Portland uses 'riot control agents' on group that splintered off peaceful protest

Police in Portland use 'riot control agents' after a crowd threw bottles and other objects near a government building.

6/3/2020 10:30:00 AM

Police in Portland use 'riot control agents' after a crowd threw bottles and other objects near a government building.

Portland police said they used 'riot control agents' after a smaller group broke away from peaceful protests, tried to breach fencing around the Justice Center, and threw objects at police Tuesday night.

Tear gas quickly disperses crowd in AtlantaATLANTA — Hundreds of protesters lingered on the streets of downtown Atlanta on Tuesday night ahead of another 9 p.m. curfew imposed by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.Authorities used armored vehicles to form a cordon at the state Capitol nearby.

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Bottoms has implemented the curfew every night, starting Saturday.As the curfew took effect, police and National Guard troops moved in, firing tear gas. The crowd quickly dispersed, and television footage showed police leading some people away in zip ties.

Share this -Phil Helsel and Andrew Blankstein3h ago / 4:38 AM UTCPolice detain Hollywood protesters after curfewJune 3, 202003:24Hours after a curfew took effect, police in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles began making arrests Tuesday night. The detainments followed a day of peaceful protests.

Los Angeles is under a 6 p.m. curfew, and about 9 p.m., officers were seen taking people out of cars and detaining people near a protest group, according to news helicopter footage and an NBC News reporter at the scene.Several dozen people appeared to have been detained. Multiple sources familiar with the arrests in progress Tuesday said most were for curfew violations.

Arrests were also seen in the Koreatown section of the city, according to NBC Los Angeles. Read more: NBC News »

Thousands protested peacefully, a small group split off.... Es wäre Cool wenn US Armee Pappschilder mit Herz drauf Heben würden und FREE HUGS Anbieten !!! Denn die Traumatischen Reaktionen der Bevölkerung ; Wut; Angriff; Solidarität sind eigentlich Positve: MITGEFÜHL und Lösungswünsche zu Äußern sollte Gelobt werden. LOVE NOT WAR 3

Worst job in America- being a police officer in Oregon rioters,looters !never stand with them!nbc is garbage! lier The police are being extremely restrained here. Imagine if this were Hong Kong, heads would roll. They were chucking the bottles at the police and their vehicles. Good Lord y’all suck at this.

This is actually incorrect and I have proof they threw tear gas at peaceful protesters. how fcking hard is that to say? Canada must feel like they live in an apartment above a meth lab. Curious you left out the detail “on group that splintered off peaceful protest“ included in the actual blog update. This was so minimal compared to the thousands of people that showed up for hours to peacefully protest.

There are often agitators committing violence amongst the peaceful protestors. The peaceful get caught up in police addressing molotov cocktails etc.amongst the peaceful. A white man & his black friend chatted as they went down a zigzaged path down the valley. The white man bragged about his wealth & all the 'ologies' he knew. They came across a river and had to swim through. The white man almost drowned. His friend after rescuing him 'swimology?'

I live in Seattle and even I think the Portland folk are gnarly. Surprised those wooks didn’t come armed. most unbiased reporting of the day. Shit and the president is sleeping Was Tonya Harding there throwing any punches ? NBC would call it that 75 per cent usa public says trump should resign and they on black humans side

What a human rights promoter!! That poor man Antifa beat up died, you won't report on it of course.

Rev. Al: Don't use George Floyd for anything other than justice for George FloydThe Rev. Al Sharpton discusses the violence and looting overshadowing many peaceful protests across the country for George Floyd, and he calls for peaceful protesting over violence. TheRevAl You idiots this isn't about Floyd, it's about 'undocumented shoppers.'🤣👇 TheRevAl It has been used for a reason to steal and destroy property, nothing but opportunistic thugs. TheRevAl George Floyd was a crisis actor. False Flag to sow division.

‘I won’t fan the flames of hate': Biden blasts Trump in PhillyFormer Vice President Joe Biden stepped out of the shadows of his self-imposed quarantine today to address the unrest gripping the nation and paint President Donald Trump as an authoritarian Where’s the photo of Biden kneeling in front of the protesters? Sharing the media lie about tear gas for a photo op - perfect framing of the media problem He’s been in office 44 years, but he promises, with your vote, the next 4 years he’ll really try and do better 🤞🏻

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Peaceful protests throughout Southern CaliforniaPhotos from peaceful protest around dtla, Hollywood, Venice and the South Bay. ❤️ RIOTING LOOTING AND BURNING DOWN CITIES KILLING POLICE 👮‍♀️ KILLING AMERICANS Awesome.