Poll shows DeSantis on solid ground as Democrats try to find openings

One poll showed DeSantis with double-digit leads in head-to-head matchups with three Democratic challengers.

5/13/2021 5:00:00 AM

Three polls all have Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with favorable job approval ratings more than a year and a half ahead of his reelection campaign as Democrats ramp up their efforts to challenge him, a fresh new round of polling in Florida shows.

One poll showed DeSantis with double-digit leads in head-to-head matchups with three Democratic challengers.

as well as Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. Crist has already jumped into the race, with both Fried and Demings expected to follow. Fried put out a video on Wednesday teasing a June 1 official announcement.The three polls were done between mid-April and the first week of May and ranged in size from about 600 people surveyed to a 1,000 people.

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DeSantis has attracted national attention as a potential 2024 presidential contender because of his aggressive push to reopen the state following the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as his move to crack down on violent protesters with an "anti-riot" bill. DeSantis, whose own bid for governor was boosted by an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, governed initially as a moderate after his narrowly win in 2018. But since the pandemic, he routinely clashed with the media and ignored criticisms by Democrats.

The poll commissioned by Taddeo highlighted several possible fault lines between DeSantis and voters. It found that those surveyed opposed voting restrictions by a 56 percent to 37 percent margin. DeSantis recently signed the state’s controversial voting measure into law and touted it on Fox. That same poll found that 49 percent backed businesses being able to require proof of vaccinations, compared to 40 percent who did not. headtopics.com

Taddeo, a Miami Democrat who ran as Charlie Crist’s running mate in the 2014 governor’s race, said her polling “shows some clear opportunities we have as Democrats and some weaknesses we must tackle. Governor DeSantis is on the wrong side of critical issues, especially business mandates on public health measures and his continued efforts to make it harder to vote by mail.”

Democrats have tried to push back on Republicans by asserting that DeSantis — who this past legislative session pushed through bills aimed at Silicon Valley and racial justice protesters — is anti-Democratic. Fried’s newest video included a clip where she called him an “authoritarian dictator.”

But Tyson, who constantly tracks Florida’s voters, contends that Democrats — who lost across the board in races in Florida in 2020 — are misreading the electorate in the state.“When you listen to Democratic candidates today you hear them speak of things that are so out of touch with the typical Florida voter,” Tyson said. “The governor is advocating center-right policies in a center right state. No one should be shocked by that.”

Tyson completed another poll on Monday that had a different reading on DeSantis’s push to ban “vaccine passports.” His survey found that 55 percent opposed allowing businesses and government to require someone to show proof of a Covid-19 vaccine.Pointing to Fried’s video where she called DeSantis an “authoritarian,” Tyson argued that Democrats remain “disconnected.” headtopics.com

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Baby Trump! At one time, I thought I would like to live in Florida at least for part of the year. Now , Nahhh not so much. Creepy place that houses some of our countries most vile humans. He will win again. He tells people what they want to hear, regardless of the truth. ladevita12 Florida has the Cuban community that votes Republican. Florida also has the Villages with tons of Republican seniors who have moved from other states to live there in retirement hell where they spend time fighting with the seniors who are Democrats.

It's hard to believe anyone could have a favorable view of the job DeSantis has done...of course the polls were conducted by a Republican pollster and the Florida Chamber of Commerce, so I'm not putting much stock in their being unbiased and accurate. He is such a Ok but do we really want to take the opinion of people who choose to live in Florida and voted DeathSentence in office?

deSantis is a moron but like that trump guy, he's slippery. Unfortunately, too many people in Florida are old and only watch Fox. This Junior DJT is a complete and absolute failure. Get rid of him, please. Florida deserves this asshole. Politico DESPERATELY needs DesmSantis in FL and Jenner in CA, so it can fully morph into the new National Inquirer

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