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Lyubov Sobol, Mike Pompeos

Trump admin quiet on Moscow protests while defending Hong Kong's demonstrations

Amid weeks of protests in Moscow and Hong Kong, the Trump administration has been outspoken in support of Hong Kong while refusing to say much of anything about Russia


For more than a month now, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of two major cities to demand democratic reforms and been met by strong crackdowns by their government. But only one of those movements is getting vocal support from the U.S.

Amid weeks of protests in Moscow and Hong Kong , the Trump administration has been outspoken in support of Hong Kong while refusing to say much of anything about Russia

In both cities, authorities have responded with fierce crackdowns that have, at times, included the use of brute force.

Hong Kong police clashed with protesters at a main train station as pro-democracy protests stretched into their 10th week with no sign of either side backing down.

Asked about the protests and the alleged poisoning of Navalny, Pompeo said,"I don't have anything to add this morning. I think everyone understands the U.S. position, right? This goes for -- you asked about Hong Kong earlier, Russia, all these places -- we always support freedom of expression, freedom to practice one's religion, to live out one's conscience. We hope that for every citizen of the world."

The response to Moscow's demonstrations is also in sharp contrast to those in Hong Kong.

Others in the administration have not been quite as vocal, deferring more to Chinese authority over the territory. Hong Kong is a specially administered region -- a part of China, but with its own capitalist economic system and a degree of political autonomy.

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idiotinchief This is a great opportunity for the U.S. to use Hong Kong as a bargaining chip to help solve that crisis for China in exchange for China to do the same for the U.S. with North Korea. This is a Godsend new opportunity for the U.S., not so much for China since they have always used BidenBeto2020

Still waiting for the president to comment on the situations in Zamunda, Borduria and Freedonia. AngelMabel19761 He does not have a clue. Bozo the Clown..' We'll see what happens?' What sort of assurance is that? Some 'art of the deal,' this Chump turns out to be! SMDH.. Trump is afraid of the China and will not advise them to stop.

Imbecile is a lenient term. This statement answers the burning question: is China also paying Trump? Hope President.T can invite all these 'protesters' to America, and bring these beautiful 'democracy' protestings in current HK to his Great America. I believe it can MAGA for sure! God - the stupid is thick with this one. Disturbingly so.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at anti-government protesters Hong Kong police fired tear gas at demonstrators in the working class district o... Hong Kong has become a battle ground & will never be the same again, time for investors to walk away? This is teargas that causes blistering injuries. well done to do that

No idea ...thinks Hong Kong is son of King Kong .... definitely lives in China What a ZERO - what a NOTHING ! This man is a FakePresident and he is UnfitForOffice ! He is a disgrace. Day by day - EVERY damn day ! Lame! USA doesn't need to be involved in this. Dems and Republicans can't even be in the sane room without violence or name calling. We're the last ones that need to stick our nose in Hong Kong's crap!

Trump’s vocabulary reminds me of myself in middle school trying to write an essay. Trump, this guy, if the protesters have nothing to do with the United States, why are they holding the American flag? Why not raise the French flag? Because the United States bought the protesters. More gobbledy gook from the ignorant 🤡

Can’t believe I have to say this twice in one day ... are you f^*~€g kidding me? Trump: 'This Hong Kong thing. There are very fine people on both sides.' The President of the United States on Foreign Policy- 'We'll see what happens, but I'm sure it will work out.' Donald J. Trump 2019

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters as confrontation looms Hong Kong police fired tear gas at protesters on Sunday as a tenth straight week... Getting tired of these young losers of HK. HK property bubble will burst in a month or so if this continues Protesters should shut down Hong kong International Terminals Limited

Trump should know that there is no Hong Kong thing, there is only the China thing! And the China thing is none of you Trump's business! Ok?! Hong Kong belongs to China! You Trump just shut up!😀 Seriously, he has never said anything that makes sense. I need a secret decoder ring. 管好自己的事情,世界搅屎棍,特朗普拉屎不够废青吃呀!

Trump ruining America...... He is such an anal opening. Well spoken - the most stupid thing that could be done is link the economic dispute with an internal Political fight. Translation - he has no clue what he is talking about. Do we honestly believe he knows anything about what’s happening ! Seriously ... “it’s a tough situation”. Yeah right .. the once great United States of America

What a lame brain!

Hong Kong leader says rule of law being damaged, city's recovery will take long time Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that 'lawbreaking activities in... Is she resigning? lam Will take ‘a’ long time. Come on.

