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Officer to Floyd: 'It takes ... a lot of oxygen to talk'

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — As George Floyd told Minneapolis police officers that he couldn't breathe more than 20 times in the moments before he died, the officer who pressed his knee against Floyd's neck...

7/9/2020 1:52:00 AM

The police officer who pressed his knee against George Floyd's neck dismissed his pleas that he couldn't breathe, saying 'It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk,” according to transcripts of officers' body camera video. Floyd later died.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — As George Floyd told Minneapolis police officers that he couldn't breathe more than 20 times in the moments before he died, the officer who pressed his knee against Floyd's neck...

By AMY FORLITIJuly 8, 2020 GMTFormer Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane, right, walks out of the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility on Monday afternoon June 20, 2020, in Minneapolis with his attorney, Earl Gray, after a hearing. Lane is one of four former officers charged in the death of George Floyd. (Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via AP)

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Former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane, right, walks out of the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility on Monday afternoon June 20, 2020, in Minneapolis with his attorney, Earl Gray, after a hearing. Lane is one of four former officers charged in the death of George Floyd. (Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via AP)

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — As George Floyd told Minneapolis police officers that he couldn’t breathe more than 20 times in the moments before he died, the officer who pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck dismissed his pleas, saying “it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk,” according to transcripts of body camera video recordings made public Wednesday.

The transcripts for the body camera videos of officers Thomas Lane and J. Kueng provide the most detailed account yet of what happened as police were taking Floyd into custody on May 25, and reveal more of what was said after Floyd, a Black man who was handcuffed, was put on the ground.

ADVERTISEMENT“You’re going to kill me, man,” Floyd said, according to a transcript of Lane’s body camera video.“Then stop talking, stop yelling. It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk,” said Derek Chauvin, the white officer who held his knee to Floyd’s neck for nearly 8 minutes, even after Floyd stopped moving.

“They’ll kill me. They’ll kill me. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe,” Floyd said.Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, had no immediate comment Wednesday.The transcripts were made public Wednesday as part of Lane’s request to have the case against him dismissed. Lane’s attorney, Earl Gray, said in a memorandum that there isn’t probable cause to charge his client, based on all of the evidence and the law.

Gray painted an image of a rookie officer who trusted Chauvin, a senior officer, after Floyd had been acting erratically, struggling and hurting himself during an arrest. Gray said that once Floyd was on the ground, Lane had asked twice if officers should roll Floyd on his side, and Chauvin said no.

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Gray also submitted the body camera footage itself, but that was not immediately made public. The transcripts show Floyd appearing cooperative at times but becoming agitated as he begged not to be put in a squad car, saying repeatedly he was claustrophobic.

“Oh man, God don’t leave me man, please man, please man,” he begged, later adding: “I’ll do anything y’ll tell me to, man. ... I’m just claustrophobic, that’s it.”Gray wrote that Floyd started to thrash back and forth and was “hitting his face on the glass in the squad and began to bleed from his mouth.” Officers brought Floyd to the ground and, “the plan was to restrain him so he couldn’t move and hurt himself anymore,” Gray wrote.

Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter. Lane, Kueng and Tou Thao are charged with aiding and abetting both second-degree murder and manslaughter. Lane was holding Floyd’s legs at the time, Kueng was at Floyd’s midsection and Thao was watching nearby bystanders. All four officers were fired.

ADVERTISEMENTA message left with an attorney for Floyd’s family wan’t immediately returned. A spokesman for the attorney general’s office said prosecutors plan to oppose the motion to dismiss.As part of his court filing, Gray also submitted a transcript of Lane’s interview with state investigators and police department training materials on restraint holds. Gray wrote that all of the evidence exonerates his client and that it is not “fair or reasonable” for Lane to stand trial.

Gray said in a memorandum that his client’s body camera video shows the encounter with Floyd from the time Lane got on the scene to the point where Floyd was put into an ambulance; Lane went in the ambulance and helped with CPR, according to the transcript.

Lane repeatedly told Floyd to show his hands, and he told investigators he drew his gun at first because Floyd was reaching for something, but holstered it once Floyd showed his hands. Body camera video transcripts show Floyd initially said he had been shot before, and begged police not to shoot him.

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Gray said Floyd was acting erratically and had foam at his mouth. According to the body camera video transcripts, when asked about the foam and whether he was on something, Floyd said he was scared and had been playing basketball.As officers struggled to get Floyd into the squad car, Floyd said: “I can’t breathe” and “I want to lay on the ground,” the transcripts say.

Once Floyd was on the ground, Lane told the other officers “he’s got to be on something.” and he asked twice whether officers should roll Floyd onto his side — Chauvin said no.“Lane had no basis to believe Chauvin was wrong in making that decision,” Gray wrote.

Bystanders told officers repeatedly to check Floyd’s pulse, and after Kueng did he said, “I can’t find one.”“Huh?” Chauvin said, according to the transcript of Keung’s body camera video.Lane told state investigators that Chauvin was not Lane’s field training officer, but that he had trained Kueng and was someone Lane had previously gone to for guidance. According to a transcript of that interview, one investigator said it seemed like Lane’s gut was telling him something wasn’t right with the way Floyd was being restrained.

