Pompeo berated, cursed at NPR reporter over Ukraine questions, she says

'He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine, he asked, 'Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?' He used the F word in that sentence, and many others,' said NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly.

1/25/2020 3:02:00 AM

'He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine, he asked, 'Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?' He used the F word in that sentence, and many others,' NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly said.

'He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine, he asked, 'Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?' He used the F word in that sentence, and many others,' said NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly.

She said Pompeo then glared at her and left the room with his aides.An aide soon returned to the interview room and took her to Pompeo's private living room where he screamed and cursed at her, she said."He was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine. He asked, 'Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?' He used the F word in that sentence, and many others," she said.

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"He asked if I could find Ukraine on a map I said, 'Yes,' he called out for his aides to bring him a map of the world with no writing, no countries marked. I pointed to Ukraine he put the map away, he said, people will hear about this, and then he turned and said he had things to do, and I thanked him again for his time and left."

The State Department has not returned a request for comment.The House Foreign Affairs Committee, which is chaired by Democrat Eliot Engel of New York and has oversight over State Department activities, criticized Pompeo in a tweet shortly after the interview on Friday.

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Uh, I thought this freak was a Christian. These 21st Century Christians are very different from the ones I knew when I was a child. I can see why they can support Trump. Government money If so many people are complaining about MikePompeo then it has to be true. What a total disgrace to have so many government officials with bad character.

GrooveSDC It’s MORE than disqualifying for US SECRETARY OF STATE to utter anything close to what has been reported. Do we care about the Ukraine? YES, WE DO. By published policy, by legislatively approved foreign side, by alliance. If we don’t, Russia takes it. Who does Pompeo represent? This guy is a total joke I Pity the people of the US to have a total Bagbag as a president. And all his cronies behind him.

Why are people surprised with Pompeo? Caucasian Ladies You know your Caucasian Men. STOP! Think about it. charlesadler The question is can Pompeo point to Ukraine on a map. Who fucking xares was Mary able to point Ukraine on the map? Pompeo should be removed from office as should most of Trump's corrupt staff.

Daily, this administration offers one more reason to lose respect for them. By now I’m way past ZERO. Hahahahahahaha . Love Pompeo! charlesadler In all future press conferences and interviews with SecPompeo, could reporters please start holding up maps and ask Mikey to identity random countries? He knows damn well his boss can’t find Ukraine on a map.

Look, I am not defending him. But why is interviewing now synonymous with interrupting? Such a small man for what was once a prestigious position serving the foreign interests of OUR country. The least he could do is explain his decisions and actions. And yes, Ukraine is important as wedge against Russian aggression.

rolandsmartin Pompeo bullying a female reporter like that shows he is a scared little man. He’s scared of 45 and the trouble he’s in. I am glad she kept her cool being the professional that she is. He knows he’s done. trumpera That’s what happens when you’re on the edge and your crimes and treason have been discovered. Lock him up!

Правильно! Комментарии должны исходить от компетентных людей He acts like his master Trump. Feels he is accountable to no one. Just because MAGAts can’t read a map, doesn’t mean educated people can’t. Son gajes del oficio como periodista, además cierto es que a los estadounidenses solo les interesa mejorar su calidad de vida.

If his association with Trump wasn't the nail in the coffin of SecPompeo's career, this was. I've read that he aspires to one day be president. That will never happen. Hear that SecPompeo? You can look forward to a lot of appearances on Fox, feeding Hannity's ego. Did she offer any proof that this happened? If the parties were reversed, do you think the media would have reported this without any proof?

