Stock Your Kitchen with These Expertly Crafted Handmade Cooking Tools

Stock your kitchen with these expertly crafted handmade cooking tools

4/7/2021 6:34:00 PM

Stock your kitchen with these expertly crafted handmade cooking tools

The artisans on 'Handmade' have dedicated their lives to making tools for chefs and restaurants, and you can own them too

Eater VideoBorough Furnace is a family-run shop that creates handmade cast iron skillets, oven-to-table bakeware, and Dutch ovens. Co-owners Liz Seru and John Truex are hands-on in every aspect of the lengthy process, from building the molds, to pouring the molten metal, to sanding, shaping, and seasoning the pots and pans.

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Each piece is either finished in a kiln, or given an enamel coating, Borough Furnace’s specialty. It’s actually the only company in the U.S. to enamel cast iron, and Seru and Truex achieve this with an “enamel slip” spray, similar to those used in glazing ceramics, composed of glass, clay, and powder. Their mix is specially engineered to expand and shrink with the pan as it goes from an oven to room temperature to keep the enamel from chipping.

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