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Dear America, A Cold War With China Will Be Expensive

The U.S. can, perhaps, stay ahead—but only if Americans, and their government, are willing to pay up to remain the world’s technology leader.

6/3/2020 10:00:00 AM

In the first of a new Heard on the Street series, nate_taplin argues that divorces are messy and expensive—and the unfolding U.S.-China breakup will be no different

The U.S. can, perhaps, stay ahead—but only if Americans, and their government, are willing to pay up to remain the world’s technology leader.

June 2, 2020 6:48 am ETDivorces can be messy and expensive: They entail financial sacrifices in exchange for independence and peace of mind. The unfolding U.S.-China breakup will be no different.In the wake of the pandemic and Beijing’s aggressive moves in Hong Kong, voices in the West calling for economic decoupling from China have grown much louder. President Trump in May contemplated “cutting off the whole relationship” while politicians in France and Australia have expressed deep unease. The U.S. is considering a $25 billion “reshoring fund,”...

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Spencerjakab We have just witnessed a significant cost to America for working with the Communist Chinese: 110K dead Americans and $4T impact on the economy. fails to estimate the real costs: Lost Jobs, Stolen IP, and Unfair Trade. These have real costs. Spencerjakab Why would we care when China was the one who created covid-19 in the first place, Slaughtered most of its population, and continuously lied to keep trading knowing full well that they want control over the entire planet?

Spencerjakab Spencerjakab China lies and people died Spencerjakab Messy & expensive is what China deliberately unleashed on the world with their Germ warfare so let’s stop pretending of what’s so obvious to Americans & the world, in addition America & the world as a whole should work together to shutdown & shutout China & their corruption ASAP

Spencerjakab We are beyond breakup. Its time to go to war against these liars. Nothing good about or in China. American companies, this is your two-minute warning. Get your manufacturing out of China or prepare for economic sanctions and market backlash. 'Made in China' must go! Spencerjakab That is unless Biden is elected. Then he will go back to China and beg forgiveness and offer more access to the U.S.

Spencerjakab the only sufficient difference China is the territory US can't control. all others differencies don't matter. USSR never threated US ideologically. Russia has no ideological differencies with USA. the issue is American global hegemony and nothing more Spencerjakab India, are you watching? Get your act together NOW. Opportunities don't come that often. narendramodi PiyushGoyal nitin_gadkari RahulGandhi milinddeora

Spencerjakab never trust the chi-coms.. never.. Spencerjakab Very true but this strategy detailed in this whitepaper can really help US outmaneuver the China Mfgr Chess game Spencerjakab Spencerjakab The Average American is going to have to Pay. VOTE Spencerjakab On behalf of Xi Jinping , I welcome all black people to China. Each of you will be rewarded with a billion dollars, countless virgins

nate_taplin BoycottChineseProduct nate_taplin And worth it. nate_taplin S nate_taplin PAY NOW OR PAY LATER. “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” – Vladimir Ilich Lenin “The Capitalists will pay us to make the rope with which we will hang them.” – Deng Xiaoping, apparently

nate_taplin It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. And if the fool, or the pig, is of a different opinion, it is only because they only know their own side of the question. JOHN MILL nate_taplin Well then lets just keep financing their military so they can continue to dominate the world so you can buy cheap underware.

nate_taplin Spelt inflationary wrong nate_taplin Less expensive now, than later. nate_taplin Yes... totally agreed... harm on the fundamental interest on both country ... please fix it nate_taplin Everyone has a power to change the world and it isn't that messy and expensive if you start with easy things first. Use your wallet power to make the world better w/less atrocities from CCPChina. BoycottMadeInChina, make a start today:

nate_taplin Provoking war here? Shameless. nate_taplin JustFlyGlobal and interjet airlines are denying thousands of customers a refund, even when it was the airline who canceled our flights. They should be forbidden from doing business in the US due to not following USDOT rules. InvestigateInterjet InvestigateJustFly

nate_taplin Russia the lawyer here. Some are using this for their personal frustrations. I don't want to report to a pseudo Russian agent while working for an American company and get stalked for life, just bcoz he's not getting promoted to senior management. Don't want to be a scapegoat. nate_taplin No shit. The Cold War with the USSR, we didn’t rely on Russia for anything. Now China? Soup 2 nuts, washer machines 2 aircraft parts. OSB 2 steel. & where will we send all those oinkers & soybeans? “This is a fine kettle of fish U got US into!”45

nate_taplin So? nate_taplin Regarding global warming, virus pandemic, resources exploitation, etc.,China supply chains and Belt & road are much more poisonous and addictive than heroin and cocaine. nate_taplin That's a necessary evil to stop an evil regime from dominating the world. nate_taplin Hundred thousand of lives lost to CCPVirus. What is expensive? lives or money

nate_taplin nate_taplin It costly for other countries as well and your trump so excited. nate_taplin nate_taplin So? All the more to do it now than to defer and cause more damage. nate_taplin China, no one want to marry you, you won’t hv second marriages. nate_taplin Staying in a toxic marriage will be even more expensive and damaging. Time for US to start anew. Decouple now.