Fake news He needs to RESIGN. Then speed some time at the gym. Where he can YELL at his personal trainer. She was doing her job and was subjected to his unhinged rant. PompeoResign She clearly demonstrated calm and grace in a room full of crazy. NPRKelly AmberD1116 Interesting how NPR and NBC are more outraged by Pompeo than Biden and his cocaine-sniffing son! lol. They tried to play a 'gotcha' interview and Pompeo refused to go there lol. FakeNewsNPR FakeNewsNBC FakeNews

Chauvinist like Trump and company. The Real crime is Obama and the corrupt democrats weaponized Intel agencies to illegally SPY on American citizens. And illegally obtain FISA warrants to SPY on the Trump campaign. The next democrat president must be impeached...period. As head of the State Department, responsible for foreign affairs, he failed. Miserably. As a representative of Trump, he passed. Gloriously. Let only the worst standard bearer speak for, represent, and help cement Trump's place in history as a terrible & stupid human being.

what strange things i hear later days,unbelievable Baby man administration! Pompeo is a “Rapture” devotee. Hopefully it will happen soon and take all of these idiots. For someone who is supposed to be a Christian, Pompeo acts like wants to ... not be ruptured... Is there a single Republican male who isn't abusive to women? Not one I know.

Another shining example of a man of faith. So unprofessional. Pompous Pompeo another overweight lapdog for Trump....Starve the BEAST …. Tell US another one Pinocchio! FakeNewsMedia PropagandaWars patribotics Christians seem like really ruthless people these days. 😳 When I was growing up we were taught to be Christlike. Pompeo doesn’t seem very Jesusy to me.

Childish responses from the leftists to follow.....btw the conversation was officially off the record. Not that, that maters to the leftists because they don’t have principles or are morally grounded in any way. This speaks volumes about how this administration views Americans. They can break the law all they want because they absolutely believe that we don't care.

Chicks man. NBC spinning lies and propaganda with their extremely leftist deep state voice. ALL THE PRESIDENT'S CRIMINAL THUGS. Good we know first hand in VA npr is fake. They lied on a report claiming speaker was a local radio host and it wasn't. They still wont redact it or apologize for it Can you state your sources and back up with evidence. This seems like a hit piece.

He is there to talk about real issues not the dem made up impeachment that didn’t get one republican vote Not sure Pompeo could find Ukraine if the map was already labeled. Jackwagon. Does she have any proof that this happened? NBC a news network that does not cover the news and repeats lies. Their actions remind us of a communist news organization. They want to control your information and not allow you to make a informed decision. Just like lying turtle neck Shift.

And every liberal believes her. Just because she said so. What’s funnnis had Pompeo worked for a Democrat POTUS, NBC would have included the term, “Alleges,” in describing the allegation. Instead, NBC reports it as if her account is 100% accurate. The story didn’t say that the NPR reporter EVER ACTUALLY FOUND UKRAINE ON THE MAP?

Grow a pair. Finally a Reporter not afraid to ask questions that all MSM should be asking NPRKelly ROCK STAR👏👏👏 NPR That’s a very professional reaction for a Secretary of State. Congratulations to America for its great government. Time to vote them out in 2020. Christian Man Yells F-word at Nice, Catholic Reporter who Knows Her Geography

Would have never spoken to him in private. Should’ve told him to man up and say what he has to say on the record. Coward! Can I get a witness? I’m sorry but reporters have no credibility. KrisKetzKMBC We need to get rid of all these clowns. Every day it’s a new embarrassment. This country deserves so much better.

how is this story a sub note of history? this is the limit of absurdity. for a person of this position to do this is storybusting but, not today . So no one else heard it, it was in another room. Obviously no hot mic so no tape. It’s a liberal outlet with an agenda... I’m sure it happened just that way🤪😂🤣😂. The only map npr can comprehend was drawn in crayon by Greta Thundberg😂

But Yea he supported everyone 😑 TrumpAdministration If she cant handle it get out of the business. These liberal women want to be treated equally as men so what's her problem Here we go with the lies... Is there not one decent human being associated with this 'president'? Scrappy NPR tore Pompeo a new one. LOL 😂

How about the reporter refuse to respect and try to act politely? Omg! If a female reporter can't handle it she's in the wrong profession. Men are often blunt & don't have time for people who waste their time. Overly sensitive women need not apply. Reporters are tough, unmoved, & determined in their jobs. They don't cry about their day.

