Over half of Republicans believe election was stolen from Trump: poll

60% of Republican voters believe the election was stolen from fmr. President Trump, according to a new Reuters / Ipsos poll.

4/7/2021 6:59:00 PM

60% of Republican voters believe the election was stolen from fmr. President Trump, according to a new Reuters / Ipsos poll.

A majority of Republican voters believe the election was stolen from former President Trump, according to new numbers from Ipsos/Reuters. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Có những điểm tương đồng, ko có quá nhiều bạn bè hay các mối quan hệ phức tạp. Bằng tuổi hoặc hơn tuổi Ignorance is bliss is bull AGAIN WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? Are there really that many stupid Americans living in America? History will show that 60% of Republicans believed in Trump's lies. Just secede already.

Cause they’re stupid What, that's like 15% of the electorate? 30% have always been fucked in the head. Let’s forget about the former! Please!!!! His stupid Big Lie had to be forgotten. Don’t mention it anymore! 🤡 This just in.... 60%!of Republican voters believe in Santa clause the tooth fairie and the Brooklyn bridge is for sale. Call me!

Well that is what happens in America when you have donny🐑🐏 Makes sense, iver half of Republicans don't know whats good for them. They like the elders to think for them, tell them stories and make their hate a source of calming pablum Stop putting his picture up and giving it weight. Why aren't you promoting the Fairness Doctrine to do away with the lying Fox News who are promoting these untruths!

They will believe anything Liar Of course they do. He spent the entire time between the election and Biden’s inauguration shouting it to the heavens along with all his supporters in politics and the media. Americans are conditioned to believe what the President of the United States says. As I explained many times over no amount of evidence will convince an idiots. Trumps Patriotism 😖. Now go on and save as many as you can. God Save The United States of America.

And AGAIN, 60% of Republican voters are delusional! Maybe too much Tang? Playing too much Trumpet? Deprogramming definitely needed! Can't imagine so many Republicans are Special Needs. So sad 😞 That's why he ran on the Republican ticket. I don't think they care about truth and are gullible to believe this propaganda.

They have been dearly mistaken. Meaning Over half of republicans are conspiracy theory believing whack jobs Can’t fix stupid. The same morons who believe in Q and all the other lies and propaganda. We tried to explain it to them. It just won’t sink in. Losing steam? Many thought 90% since Jan. 6 Insurrection.

Who cares? Megan Cain (The View)who is a strong Republican, she said in 2020, that the president should come up with a better strategies otherwise he will lose this election.Then Experts started their predictions and COVID19 PANDEMIC put the final nail on the coffin. An Inserrection and Coup to Overthrow the Republic was directed by the President of the United States speaking from the Podium with the Presidential Shield. No amount of Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, Sinclair, Parler, GOP CPAC Republican Party propaganda can cover that up. EVER!

Still that translates into ~30% of the US population are total idiots. Disturbing, what has happened to the US. Smh I think it was 80% before, so some people must be waking up. Never showed any proof. It was all lip service. Yet, they believed it. And less than 1% of Democrats believe. If Donald Trump said sh-t tastes like M&Ms, 60% of Republicans would believe it!

😂😂😂 60% of republicans are sheep 🐑 The truely evil part is that 60% know they squarely lost but choose to promote a lie. Crazy Cult It was legally taken so 60% of 40% of the US population.... Hold those who ran the QAnon psy op accountable. All. Of. Them. Cause they were told with no proof that it was.but the fact show otherwise. Them people are unreasonable emotional quacks.

I don't care what they think. They have been told a bunch of lies, which they choose to believe. Eff em. 60% idiots in America. So sad 100% of that 60% is 100% wrong. Yeah like 18% of the population is retarded, we already know this We are looking to hire a couple of work from home Data Entry Clerk.. $22/Hour payment Urgently Needed!!! No Experience Needed! We Train! Bonuses! Full Benefits! Working hours is flexible Get a free laptop No start up fee $22 per hour If you have a Smartphone.. Message me

Lol You mean 60% of republican dummies with less than half a brain, thought it was stolen. stop giving this man man Twitter space I enjoy when we at least get a percentage showing how many people are stupid. they're delusional. So ridiculous and very sad. Exactly how many idiots in total, 20 million? That % doesn't say much for this country..frightening!

It's because they have zero I.Q . And keep their heads buried in the sand . Because 60% of the population are drooling village idiots! ✌🏻 Brainwashed 60% of REPUBLICANS who are cult followers is not 60% of the American public. 60% are ignorant fools then. Well doesn’t that show just how fucking stupid they really are!

Then 60% of republicans are batshit crazy You can't fix stupid or stop habitual liars. What percentage believed the Russia stole the election lie? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Sixty court decisions say otherwise. You are supposed to be a news organization. Stop it! Just stop allowing yourself to be used to circulate lies and misinformation! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Din the Con still has sway over people. THERE IS NO CURE FOR STUPID 😂😂 All the Dems believe dump n Russians stole 2016 election It is to be expected. Those 60% don’t know any better. They flew from across the country to storm the Capitol. That speaks volumes Once it becomes a 'belief' it is immune to any factual argument. Stop trying and move on. You are trying to teach a pig to sing. Go after Fox News as the mullah telling the faithful to believe in the lie.

That’s an alarming number of misinformed people...😞😕 Of that 60% how many of them own a Mr pillow. What is the estimated number of Republicans this 60% represents? I know many Republicans who have left the party because it turned into the trumplican party. Give all those Republicans CULT members a FREE ONE WAY TICKET to Russia! I guarantee they will be whining about wanting to come back to OUR Country with OUR DEMOCRACY instead of consistently being held down with NO FREEDOMS under the KNEE of Putin!

60% of Republican voters choose to be ignorant regarding US elections. No one cares. Stop posting Trump stuff. Enough. Does that tiny print at the bottom state that the 60% came from a sample of 379 Republicans? Because if so, this is just sensationalism that means absolutely NOTHING.