Pelosi knocks 'Moscow Mitch' for blocking gun, election interference bills

Democrats have been ramping up pressure on McConnell to take up gun control legislation in the wake of recent mass shootings.


House Speaker Pelosi slams Senate Majority Leader McConnell for blocking bills aimed at preventing gun violence and foreign election interference.

Democrats have been ramping up pressure on McConnell to take up gun control legislation in the wake of recent mass shootings.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday slammed"Moscow Mitch" — a derisive nickname for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — for blocking bills aimed at preventing gun violence and foreign election interference.

Mueller warned that Russia was already preparing to interfere in the 2020 election"as we sit here," calling the Kremlin's efforts"the new normal."

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When news channels claim saying fake news is dangerous, then they use the hashtag 'moscow mitch' in their 'professional' news story!!! Yes real journalism is completely dead!!!!! All MSM outlets are now the Liberal progressive Democrat party. Think your not being brainwashed? The speaker can destabilize Moscow Mitch. She can steer Congress towards a comprehensive immigration bill that defines the policies drafted by consensus. It may not pass the Senate, but will expose that Trump and Mitch support Ken Cuccinelli's immigration concept .

When you had the White House, when you had the Senate and when you had the house...None of you did nothing about Guns. All of you tore apart our health care. So don’t blame McConnel now. Blame yourself . There is no gun law that will stop this problem🤦‍♂️😡 Pelosi is not what a lot of DEMOCRATS want. She had the votes when OBAMA was voted in, WHAT DID THEY DO. NOTHING. They always do NOTHING. and now she is pretending to want to do something when she absolutely knows that the VOTES are not there. THEY ARE THE DO NOTHING CONS

mitchellreports Give me a break Pelosi, how about the Obama and Clinton administrations...oh I forgot they were PERFECT!! How about the murder of Ghadafi when Hillary was Secretary of State...she is the one that stated, kill that son of a bitch!! Democrats have become so unhinged, settle down Nancy. Your bill won't prevent gun violence & your. bill will not prevent election interference. Election - Voter ID, democrats can't have illegals or dead people vote. Can't stop gangs & criminals, they don't buy guns legally

mitchellreports As she vacations Europe! Lol Mitch is a wicked old man living in the pass. But you can bet the bottom dollars, Mitch is lining his pocket with Russian & Chinese money and can careless about the stuggling Americans. People with money only worship people with more money. And where are the GOP spending their recess? Russia! That’s all you need to know of their priorities. 👎🏽

Trump mulling North Korea envoy to be next ambassador to MoscowThe White House is discussing whether to replace Jon Huntsman, the outgoing US ambassador to Moscow, with Steve Biegun, the special representative for North Korea, two administration officials tell CNN

mitchellreports God Bless Nancy, God dam Moscow Mitch It's about time. Next move: you are 3 in the line of succession SpeakerPelosi , 1 and 2 are useless and impotent. Use your voice on the world stage. The entire world is falling apart. Moscow Mitch has crawled into his shell and can't see you so you can't see him

ElectionSecurity ElectionSecurityNOW MoscowMitch MoscowMitchMcTraitor MassacreMitch DitchMitch Moscow Mitch lost all respect, even from his peers. Now? Just back from ITALY AND GUATEMALA. Cancel recess and get to work MeetThePress Remember When Obama Pledged ‘More Flexibility’ To Putin After Winning The 2012 Election?

Obviously slamming MoscowMitch does absolutely nothing to protect Americans. Where will the next mass shooting occur? Will it happen in your neighborhood?

Kremlin: Putin doesn't think Moscow protests significantVideo of police officer punching young woman in the stomach stirs anger among many Russians who believe authorities have used excessive force to disperse weeks of political demonstrations in Moscow. Looks like a liver shot to me. See how the henchmen of Putin are beating the crap out of women in Moscow. That is the friend of Big D doing all those sordid deeds. Should we expect such on our streets soon? Police brutality against women in broad daylight. She should stop resisting arrest.

Moscow Mitch is famous for lying & screwing every one. When MM blocks a bill, like regarding gun violence & election interference, he should be required to report why. No one should have that much power! Get on his ass about blocking that dam impeachment tell him we will take it to the streets Nobody cares what SpeakerPelosi thinks says or does.. Her career is ending as Queen of the corrupted Dems .. VoteDemsOut2020

I don't much about all of this but what is the harm of simply putting both those things up for a vote in the Senate. Is it because then people in Congress will actually have to do some work. While I appreciate Nancy Pelosi slamming Mitch McConnell for blocking bills, this only works with people who can feel shame. Mitch McConnell doesn't give a shit if people die, or can vote without foreign interference.

Both help GOP win elections with money and misinformation. MoscowMitch Finally. A Big NYET from the Republicans.

Kremlin shrugs off Moscow protests, backs tough police responseThe Kremlin on Tuesday shrugged off five weeks of street protests in support of ... Of course they do, luckily for them trump applauds this Hey you know when the left in the US takes our guns, they can send the police out to beat the crap out of us too.

She’s drunk tho All legislation in the world won't stop gun violence, it's a societal prob. There were machine guns in the 20's and no bans on them and there weren't any mass shootings MeetThePress Kentucky will soon have a new name- New Moscow. Its leader Moscow Mitch. Congratulations former Kentucky, you are now under the control of Putin.🇷🇺

Now why would Moscow Mich do that? Is it because he knows that Trump can only win if elections are tampered with? Does he has stock in undertakers business's? Why else would he prevent these bills.

Moscow court allows opposition candidate to run after protest: TASSThe Moscow city court cancelled a decision by an election commission to bar a Ru... Get some body guards,food tasters, vehicle starter,mountain top retreat,..if your up against Vlad Protests work. Here's proof. Isn’t this interesting...

Kremlin says protests in Moscow have not created political crisisThe Kremlin denied on Tuesday that political protests in Moscow in recent weeks ... They also added they definitely didn't poison anyone in Salisbury either. The Nuclear radiation problem on the other hand? Oh problem there either! Leaders put in jail on trumped-up charges?

Trump admin quiet on Moscow protests while defending Hong Kong's demonstrationsFor more than a month now, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of two major cities to demand democratic reforms and been met by strong crackdowns by their government. But only one of those movements is getting vocal support from the U.S. China doesn't 'support' Trump the way Russia does... and Russia supports Trump the same way you hold up a puppet. truth TrumpResignNow Трамп не сделает ничего, чтобы расстроить своего марионеточного Путина In Romania and France, everything is fine.

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