So there are witnesses? Pompeo has been contaminated with the evil of Donald Trump. It is going to be a great day when he and Trump depart to Satan's hell. Evangelical Christian Did he think his 2 yo “I need a nap” meltdown wouldn’t immediately get out?! Pompeo has been caught in numerous LIES about the “perfect” phone call & more. Yovanovich was called home because Pompeo could no longer protect her from 45. She needs to know if she’s still in danger.

Intimidation is the name of the game when they hit that low growl tone And yes, Kelly could 'F'(IND) the Ukraine on the map. I am surprised that NPRKelly has not slandered the SOS of sexually harassing her yet. NPR's credibility is ruined. Fuck pompous pompeo NPR is listened to almost exclusively by rich white liberals in northern coastal cities who listen to it in their Audi on the way to Whole Foods. Other than them, America loves this put-down and thinks it's totally awesome.

I cannot believe anyone is surprised. This is all hearsay This is all here say Corner a rat and they will chew their way out. SecPompeo Pompeo is a tragedy. He is the Secretary Of State. A position held by famous public servants. Some have accomplished great good. But, Mike is BoneSpurs Secretary & every day he is made to look like a stooge.

Pompeo is a slug, I can't wait until he gets his day in court, he's as complicit as any of them in this clown show of an administration. Pompeo is a gorilla. mikepompeo you're an $$ and gave in to a greater $$ Thanks you SecPompeo ! Well done Sir !! ))))))))))))))))) The horror...!!! he berated a reporter...?!?!? Is she okay...?

.mikepompeo is bloated and large, but morally small and shriveled. Good opportunity to bring back the 'when hitler finds out' meme Maybe Fat Boy SecPompeo needed a Snickers bar? He seems nice Cornered or injured animals often lash out. Wow. Jk67Joan Yes, Pompeo, WE DO CARE ABOUT UKRAINE and ironically the person that was “fired” is a hell of a lot smarter than you...

It’s amazing how many fools are in this administration. Sure he did...😂 jjauthor Off topic:.. but Why is Chris Matthews still employed by NBCNews ? Hmm where is the audio? WTF we as citizens have a right to know our country's policies, that's what we pay him for ? right I can't think of one Trump administration appointed personnel who follows protocol and not Trump's orders pathetic I sure praying we don't have to put up with this administration

Really? That sounds utterly ridiculous Really classy big boy move on a journalist; his mama must be so proud He needs to be on chopping block with Trump. And who ever is involved need to get same treatment. No ones above the Law no one.! Trump is corrupt! Trumps a loser and a cheat/cheater!and now the phone call

MSNBC EnemyOfThePeople FakeNewsMedia LiberalHacks Why? Because for 8 yrs while Ukraine was pummeled with REAL Bullets Obama gave Ukraine Blankets & Evil Democrats & FakeNewsMedia SAID NOTHING! TRUMP GIVES UKRAINE WEAPONS & IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES & SCHIFF SAYS TRUMP DID WRONG BY UKRAINE? DEMS ARE DISGUSTING LIARS! EVILDEMS

Truth hurts, huh, Mikey. And the only reason you asked her to point out Ukraine on a map is because you didn’t know where it was. clASS VoteThemAllOut2020 especially MoscowMitchCoverUp RemoveandIndictTrumpNOW RemoveandIndictTrump RemoveTrump ConvictAndRemoveTrumpNow ConvictTrump TrumpIsCorrupt That is so disgusting , he is deplorable !

MSNBC say good night Irene opps I mean Michelle! And good bye to Martha’s Vineyard Surprise surprise, another Trump bully. Hope Kelly didn't go into that room without a witness. Pompeo is a bully. Sorry I don't believe her lordy more tapes PompousPompeo We care about Ukraine...and Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Mexico, Refugees, truth, human rights, inter generational justice, freedom of the press, qualified and honest policy makers, rule of law etc

I’m not going to lie. I don’t care about Ukrainians. I only care about Americans. FFS can we get rid of these asshats in Washington already - Impeach 45 and he can take his loon squad with him Pompey is going down obviously Pompeo, should be behind bars. Vote 2020 kick Trump out and send his crime family, extended crime family cabinet members to the clink. Judgment day will be January 20, 2021.