nate_taplin So be it, it would be less expensive than being ruled by china, the lost of our freedom will be unbearable. nate_taplin Sure. Wall Street Journey only care people in Wall Street. nate_taplin The earlier the cheaper nate_taplin Even the marriage and the family are facing domestic abuse and violence everyday, would you choose not to divorce? what's the reason?

nate_taplin Corporate America should have thought about that before they put hardworking Americans out of work just to save a buck. nate_taplin Unfortunately, China’s forced tech transfers, high tariffs on American farm products etc., heavy & targeted government investment in critical US tech companies and artificial manipulations of foreign involvement in their markets make the “marriage” the more expensive option

So you think you should ban divorce. When your partner is cheating, poisoning and chaining you, what should you do? nate_taplin wsj how about you fire the interns and get back to business. MAPGA Make America press great again nate_taplin And? It's corporate america's fault for buying so much from them and closing down all of americas factories.

nate_taplin Well, yes. Divorces are expensive. They are sometimes also an unfortunate reality, especially when there is an abusive partner involved. China can get lost, in my opinion. Come at me, Chinese bots. nate_taplin Not only US but all the world are against you China.. ChineseVirus ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChineseWuhanVirus ChineseCommunistParty ChineseVirus19

nate_taplin Will it be more expensive than more than one lakh lives?! nate_taplin We can save more by abolishing police. No justice no peace nate_taplin Get ready for when we evolve beyond money, it’s gonna be bad ass like StarTrek ZeitGeistEngine nate_taplin Money well spent. nate_taplin China’s bio warfare killed thousands

nate_taplin Bilateral trade with China is only worth $650 billion. nate_taplin Is that means America should surrender to CCPChina ? No matter where you from, we embrace the same universal values like freedom, so we must not surrender to Communist nate_taplin America has always find the solutions for every problem we had! No one seems to think about robots as an answer for manufacturing capacities China has, as long as Americans are not borrowing and spending like a drunken sailer. Until then..!?

nate_taplin U.S is becoming China as a communism country, only one voice is allowed, isn’t it? Don’t see the point of having a war with China. LOL AllLivesMatter nate_taplin Wall street married and benifited from the marriage with Communist china , not American people. Taken time, even Wall street will regret, CCP will take your IP and force you out of business.

nate_taplin nate_taplin 这标题有点大外宣的味道,这不科学。 战忽局需要站出来,跟这个美国的战忽局对冲一下。 nate_taplin they're not breaking up. nate_taplin American economy and empire is in the process of dying... Like the death star exploding in star wars, but in slow motion. nate_taplin They harvest organs from political prisoners. They are a hostile totalitarian state trying to take over the world. BoycottChina at all costs

nate_taplin American: expense but necessary Trump: let‘s spend you. nate_taplin 當初沒有勇氣阻止希特勒,後來全球付出慘痛代價,還要再一次嗎??? nate_taplin it will only get more expensive if you don't do it rmb how they threatened to ban exporting medical supplies of US companies? how they silenced Morey for a tweet ? nate_taplin

nate_taplin I wonder how much China is paying WSJ to post this BS. nate_taplin “‘PRC’ stands for ‘People's Republic of China’, which is the formal name for the country we simply call ‘China’. When something is stamped with ‘Made in PRC’, it simply means that the item was manufactured in China.” PRC🖕🏻BoycottChina🖕🏻ChinaMustFall

nate_taplin Dear WJS, a relationship with China not only extremely expensive but also deeply harmful to your value. nate_taplin Not sure what streets you're looking at the ones I'm seeing look like China already invaded and is trying to protect it's stuff. Seems to me like the US is about to default on it's debts.

nate_taplin Expensive but necessary. nate_taplin & Russia will watch with a box of pop corn :v nate_taplin Nothing the fed can't handle nate_taplin

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U.S. and China are not in a new 'Cold War,' says a former diplomatChina and the U.S. right now are so enmeshed and much more interconnected that both sides will find it very hard to decouple, said a former Singapore senior diplomat. Are china and the USA in a cold war ? Us and China must go into war hahaha Yeah it's just the same cold war that never really ended

Superpower Cold War To Have Chilling Effect on China-U.S. Entertainment BusinessThe East-West tussle between efficient authoritarianism and the wealthy but decaying democratic-capitalist model has seen blood spilled daily on the streets of Hong Kong — even more so now that cor… This is a disappointing development. Recent Asian American films have added so much to the tapestry of cinema. 'Searching' and 'Columbus' are standouts to me. Cold War? Wait are we having Cold War II? If so, that is awesome.

Trump Declares War on AmericaDonald Trump appeared in the Rose Garden tonight to declare that he intends to crush those protesting the murder of George Floyd using military force, effectively declaring war on the country which he allegedly leads.\n What a complete and utter pr*ck he really is.. It's horrifying watching this from afar. I mean the USA has always self inflated their importance and how respected they are in the world, but you really are now the pity of the world. To have actually elected this buffoon, to be so racist, so divided, so hate filled. Shameful. “American carnage”

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