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Police bodycam facial recognition matches 26 California lawmakers with mugshots

Police bodycam facial recognition matches 26 California lawmakers with mugshots


Police bodycam facial recognition matches 26 California lawmakers with mugshots

The findings were slammed by Amazon , with the technology giant accusing the ACLU of 'knowingly misusing and misrepresenting' Rekognition to make headlines.

The assemblyman said:"By deploying facial recognition software in these body cameras, instead of a tool that is supposed to build bridges, it becomes a tool of surveillance."

"This fear is real. As I stand here before you now, there is a technology that would have you believe that the only duly-elected representative of the 59th assembly district is a criminal. We cannot risk subjecting civilians to technology that might falsely put them in real danger."

Read more: Newsweek

Were they all Republicans? No worries it’s California. Probably most of them from San Francisco I’d say this technology needs some work. It should be able to match all of them with their mugshots. Wrongly IDs! Click bait ACLU and congresspeople say 26 mistakes out of 25000 is to many. Amazon says its not enough, they want 250 mistakes to be acceptable. 1 mistake that ends in a death after an encounter with a trigger happy, afraid for their life, unaccountable, LEO is to many.

arrest them What happened to the precogs? That’s really surprising. Surprising that the number is only 26. I’m sure it’s much higher than that. But it’s new technology. It’ll get better. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 bodycam facial recognition 100% accurate

Dayton Gunman Shot 26 People in 32 Seconds, Police Timeline RevealsThe gunman in last week’s massacre in Dayton, Ohio, was obsessed with mass shootings, the police said. He shot 26 people in 32 seconds before he was fatally shot by an officer. Yeah but he was a Libtard obsessed with mass shooting or whatever is not the issue? US citizens right to bear arms (Second Amendment) is the issue ? Do we have such things in other western democracies? Ask yourself ? Simple as GUNKILLS? Common Sense? This is why we tell you people not to blast shooters names and faces everywhere.

26 Pictures That Prove Old People Need To Be Protected At All CostsProtect old people. My spider said 'We don't bite people' .. so, maybe it was a bedbug. Is this a joke?

26 shot in 32 seconds: New details, videos released in Dayton mass shootingAuthorities release new surveillance videos of the suspected gunman's movements ahead of the Dayton, Ohio, mass shooting, shows the chaotic scene as bar-goers flee and officers run towards the gunfire. I'm British so obviously can't buy a gun off the bat. If I visited, say Florida, is there anything stopping me popping in to a Wal-Mart or whatever and buying an AR with loads of ammo and take it with me to Disney World? But we had no cameras on the Las Vegas shooter when Vegas is full of cameras. DEAR Father. PLEASE CONTINUE to Bless OUR POLICE! SINCERELY MS. GARY

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26 Songs to Help You Run Hard in the HeatThe best way to power through these hot August runs? An even hotter running playlist. 🎶🔥 Dance/electronic/edm Good playlist. I find listening to Queen really gets me going & makes me run farther.

California lawmakers want to ban facial-recognition technology in police body cameraA picture of every California state legislator was run through a facial-recognition program that matches facial images to a database of criminal mugshots, the ACLU of California says. The program falsely flagged 26 legislators as criminals, the ACLU says. Oh Please, or it means ............. Are ya SURE they were not guilty?

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