active fucking sabotage........ 'shaking up'. Sure, that's sanitized enough.

Is this really how you are framing this? A “shake up”?!? How embarrassing for you. Cowards. *as I rip the wheels off of a car* I'm just shaking things up haha I was expecting a bill to come through the mail yesterday. It did not make it. Nor did it come today. i think you meant to say 'fucking up the postal service'

Sounds like a quote from a govt worker. drmna_info Bring him up on charges when this is done. PROSECUTE to the FULL EXTENT. KirstenNovelist We all know what this Trump puppet is doing... to undermine are elections that’s why they are coming up with crap 💩 like that 👉🏾 Let's not be cute, NPR. This is sabotage.

NPR- Sabotaging not “shaking up”. Cowardice in journalism. What is the purpose of this stuff? Conservatives will never not think NPR is all socialists; no point in pleasing them. Socialists and others on the left/center find the soft language, failure to *always* challenge falsehoods from the right, and both-sides-ism absurd and damaging

Not now with the both sides NPR Trying “sabotaging” Since when is “shaking up” a synonym for sabotage? Do better. It's true - mail sorting machines are being removed ... Of 'sabotaging' is not a newsy enough word, what abt 'dismantling' or 'undermining'? Cuz 'shaking up' isn't it Who writes your heads? I too love to shake up my workplace by destroying it.

thatbilloakley 'Shaking up, changes, and cost-cutting measures,' really? Words have meanings. It's intentional sabotage and they're not even trying to hide it, so why dance around it? Call it what it is, cowards. sabotage. they're sabotaging it, you right wing hacks If by 'shaking up' you mean 'deliberately destroying,' okay. Do better, NPR.

Worst headline ever. 'Shaking up the post office' in the same sense as 'Shaking a baby.' shaking up to death. good one npr. very funny. Not a 'shake up', NPR. We know sabotage and dirty tricks when we see them. Who would have ever thought the ridiculous plot of “The Postman” movie would become reality? PostOffice USPostalService USPS USPSSlowdown USPSsabotage

nhannahjones And no one is paying attention to the writing on the wall. SpeakerPelosi DNC DNCWarRoom RepAdamSchiff KamalaHarris JoeBiden there’s a global pandemic. The American voter will most likely vote by mail when the time comes. The postal service will be decimated by then. 2+2 Ah, cost-cutting. That's the same reason they closed DMV offices after requiring photo ID for voting! Wicked and slick.

So mail in ballots will work great?.... Ha Isn’t interfering with the delivery of mail a crime? Did the new postmaster general write this headline? Wtf is this garbage? This is also going to be very damaging to small business who rely on UPS as well as seniors and vets who rely on medicine delivery. Please vote!!!!

This is the realDonaldTrump and GOP plan to trash the mail-in votes and delay Trump's loss while they head for sanctuary in Mother Russia! nhannahjones Election interference is not “shaking things up” it’s political sabotage. It’s illegal. Unlawful. nhannahjones This headline is an injustice. Do better NPR.

Received my absentee ballot last night---the evening before the GA runoff election. USPS is in danger. 😤 Corruption at its best and in your face ! Only in America 🤷‍♂️ nhannahjones I think shaking is the wrong word 😕 Absolutely SHOCKING that they’re complaining. 🤔🤔🤔 “shaking up” is a weird way to spell “intentionally sabotaging”. Do better, NPR.

It’s being sabotaged by the gop. nhannahjones the postmaster is NOT shaking things up. the postmaster is dismantling and destroying the Postal Service. please use the correct verbs. “Shake up”? wtf nhannahjones shaking up nah dismantling nhannahjones I hope that Americans band together to help out with volunteer labor. It would send the perfect message. It would be the most exquisite middle finger

nhannahjones Jesus, you guys just can't quit the kochs. 'shaking up'. He's fucking dismantling the post office, clear as goddamn day and ya'll are using milquetoast 90s 'none of this matters' language. More suppression of the people. Donnies taking notes from his dictator buddies again. I loathe trump.

dt808traffic I sent a package last week Tuesday priority mail to California and they got it today😳 LaBeautyologist S A B O T A G E !!!! I have sent hand made masks to friends and they weren't received. What's going on? USPS how are you allowing this to happen. You are an institution & part of history! People need to revolt! Do demonstrations in front of his home! Make sure that he regrets his actions. Do it!

wtf Hometown in Michigan has had multiple semi trucks full of mail sitting for weeks at a time...just sitting there...nothing Halle ring to them...isn’t this a federal crime? This is truly scary. Fortunately, the USPS is sanctioned by the Constitution, so Congress has jurisdiction to call him out. Let’s address this and get it settled. Soon. Our votes are in the mail.

