Woman who sheltered fleeing students during Michigan school shooting says they're 'traumatized for life'

Woman who sheltered fleeing students during Michigan school shooting says they're 'traumatized for life.'


12/2/2021 7:02:00 AM

Woman who sheltered fleeing students during Michigan school shooting says they're 'traumatized for life.'

The students of Oxford High School in Michigan fled to a house across the street where Kimberly Katsock-Gibbs harbored them as a gunman stalked their classrooms.

, she said."I came and walked out of the house to come out and see what was going on and I heard 'pop, pop, pop.' I heard the gunshots," Katsock-Gibbs said."And I just seen all these kids, like three per window ... just trying to get out of these windows. It was horrible.

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Kimberly Katsock-Gibbs.Courtesy Kimberly Katsock-Gibbs"It was, like, surreal. It was — I'm looking at the windows right now, and I still don't know how these kids were on top of each other pouring out of them. There's no room. They're so small," she said in an interview.

As the students started up her driveway, she instructed them to get in the house. Her own son was nearby, causing her to go into"full panic," she said.The children crowded the house as Katsock-Gibbs, 53, tried to get through to police without success, she said. More started fleeing out of the side of the school, and Katsock-Gibbs' husband blocked traffic so they could run into their home, she said. headtopics.com

"They were terrified. They were in shock. They were crying. They were hugging each other," she said.A student told her that their teacher had put a new lock on the classroom door on Monday.Another student told her that he hid in a bathroom stall and that when he heard the gun cock, he jumped onto the toilet seat. He said that when he left the stall, he found bodies on the floor, Katsock-Gibbs said.

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"These kids are traumatized for life," she said.Dec. 1, 202101:52Once a suspect was apprehended, her husband started loading his truck up with students and delivering them to their frantic parents, Katsock-Gibbs said.Hana St. Juliana, 14; Madisyn Baldwin, 17; Tate Myre, 16; and Justin Shilling, 17, were killed

. Seven other people, including a teacher, were seriously wounded.The shooting happened just before 1 p.m. Authorities said more than a hundred 911 calls came in to dispatch.The shooter fired at least a dozen shots before a suspect was taken into custody.

The handgun believed to have been used was recovered. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said investigators believe the suspect’s father bought the 9 mm Sig Sauer handgun Friday.

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'Another student told her that he hid in a bathroom stall and that when he heard the gun cock, he jumped onto the toilet seat. He said that when he left the stall, he found bodies on the floor' This boy came within seconds of his own death & probably have survivor's guilt. The woman is a ' expert' now .

Thank God for this woman & her husband! Hopefully these kids get counseling & support. Heartbreaking. 😔🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️💖 Merry Christmas Oxford High! RepThomasMassie GOP oxfordhighschool She can predict the future? It all started with a word to try something new. My first payment came after 3 days when I invested $1000 and since then I have received countless payment, he's Worthy to be recommended Geoffreypreud

Hence…the terrorism charge. And shame on the shooter’s parents for advising him not to speak and lawyering up. Have something to hide, mom and dad? At any rate, you’re being charged, too. So, the three of you: rot in hell!!! And pray for every student and instructor there. These parents are in a hell in of their own too. How do you send your kids back to school and trust the 'safety' of school again. How do the kids themselves feel safe going back again. How do you forget the fears for normalcy. Fears are forever. 😢🙏🙏💔💔😢

Of course they are; life changed for them in an instant. And there are not enough experienced trauma therapists in our country. I have 3 kids w/PTSD & it’s an agonizing journey. Praying they’ll be surrounded by support from family & friends. PTSD trauma

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Republicans don't think so. I don't seem to be very interested in the government. RIP Amen So sad Its just daily routine in US. Is US 'freedom and democracy' fictional? poor kids they didn't deserve to live something that traumatized America does a great job terrorizing itself, no need for foreign terrorist.

This HAS to stop. I am sure they are. But I am sure Americans will not do a crap about it. abbeyclements They are traumatized for life and so are their parents because they will never feel safe having them leave their side.

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So am I. So what? She is correct. The school failed to protect those kids. The shooters intentions were all over social media beforehand. At least one kid skipped school that day because he knew what was coming. Why did no one intervene?

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