Rep. Ilhan Omar Wins Congressional Primary

Omar, a progressive from Minnesota, made history in 2018 as the first Somali-American elected to Congress and is projected to win her Democratic primary.

8/12/2020 5:47:00 AM

Rep. Ilhan Omar has won her primary after facing several challengers — the most prominent being a first-time political candidate who said Omar is 'out of touch with the district.'

Omar, a progressive from Minnesota, made history in 2018 as the first Somali-American elected to Congress and is projected to win her Democratic primary.

Omar and Melton-Meaux werein fundraising totals, both raising just over $4 million — with Omar holding a slight edge. Both candidates were also heavily funded by out of state donors (which made up 91% of Omar's funds and 85% of Melton-Meaux's.)

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Loading...Omar's 2018 win marked several firsts for the United States Congress. She made history as the first Somali-American elected and was the first of two Muslim women elected to Congress that same year. Read more: NPR »

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To all of my Jewish friends, if this is any indication of how things are going to go this election season then I’d recommend you make for Israel now. I doubt any policies she will push for are going to be kind to you... I’m not Jewish but I might go with you. Garbage of demcrab 😂😂😂 Yikes, this weirdo?

Poor choice people! Bummer Either her constituency is as out of touch and as racist as Ilhan Omar or the Democrats have used their fake paper ballot mill to flood the polls, I recommend anybody that's running against her should ask for a ballot audit The only loser is America Brain dead voters. The fact that she won the primary makes the case that her district doesn’t vote in high percentage OR thst her district is anti-American! If the latter, she should be denied seating and her district I represented!

It’s not surprising that Dumpsterville votes for trash Trash wins again!!! By busing in voters of similar background. Well organized racial politics here The Democratic Party had an opportunity to renounce racism. They chose to embrace it, again. Terrorist AIPAC tried and failed Sisters are doing for Themselves👍

This is why we need term limits She is out of touch with the district. She does not represent me or my values. And TinaSmithMN is out of touch with Minneapolis and with Minnesota, right. But Melton, for all his support, was a weak candidate. One debate. At which he didn't raise an objection to her policies.

Interesting. She won by 18%. So I guess the district likes her. “Fight for her career” they said 🤣 She better wear 9 inch nails all the time because there are an awful lot of potential candidates out there that measure their words, believe in ready, aim, shoot, and keep their ear to the rail locally....

Great! Who in the fuck actually thought this was going to be a close race? Despite the 3-5 million they spent against her, she still won by a country mile. 👍💙❤️ Have to say, I question the sanity of that district. It’s hard to fathom that many people in this country, agreeing with her. OK, no matter much you hate her, if you aren't from her district, it's none of your business. Pretty sure everybody voting for her knows what you know, and they think she's their best rep. Her opponent specifically ran on the idea her being a lightning rod is bad. He lost.

And still no impact from her marriage to her brother or all those other charges against her for fraud? Huh. Ugh. A sad day for Minnesota. I assume her district is a transplanted Somali village. right on! The headline should be ILhan won a resounding victory despite the outside money from the right wing racists. Get your coverage right.

Congrats Ilhan, I’m proud of you. MAGA imbeciles tonight.. Voters must love all that destruction & chaos...making Minneapolis like Somalia. Your beautiful 😍 Ilhan Congrats! 🎉 they literally imported her base. Welcome to Joevember 2020 and welcome aboard Mrs Harris!! She’s not just out of touch with the district, she’s out of touch with reality.

BOOM, there it is-- 💙💙💙 blawgg She is a great American. I'm sure she is proud to have earned her place anew. “Shortly after taking office, Omar came under fire and then apologized for making comments over Twitter that were interpreted as anti-Semitic” You can remove “interpreted as” from that statement if you want to report facts

Nice headline not Scary just scary. Noooooo! Why does garbage always win?

Ilhan Omar Wins Primary in Minnesota Over Well-Funded RivalRep. Ilhan Omar, a prominent member of the progressive “squad” in Congress who has sparred with President Trump, won her primary, putting her on track for a second term in Congress INRI CRISTO , O ÚLTIMO !! VIGIA HEIN ... Satan won her primary Isn’t this the lady that only wins because of the university vote? And aren’t those kids at home this year?

Rep. Ilhan Omar faces tough primary challenge in Minnesota 5th Congressional District raceRep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., is set to defend her seat in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District on Tuesday, in one of the most expensive primary campaigns in the state. Antone Melton-Meaux, a Black lawyer and mediator, has emerged as Omar's most serious challenger. In an interview with ABC News Another sellout....The coterie of idiots who are used by racists and apartheid Israel to muzzle criticism of the crimes and war crimes against Palestinians... Hope she loses. She is embarrassing to the people of the state of Minnesota I support Ilhan Omar. She is very good, very effective.

Rep. Ilhan Omar faces tough primary challenge in Minnesota 5th Congressional District raceRep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., is set to defend her seat in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District on Tuesday. Antone Melton-Meaux has emerged as her biggest challenger. Dr. Yan Limeng spoke for the first time: The new crown virus is a product of the Chinese Communist People’s Liberation Army Virus Laboratory! If the stories (illegally immigrated by marrying her brother, paid $800K of campaign funds to new husband, etc.) are true then she probably shouldn't be reelected. She resembles .... Yassar Arafat

Ilhan Omar Faces Well-Funded Rival in Democratic Primary in MinnesotaRep. Ilhan Omar, a prominent member of the progressive “squad” in Congress, faces a primary challenge from attorney Antone Melton-Meaux, a well-funded rival who has focused on her outsize national profile and controversial statements. isnt the problem there that obama filled that district with terrorists so they are the majority now? The question remains; are the people of MN driven by common sense or the flavor of the day in ideologies? “We don’t need a celebrity, we need someone who is going to serve.” Biden2020 💙🇺🇸

Tuesday's primaries: Ilhan Omar fights for political survival and QAnon believer hopes to join the HouseMinnesota's 5th Congressional District is strongly Democratic, and the winner of Tuesday's Democratic primary will likely go on to victory in November. I heard Omar’s brother is cool Why does this woman dress like she's en route to a costume party?

Ilhan Omar Won A Bitter Primary To Keep Her Seat In CongressOmar beat a well-funded challenger in her Democrat-heavy Minnesota congressional district. Minnesota. Enough said. They should become part of Canada. I got more mail from her challenger than Ilhan. I wished I had recycled it, but I tossed it out quickly. She deserves to go back based on how much outsiders try to influence OUR district. I hope they spend more money on unwinnable races.