Over 100 Michigan School Districts Closed Friday Due To Threats After Shooting

More than 60 schools closed earlier in the week due to copycat threats.

Gun Violence, Michigan

12/3/2021 7:26:00 PM

More than 60 schools closed earlier in the week due to copycat threats.

More than 60 schools closed earlier in the week due to copycat threats.

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School chief: Discipline not needed for boy before shooting | AP NewsOXFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — The superintendent of a Michigan school district says no discipline was necessary for a teen who was summoned to the office a few hours before four students were fatally shot. You know what adds nothing to your story... This guy's photo It’s always those people... Pardon me for stating the obvious, but one look at this kid and the photos of the kids he shot, and you can pretty much figure out what everyone else is trying hard not to say.

의로움은 낮춰질 수 없는 하나님의 기준입니다 RoadToMenengai4 메넹가이4_가는_길 Sucks when this is a thing you have to really consider putting on your kids back to school shopping list...

Severed Deer Head on Campus, Rumors of Violence Preceded Michigan School ShootingThough authorities maintain that there were no credible threats before the shooting, notices were sent to the Oxford High School community addressing troubling events and rumors earlier in November Severed deer head on campus? Nobody might have thought that was a clue to what might come?

4th student dies in Michigan school shooting as suspect is charged with murderA 17-year-old student is the fourth victim to die in a shooting at a Michigan high school as murder charges were announced against the teenage suspect. 💔💔💔💔

Woman who sheltered fleeing students during Michigan school shooting says they're 'traumatized for life'The students of Oxford High School in Michigan fled to a house across the street where Kimberly Katsock-Gibbs harbored them as a gunman stalked their classrooms. The school failed to protect those kids. The shooters intentions were all over social media beforehand. At least one kid skipped school that day because he knew what was coming. Why did no one intervene? She is correct. So am I. So what?