'shaking up,' what a pathetic euphemism for what is actually happening. This gets today's award for the media bending over backwards to normalize Trump's despicable behavior-here trying to destroy the USPS to steal the election. Balanced reporting requires a comment from the Postmaster General. Phil_Lewis_ whoever wrang their hands that hard to write that god fucking awful lukewarm title should consider suicide as a career alternative

realDonaldTrump gutted the justice department, most of our intelligence community, environmental progress, now the post office. Is the FCC far behind? Talked to my mailman in Reno, NV today. He said auto mail sorters that cost millions are being removed. Employees are quitting because they’re being asked to work Sundays due to extra hours required. And new USPS leadership won’t allow hiring new workers.

is this why my credit card is late if TrumpCantDeliverMail what are the chances of him delivering a COVID cure or campaign promises? Equipment being removed to slow down mail before the election isn't a shake up. It's a shake down. We need to InvestigateLouisDeJoy He is deliberately SabotagingUSPS. 'Shaking up' is how 'attempting to destroy' is spelled now?

Have we learned that “shaking up” just means f**king up yet? Knock that shh off Maybe the USPS is indeed broken due to poor leadership, but this has waited years. Why revamp everything a few months before an election that has already been the topic of incredible controversy? (Rhetorical question, I know.)

Most of the mail I get is from my insurance companies, car health, house. We could easily eliminate those wasteful mail-outs, save trees, the environment, money, and USPS resources for more important correspondence. Kenny_Mayne This is all TRUMP! He puts one of his complicit cronies in there to do his bidding so he can attempt to sabotage the election! Trump knows he is going to lose and the more Americans will vote by mail because of COVID.He wants the mail slowed so votes will be disqualified!

Like mail isn’t always piling up in the offices! Sounds like a normal operations at the USPO to me! Dude needs to go. I love the usps. Took 9 days to get a 3 day package. Not the workers’ fault. Get the nutjob out. Call a spade a spade. Despicable ... can’t some savvy team of lawyers get it into court pronto?

The postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, is deliberately trying to sabotage the November election. In the interest of national & election security, Congress should remove him from this position. Piles of undelivered mail is worth it for this administration, they are actively trying to sabotage an American institution in order to suppress Americans’ votes to help himself. Any other time he would be impeached on this alone.

He is NOT 'shaking up' the USPS ... he is sabotaging it Fed Ex is horribly delayed as well. And their customer service doesn't give a fuck about what you ordered. What did you expect, he was appointed by Trump! DeJoy wants to destroy USPS. 'shaking up' -- there's a choice made Y'all can't handle the Don

I've been using USPS for my business for 14 years and it's been great up until the last two months. Almost every package has been delayed, most by a day or two but some up to *four weeks.* The sabotage is obvious and DeJoy has to go. Why are they moving equipment? Need a strike Obstruction of Justice Obstruction of Democracy

The man is blatantly sabotaging it like when vulture capitalists buy a company then strip it for parts. 'shaking up'? Holy euphemisms, Batman. Destroying would be a better term. Way to pull your punches NPR. You can call a spade a spade. He better procure some shiny new vehicles for them already. “Shaking up” is a funny way of saying “sabotaging.”

Gee. What will we do without the Penny Saver? I'm not sure even banana republics do this sort of nonsense. “shaking up” Many people are waiting for their meds does he not care😢

Trump weaponizes postal service to hurt Americans voting by mailMarc Elias, founder of Democracy Docket, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump is trying to sabotage the U.S. Postal Service in order to undermine the ability of Americans to vote by mail during the coronavirus pandemic Trump's administration has failed to contain. April 2020 Read the post office website They state a delay in mail Wake up /3 that tried to overthrow the Federal Govt. I am so stoked and I, with every fiber of my being, will do all I can to run Trump out of office. /2 Other countries won’t do business with us. Canada and Mexico has told us to go pound sand. UK has notified us we can’t come across the pond. And we have a segment of Trump supporters that are in their feelings because the majority don’t want to celebrate a group of people,

Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service: Remove Louis DeJoy | MoveOn

Nikki Haley Gripes About Popcorn Delivery Amid National Postal Service CrisisTwitter users brutally mocked the former governor for complaining about the mail delays. Hey NikkiHaley How abt both times you tell your buddy in the WH. He’s the cause of current mail delays! SaveThePostOffice P.S. Meanwhile in Idaho, a Republican official is calling expert health officials “elitists” ... Sad!

The postal service has become vital to America’s electionsMany suspect ulterior motives behind President Donald Trump’s public contempt of the USPS IS TRUMP REALLY WORKING FOR PUTIN? So many brilliant people reading between the lines Agreed. This is why I will personally deliver my absentee vote

Nikki Haley Gripes About Popcorn Delivery Amid National Postal Service CrisisTwitter users brutally mocked the former governor for complaining about the mail delays. good thing huffpost isn't a legit news source....otherwise, people would be really bent out of shape TDS victims are humorless. I AGREE WITH HER IF YOU CANT DELIVER POP CORN HOW CAN U DELIVER BALLOTS. ANOTHER DEMOCRAT FIX IS IN. NO ID NO VOTE. EVERYONE AT THE LEWIS FUNERAL HAD A PICTURE ID. HMMMMMMMMM.

Democrats: Trump Is Screwing With the Postal Service—and DemocracyThe president may not be able to delay the 2020 election, but Democrats see an effort to delegitimize it. “We have to call out what's really happening here,” says Kamala Harris. Its also called AbsenteeBallots and theyre MORE legal than the entire Trump administration “It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.” Grantand Rice, American Sportswriter Photo: Grantland Rice in 1921 via Wikipedia USpoli AND MY MEDS!