As an educator, I would give a failing grade to any of my high school students for such a general answer. Americans should expect more from their leaders. PS: you can at least mention the issues being brought up, even when advised to not take a side. Nuance gives Justice a chance America make the roit of HK,you are a liar by the way Mr.Presiden

Vomit!😝 somebody needs to ask him some completely made up shit, 'Mr. President, how do you feel about what's happening in the Sinnoh and Kalos regions?' 我认为香港的示威者可以移民英国和美国,让他们体会民主的好处,经常上街表达自己的意见,政府不答应,就示威到底。可以去美国国会议员打砸抢。美国可不惯这些暴徒,早就血流成河了。 The most ignorant person in our country is running it. Sad. Mucking Foron

Trump is never ever for democracy. Not the people, but for China.. he is a idiot. Ugh The Hong Kong thing? It's like having a malicious Elmo as President.

How Hong Kong clashes could wallop the U.S. stock marketProtests in Hong Kong that have persisted for the past two months could eventually deliver a lasting blow to U.S. markets, strategists and experts tell... Scary headlines garner more clicks Sorry, wishful thinking on your part. Not gonna happen.

why don't all the angry people in hong kong just drive over here to america , we will accept you with open arms ‘I hope it works out’ ... aka ‘I really don’t know anything about it’ 香港胶着的现状 1、派出大量便衣混入抗议者中,制造暴乱事端,嫁祸栽赃港人 2、北京官媒污名化香港抗议者是暴徒暴乱,进行屠港前的舆论准备 3、大量军车集结深圳心理威慑香港 4、北京派团到美进行外交斡旋,用金钱利诱美方同意解放军入港屠城,换得美不终止香港自由关税区地位,不查封中共海外资产

He's has 0 idea wtf they are talking about. Has his hair (sides) always gone over the ear? Please advise. What are you saying Trump? Democracy is tough. I wish we had a president that defended it. Sad Really? We'll see what happens. Now that is a specific and strategic based policy. .NOT. Can we get this idiot out of office?

Who is this person?!!

Hong Kong leader urges calm as protest tensions rise; airport reopens Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said on Tuesday the city's recovery from protes... Stay calm, give up your rights and take the tear gas! Meanwhile in the U.S. -- Fredo, Mia Khalifa, and Dick Swett are the top three trending on Twitter... This is what we have done with our limitless access to knowledge. Given freedom of thought this is where we are. They are terrorists, they should all be locked up in jail for attacking police officers, broken public facilities and assaulting people with different opinions.

Very fine people on both sides. So tired of a president that has no clue what he's even saying. His sentences make no sense. Just words come pouring out of his mouth. Does realDonaldTrump EVER say ANYTHING of substance or intelligence? You are definitely a president with very little or no knowledge of words to address such an unjustified event .

Ohhhh man this guys so idiots Someone, anyone, please duck tape trump's mouth. He is the biggest security threat this nation has. NJmominFL Birthing even tiny elements of democracy in a very tightly ruled nation where the individual does not seem to matter much, only the governments goals for power, can be painful-for everyone. We need to pray over this one realDonaldTrump

Great answer and will be appreciated by China as well! Like he knows anything abt anything why he’s being so hypocritical? saying something he didn’t even mean it😤😤

Yen near seven-month peak versus dollar; Hong Kong, Argentina woes fan risk aversionThe yen traded close to a seven-month high against the dollar on Tuesday, as unr...

jeeps such intelligent answers Translation: I've no clue what you're talking about and what to do about it! Does it have to do with golf? His words make sense, once you realize that realDonaldTrump favors authoritarian control in Hong Kong, and everywhere else in the world. Next question: Do you really know what's happening in Hong Kong? The elephants are rampaging. Trump: Sure, they'll handle it. Reporter: That's not really what's happening. Did you read your intelligence report?

Hong Kong 'thing?' He's the president, for crying out loud. pero por que no mira en su pais como son las matanzas, que hipocrita. He has no idea whats going on in China 😂 Another demonstration of realDonaldTrump s cluelessness. He doesn’t understand that Hongkong‘s fight for democracy and human rights is diametrically opposed to China‘s direction of total control of each citizen around the clock.

Could realDonaldTrump suck any more than he already does? Oh wait......Please don’t answer that. Dork

How? For a guy who watches TV 24/7, he sure has no clue about current world affairs. What does he watch? Fox? What is the 'Hong Kong thing'? Complexity and History are involved and the need to know about it! Does he know where Hong Kong is? Some how I hope to forget before my death the actual existence of this creature.

He doesn't know what's going on. When will a reporter ask for details when asking him a question They know dam well he doesn't know what's going on !!!! Did Trump just endorse Communism? Not only does he have no idea what is going on in Hong Kong, he also doesn't even know where Hong Kong is.

