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New ancient giant penguin species which stood over 5 feet tall discovered

New ancient giant penguin species which stood over 5 feet tall discovered


New ancient giant penguin species which stood over 5 feet tall discovered

'The new species is one of the largest fossil penguins described so far and one of the very few giant penguins ,' said researcher Gerald Mayr.

The remains of the giant penguin were discovered in 2018 by amateur paleontologist Leigh Love at a site in North Canterbury—a region in New Zealand's South Island.

"The fossils discovered there have made our understanding of penguin evolution a whole lot clearer," Mayr said in a statement."There's more to come too—more fossils which we think represent new species are still awaiting description."

New Zealand is well-known for having hosted large birds in the past—including giant eagles, giant penguins and the flightless moa.

Model of a 1.6 meter-high giant penguin compared to an average-height woman.

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