Hes an overweight bully Congress needs to subpoena Pompeo. These GOPers give americans very little credit for having morals, standards. Vote BLUE 2020 all down the ballot! I would have told him just where to go and what to Kiss- darn pig I wonder if he would have done this if she were a man. I'm guessing not.

But this administration isn’t the Russian mob? He thinks he's the Rapture. Is there audio or video are we to believe s reporter did not record the meeting or even have her phone on ? If not perhaps this is reporter hyperbole and some caution is called for before going all in. Mary Louise Kelly is the Lauren Bacall of radio news, and Pompeo just got Bogarted.

Is this another example of 'she's going to go thru some things' 🤔 MikePompeo is a turd. Nothing more. I care about Ukraine. I'm sure The Ukraine is thrilled to hear Pompeos's opinion about them. Wasn't he just there to tell them what great allies we were? Yes. We care!!!!!!!! And they continue with the lie that the previous admin gave the Iranians billions...

I bet Pompeo has to point out Ukraine on map every meeting with Trump. And remind him he cannot sell Alaska to Russia. Wow. Unbelievable. Outstanding. Good gosh do I love our President and his Cabinet. We've needed this for 50 years. Wow. Pompeo: Can you even find Ukraine on a map? Kelly: Yes. Brings map with no names. She points to Ukraine. He walks out. Lol.

What sort of mainstream media retweets their own tweets? The nerve this could be Fakenews. What are you an individual? Just another angry white guy. Waiting for the rapture and everyone else will pay. Who cares Lol Look who is boss is, are we really shocked. Women are second hand citizens to these men.....

Prove it. I do not believe Pompeo said any such thing. Dont you take any pride in what you report. Bull !Obama didn't give money because they had been stealing.President Poroshenko came to plead for weapons to defend his country. In Congress— with Biden directly behind him — said his country appreciated nonlethal assistance he was getting,but“one cant win a war with blankets

Great! Sometimes a good curse word gets the point across! Mike Pompeo, our new Sec of Russia. Mike Pompeo caught up in UNFIT DJT web of LIES. Fascism 101: Fake outrage, when you just got caught. In his defence he is an A-hole. 😏 Actually, WE DO!! The President's conduct toward them reflects upon every single citizen in this nation! I DO care how my leadership reflects upon me as a citizen in the global environment!

You have to give Pompeo credit for instant recognition he had created a newsflash. He said this was going to get out. News of his chauvenism, condescension towards Kelly, lack of self-control, & display of his ignorance & trump-like behavior, surely did get out. He wigged out! Pompeo took an oath at West Point and is now complicit in treason.

He’s a thug, just like the rest of the people Trump had around him!! We don’t give a shit about Ukraine!!! Ole Mikey Boy Talking about you people I would use every F word ever invented!!!! She should have said, “Ukraine is next to Nambia and right below Wakanda.” But she is too classy.

Mike Pompeo cursed out NPR reporter for asking about removal of Ukraine ambassador, she says'All Things Considered' co-host Mary Louise Kelly interviewed Secretary of State Pompeo amid Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, which centers around the president's dealings with Ukraine. Lmao 🤣 Sure. Reporters should be cursed out more often. Now I like Pompeo!

NPR Choice pageOh hey, my company is based out of Jersey. Ten weeks severance pay would be quite nice. Most companies already do this. Way to make yoself feel important doh.

NPR Choice pageAs Long as it’s not white Russians LOL at least trumps finally helping farmers IMPOTUS Trio of weird men.

NPR Choice pageGood luck to Iranian people I am glad the butcher Soleimani is dead and can’t kill his on people anymore. Thanks Trump! NPR hoping to distract from the impeachment fail and ensuing crushing rebuttal. STFU noobs!

NPR Choice pagenprpolitics nprpolitics He wasn't accused, that's what he fucking did.... nprpolitics AdamSchiffROCKS ImpeachmentTrial

NPR Choice pageAnd who do Idaho voters elect? Those who deny that we have a problem. FAke news I don't understand how the same salmon stock we've been fishing for decades now are starting to decline as we have more and more fishermen using more advanced technology to catch more fish. Must be global warming.