He has no idea what’s going on there He has no idea what is going on. Eloquent as always. OMG! The president of the United States has no idea what is going on in Hong Kong. Why does he always sound like he’s bull shitting his way through a mid-term exam? It’s so shameful! Spending his time watching late night shows, his boot lickers Fox Show and tweeting every minute without having any clue what’s going on in Hong Kong or around the world.. That’s the GOP’s POTUS 🤦🏻‍♂️

And the specific follow up question was? Oh, right. There wasn’t one Does he know where Hong Kong is? His responses are so vague. No clue as to what is happening. I am sure there are very fine people....on both sides. 😂😂 BigOrange has mastered the art of saying nothing and still managing to sound stupid.

And this is who runs our country? Ass 🌹❤️👍🙏MAGA 鉴于最近解放军伪装成香港警察部队对香港人采取的暴力行动,我们正式申请将中共视为恐怖组织,谢谢! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍💪❤️❤️❤️ TRump loves Both sides of everything. In my opinion he is President Evil. Do you hope it works out? 'The trade war just got 10 years longer.' He’s a moron

Obviously he’s not prodemocracy these people want their freedom not their communistregime hitlerhimself trump Meanwhile while he takes his little shit show on the road today, it’s costing workers 8 hours of pay and a total of 3.2 million dollars in labor today at that job site. My husband works this job.

请川普总统尽快把中共列为 Why ask him anything at this point Words ... just words with no content. Demonstrating his usual grasp of the situation. Putin explained it to him What the hell is he saying? It’s all gibberish. Hong Kong! Oh yeah! That's in China. Right? Hasn’t a scooby doo what’s going on

见利忘义的家伙 Someone send him a map, so he will find Hong Kong 🇭🇰 This is what a person says when they haven't the slightest idea what you asked them. He should be true to form and just say, um what. Worst businessman ever leading our country. 🤦🏼‍♀️ realDonaldTrump why don’t you just shut up. Nothing you say makes sense. RoadBuddyOfDeceasedChildPredator

Like what everyone else is saying, he has absolutely no idea what’s going non with Hong Kong. WHERE THE FUCK IS HE GOING NOW . I thought he was at MAR A PEDO. Not gonna give us a break is he. Those are his words on every foreign situation

So.. he did not anything that is meaningful... What do you think about the gonorrhea that you have? 'I think It is a tough situation, I hope it can work out for everyone...' Such an eloquent, verbose, deep-thinking speaker. 😂😂😂😂😂 Trump doesn't give a rat's ..... about Hong Kong. Unless it hurts China. But he's fine with a crackdown or two.

It “working out” for China would mean the destruction of a democratic society which would be replaced with a communist one.... Translation. I couldn’t turn off OAN long enough to be briefed on anything other than making sure Barr is covering for all republicans possible linked to Epstein and I have no clue what’s going on in Hong Kong.

He never actually says anything. Unless it’s vile racist rhetoric. Trump couldn't find Hong Kong on a map of Hong Kong. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥👎👎👎 Because few things say strong decisive leadership quite like “I’m sure it’ll work out. I hope it works out.” The Hong Kong thing Frumpy must think it’s the new gangnam style. 🙄

Do you have to report every stupid thing he says. There is no significance to 95% of his utterances. Translation: he’s clueless Screw whoever voted for this clown Dumbo flies again!! The great thing about Trump is he talks as if you are someone he knows rather than the programmed BS that comes from the “entitled”, elite politicians.

He has no clue Staying neutral, good job. What a freaking fool. He really lacks in the speech department unless he's on a expletive tirade or insulting on Twitter. He has no idea what’s going on... The 'Kid trying to bluff his way through a book report presentation on a book he clearly hasn't read' act is getting real old.

that was... just.... an incredible speech regarding everything in detail that is occurring in hong kong and how that connects to us as americans..... not! haha u thought. Sellout Boy, do these pull-string dolls have a limited vocabulary! Incoherent again. Very, very, very.......lying, lying,lying.....not fit for office

A clueless dotard chiming in on something he no doubt knows nothing about. WSWH Such a nuanced and detailed answer from the president. But enough about his critique of Chris Cuomo's ratings... Embarrassing. Julie Eadeh, a US diplomat in Hong Kong, was caught meeting HK protest leaders. It would be hard to imagine the US reaction if Chinese diplomat were meeting leaders of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter or Never Trump protesters.

Actual leaders of actual democracies hope that it works out so that the people of Hong Kong maintain and strengthen their democratic government. WhatAnAsshole

You have no decency in your being.. its all about the $$$ He has no idea what the fuck is going on. Narrator: He has no idea what the “Hong Kong” thing is. Blah, blah, blah. I'll do what Bolton tells me to. Such a intellectual man he is 🤣🤡 Doesn’t have a strategy no idea how to negotiate deals The Hong Kong thing! This moron has no clue about Honk Kong. What did he read,0!

