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PM Johnson to tell EU's Tusk UK won't pay 39 billion pounds under no-deal Brexit - Sky News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to tell European Council head D...


PM Johnson to tell EU 's Tusk UK won't pay 39 billion pounds under no-deal Brexit - Sky News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to tell Eu ropean Council head D...

FILE PHOTO: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers a joint statement with French President Emmanuel Macron (not seen) before a meeting on Brexit at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, August 22, 2019. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

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And Tusk faints That should really help set Britain up as a trustworthy global partner. Good thinking that man. Nothing says ‘open for business’ like refusing to pay what is due. That's the way Boris !!! Hahahahaha not paying its bills, just like America. islammemiss bey ve CHMelih dolar kurunu nasıl etkiler bu durum üstatlar?

Go Johnson gooooooo!!! 💪🏻 He must be very helpless Deal or no deal, payment or no payment, the fundamental obstacle to BREXIT is the Irish border. That issue has not and cannot be resolved short of Irish reunification. The so-called 'backstop' is just so much hot air. Wrong..... A gentleman always pays his debts.

good luck with that Like TEA ACT for USA ..for be Free need be hard and not pay but fight for freedom and indipendence

UK PM Johnson says Tusk will be known as 'Mr No Deal' if agreement not changedBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned Eu ropean Council President Donal... Goodbye Fourth Reich! My relatives beat them and chased them back to Berlin last century, this century we did it peacefully. Classic projection 10/10

So UK is going default... He should be put in an institution for schyzophrenic And trigger a credit event that will completely destroy whatever trust in the UK remains. UK's credit rating will nosedive as will the value of the pound. Just paying what you owe is much cheaper. Smart. Might as well go ahead and tack on EU sanctions just in case the British economy didn't go into a total free fall post Brexit

Like that’s going to make the EU cave in… Nobody would be crazy enough to invest in the UK ever again. Slopping on one pile of lunacy after another with a very large trowel. He'll be gone by end September anyways. This isn't USA , he doesn't have Presidential powers and shall witness democracy in action . byebyeboris

Yes we will. We have already agreed to, twice. The £39bn is not a divorce settlement, it's the payment of outstanding obligations we are already legally committed to. How will this affect our credit rating if we renege on a debt? Answer. It will cripple inward investment and our purchasing power. False economy!

You want to leave? That’s the price. You brought this upon yourself. It was easy manipulating from the sidelines. Call Farage for ideas

UK PM Johnson says Britain will send back migrants who cross channel illegallyBritain will send back migrants who illegally try to cross the channel from Fran... It's really easy say all.these things. Just ask his big brother in the great United States of America Why's? Quit being like America, it’s not a good look!! A message from an American.

So like Trump he's not going to pay the bills. I think you mean 'Repay' The stupidity of this concept is IMMENSE. He sure won’t be making any trade deals with us without that Irish backstop, either. 🤨 Brothers from another mother. Wow, the UK really has learned from Trump's strategy of never paying anyone what you owe and instead making the bankruptcy so awful that they will negotiate to see even a single penny back

So this is the UK version of trump? Look at that hair piece! They'll wait. We'll come crawling back when we have no clean drinking water. Work away boris! You will be begging for trade deal by the end of November

UK PM Johnson seeks legal advice on five-week parliament closure: The ObserverBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked his attorney general whether parl... From Marina Wheeler? He is as bad as Trump! Willing to do anything to get his way, not matter how undemocratic it is.

As he should... From an empire class now to Germany’s slave dog, did Germany just conquer Europe under one disgused Euro flag owned by thr Fatherland? How time turns the tide. Im sure thats an excellent point in negotiations for a good deal for Britain in Brexit. Im sure USA is thrilled to help BorisJohnsonPM. TrumpBodyCount

Until the trade negotiations commence with the EU, when they will demand the full amount before sitting down to talk. Britain 2019 - The Veruca Salt of Europe. sunlorrie We’re reneging on the money we owe and agreed to pay, but trust us, we’ll find a solution to the Irish border. Funny. Welcome to the new slave trade system.

Quite understandable if Tusk & Johnson dislike each other. Johnson is all bluff, bluster & 🐂💩, (all mouth & trousers), Tusk is the antithesis of this. Will not pay it under any circumstances.

UK PM Johnson orders airport scanner upgrade by 2022British Prime Minister Johnson on Saturday ordered all British airports to upgra... At last It is right. They are no longer, unfortunately, a Member State. Promises Promises Promises written on the side of his big red bus 🤡

If the bought members don’t get their free stuff (cohesion funding) as a result, will they leave too! Tell me, why does BJ resemble every single White Brit, like of them? Did they mix all the nations jiz in one big vat and do some generic experiment? Good for him. Don't bow to the psychopaths running the EU.

BUBARKANBANSER BubarkanBPIP Good for him. So what’s he going to do when his country begins to run out of food? Does he think Trump will agree to trade terms that are favorable? Wish in one hand, shit in the other ...... The EU who allowed 10k refugee children to go missing in Greece? Mostly probably ended up in Merkels brothels & Amsterdam. Ignored as brothels a good tax € for Deutschland. Have no shared ideology with institution that encourages illegal trafficking & freedoms for criminals

Why Doesn't this surprise anyone? For centuries, not all Anglo - Saxons have respected their words and are trying to give democracy lessons to the world. For over a thousand years history has repeated itself. Congratulations. Fantastic. Rediculous made up figure anyway just to punish UK for leaving. Britain tried to bluff the continent but failed. You don’t hold a single card BJ! The sooner you realise/accept that the better. I’m sure you will get a sweet deal in exchange for your threats🙄. Whatever happened to the unicorns & the “easiest deal ever”? Idioticnotions

Next Bank of England chief must be independent and 'first class': PM JohnsonThe next governor of the Bank of England has to be someone who is independent an... Im sure he will be just as classy as you. 🙄 Is there a subtext to this?

When you really have no leg to stand on, you counter with ridiculous demands. He's cut from the Trump cloth isn't he? He is becoming vulgar and childish! No nation would ever take this country serious again for decades to come never mind its littered history of taking other governments money to deliver this/that from Ottoman warships to Iranian orders How shame 60 + million watching this charade

Great!! Now two of the stalwarts of Democracy are no longer trustworthy. Great! Oh boy... Because England can’t be trusted to agree to a negotiated contract either....fuffin great. Surely with the weakening of the pound that figure has increased.......... Same hair The UK is as unreliable and dishonest as the USA! Great times for people like Don the Con and lil boris!

Suuurrre........jjjaaaaaaaaannnnn Oh good!! 39 billion are they nuts!!! Watch out EU before you know it you’ll have no friends left!! BorisJohnson save your country!! uk britain brexit

The Latest: Former Iraq PM warns Israel of 'strong response'BAGHDAD (AP) — The Latest on the situation in Iraq, after U.S. officials confirmed Israel last month bombed a weapons depot belonging to Iran-backed Shiite militias (all times local): 1:20... LoL! Oh good now we’re getting evicted from Iraq good work as always Chosen One. DerangedDonald Another one bites the dust...Iraq? Really? Remember Obama? Yeah, you didn’t deserve it you see the irony?

Is PM Johnson genes related to president Trump

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PM Johnson to tell EU's Tusk UK won't pay £39 billion under no-deal Brexit: Sky News
Florida Vs. Miami: 2019 College Football Schedule, Odds And Predictions PM Johnson to tell EU's Tusk UK won't pay £39 billion under no-deal Brexit: Sky News