Wrong answer Don In other words, “I have zero idea what the Hong Kong situation is” How to make utterances without saying anything.

He sure knows what he is talking about.....such a generic response What does that even ...? Old racist orange doesn’t know what’s going on there pure ignorance He has no idea what he is talking about or what it is your asking. Can he be interviewed anywhere else where there arent plane engines roaring in the background or is that to drown out the fact that he doesnt know WTF hes talking about

Trump, financier of HK's protest, betrays himself when he says that 'I'm sure 'it will work out'. I hope it works out for everybody—including China' How is he sure? Can't hide now that he's directing the street violence and the destabilization there. People ain't stupid anymore You should've asked him what situation it is exactly, so you'd know he has no clue.

Does anyone believe trump has any idea or care about the protests in Hong Kong? He really looks like 'something's happening in Hong Kong I should know about?' Now ask a follow-up: “President Trump do you even have the first fucking clue what the protests are about? Or even where Hong Kong is?”

Hooray for you Mr President Agent Orange translation:' I have no idea what's going on in Hong Kong, if it wasn't on Fox News it didn't make it to my ears.' TuesdayThoughts China VoteHimOut MoronPresident Inept Things an inept impotent IllegitimatePresident would say... Many words to say that he doesn't have a fucking clue.

This clown, the self proclaimed SUPREME DICTATOR, doesn’t have the brains of a piss ant and he demonstrates it every time he opens his FATT LIPS and blows more hot air! “We’ll see what happens”...ugh... National embarrassment. Every. Single. Day. He has no idea about what he is saying. Trump is never specific about anything because he is clueless about everything.

Did he just get back from fighting Wildfires in Siberia? Your ignorance and disdain for democracy is on full display Donnie. If it works out for China it will not work out for Hong Kong.

Disgusting. What a coward Because China is known for Liberty. That’s his response 😑😑😑 “ very tough situation, very tough” and “we’ll see what’s happes”. Thanks for letting your intelligence really peak today 👍🏻 Question should be: explain to us what is going on in Hong Kong? Translation: I really am not sure what's happening or why. But I hear that we are supposed to hope it works out.

O pee off, Im fed up of listening to his strange announcements on the White House lawn with copter blades always in full force, (presumbly for some kind of dramatic effect show) in background, which R generally all out lies, or spin, or shit hes goin to change mind on again. YUK He really does think he’s smarter than everyone else and that no one has figured out that he has the same exact response to everything.

President Vague is at it again. So many words yet nothing said.

He's clueless That just means he has no fukin clue what's happening His go to answer for everything......'We'll see what happens' 'I'm sure it will work out' the only thing he left our was 'and it'll be great' Why ask him about anything?He blathers on and says nothing because he knows nothing about it. He never knows.

Translation: Trump has no idea what is going on in Hong Kong Such a deep, well thought and captivating response. Good god the man has zero clue Tough thing, tough situation. This guy doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Beyond pathetic And Putin, don't forget your real boss.

Freedom Loving Hong Kong Capitalist (vs) Socialist Communist China The Challenged in Chief strikes again. The American people will never give up their right to carry and bear arms, period! Also, the 2nd Amendment is what protects and guarantees our 1st Amendment. realDonaldTrump is the biggest embarrassment to democracy and the Western world. He would rather stand with dictators and Communist leaders than Hong Kong youngsters fighting for their freedom! FREEHONGKONG 🇭🇰

“Including China”. Well who else is involved? He talks just to hear his own voice. He says that about literally every situation. Donald you are an enormous embarrassment & disgrace! Do you understand democracy & how much it’s survival means to millions around the globe? Do you? 😡😡😡 Trump Translation: I have no clue what you are talking about

Lost in translation🤦🏽‍♀️

Word salad with extra dressing Keep the hammer down... We don't need to lose for ever One intelligent sentence, that is all I'm asking.😔 He would have said the same thing if asked about the situation with the Oompah Loompahs in Loompahland. He has no idea what he’s talking about He has NO IDEA what the hell is going on, does he

I know how to talk. So insightful.... samsung galaxy note10 price in india $1260 (link: Same stupid words, different crisis. 🤦🏼‍♀️

'bring Captain Solo and the Wookiee to me' It's plainly obvious he has no idea what the fuck is going on in Hong Kong. Trump can’t upset his boss Help!!! I think more like HUNDREDS of thousands of HK protesters or total millions not 1000s Take aim at Trump and slip on the Yellow Vests your bias forces you to ignore.

为了连任,为了拉票 In Romania and France, everything is fine. Трамп не сделает ничего, чтобы расстроить своего марионеточного Путина China doesn't 'support' Trump the way Russia does... and Russia supports Trump the same way you hold up a puppet. truth TrumpResignNow

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