“Yeah. I would say felt like it maybe could have been handled differently or we should be reassessing what we’re doing, I think is what I was kind of coming to,” Lane said.Gray argued in his memorandum that in order to charge Lane with aiding and abetting, prosecutors must show Lane played a knowing role in committing a crime. He said there’s no evidence Lane played an intentional role or knew Chauvin was committing a crime, namely assault.

“The decision to restrain Floyd was reasonably justified,” Gray wrote, adding: “Based on Floyd’s actions up to this point, the officers had no idea what he would do next – hurt himself, hurt the officers, flee, or anything else, but he was not cooperating.”

Gray wrote that Lane’s trust in Chauvin was “reasonable and not criminal.”__Follow Amy Forliti on Twitter: Read more: The Associated Press »

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin at the Club ¨ The Movie¨ By Fogoutvision ,Getting along not so well. Premiere will begin shortly July 11, 2020 at 6:58 PM If he couldnt breat how can he talk. It takes breath to talk Dude couldn’t breathe while he was standing up, which is why they called ambulance for him. Because he was full of meth and opioids.

I'm really starting to believe that MSM is against all of us. They are constantly trying to get us riled up to protest during a pandemic. It's no wonder we have the most infections in the world. Plus our community's get hit the hardest. We must be smarter and patient. The incident took more than 30mins. Release the FULL TRANSCRIPT. Not you 9min edit.

I want to know why the body cam footage hasn’t been released or has it? Fucked right up. Hope karma hits home hard 😠😠 When asked to get into a police car Floyd also said that cars made him claustrophobic having just exited from behind the wheel of his car. I have COPD+severe asthma attacks for 2 decades, in my experience during trips in ambulances talking is not really an option without breath

Amazing you guys don't know yet? That was all staged . They are bad actors. Why do y'all care about this so much ,it's nothing Trump supporters real quiet rn ngl When I see you, you make my heart quiver You take my breath when our eyes cross Lighted a desire mixed with a vague dread. Rudel Simon-Poet MichaelRapaport i don't no why people are not talking about this,but he new and work with george,and george use to give him his paycheck from the night club owner,and he would be pissed on how small the pay check is and cursed george out everytime and say one of these days man !

So he faked his death huh!? That’s basicallly what he is saying! That him killing an innocent man was the RIGHT THING! He is an actual psychopath! what a fucking monster PaulMick We can’t comprehend... Maybe next time people see this happening they help and not just film it. noreallyhowcome Fascist cop reveals total lack of knowledge of both human anatomy and the purpose of the hold he placed on his prisoner.

He's not wrong. i want someone to snap this pig's neck Chauvin chose to kill GeorgeFloyd, Lane and the other officers chose to assist him. Bystanders pleaded with them to 'stop!'. They had time and the choice to get off of Floyd, but they murdered him. If they weren't police officers or were black, they'd be dead.

That cop is a psychopath Coolio412 I see why people think that, but it's not quite right. Gosh if only there were like doctors or some shit they could ask to explain how that shit works or something. MichaelRapaport And he worked with him and knew him. George Floyd deserved to die. The police did NOTHING wrong. There were doing there jobs. We need to free the innocent police officers and send all of the niggas to jail where they belong. Only black people deserve to be in jail.

Yep, side effect of fentynal. Hypoventilation (also known as respiratory depression) occurs when ventilation is inadequate meaning to perform needed respiratory gas exchange. By definition it causes an increased concentration of carbon dioxide and respiratory acidosis. I don't see any difference between this officer and Jeffery Dahmer. Fry his ass.

I wonder if George was having a panic attack as well. Alright, boost that charge of 2nd degree up a notch Funny did anyone hear that on the video MichaelRapaport I didn't hear any talking the last 3 minutes Chair but make it electric But lets say it was a white male, no one would care. Media only wants the clicks

Did he tell the cops he had covid? Anyone have the transcript of what he said to the pregnant woman as he held a gun to her unborn baby inside her stomach? MichaelRapaport So what? Is this an argument that he didn't kill George Floyd? Maybe he could breath if this idiot wasn't on his neck. Wonder how many times the pregnant woman Floyd pistol whipped and robbed pleaded to him?

If you want to know how much bullshit this is, hold your breath and speak. It’s not hard. MichaelRapaport Murder! It’s not complicated. Good point except it’s fucking not and he’s dead from lack of oxygen due to your knee in his neck for 10 minutes. Unless you’d like to demonstrate how strong your lungs are and would like someone to sit on yours?

Very disturbing and desperately sad. Lawrence read the transcript last night... it is so sickening to hear... it hurts. Those police officers are sociopaths—particularly Chauvin & anyone who doesn’t agree is a racist... it’s AWFUL. Definitely systematic racism...I can only imagine how often this happens unrecorded

Journo_Christal Moron, party of four, your table is ready! I don't think he will be concvicted of murder And people are gonna go nuts (again) “Later died”? We all watched Floyd die under his knee in the video. 💔 Over the land of the free and home of the brave , the Soul of George Floyd keeps marching on !

When I have a patient who tells me they cant’t breath I am relieved. As that is a sign they are breathing. Floyd had advanced cardiac disease and was on drugs at the time of his arrest. They forget that you are also dealing with blood flow to the brain which can be easily cut off with moderate pressure.

Indeed, it takes oxygen to talk. Weird that he could talk the whole time while being 'suffocated' He shouldn’t have said shit Yeah, I’m begining to think the suggestion that this guy had a personal grudge against George Floyd is true. Also... he required his colleagues to call him “sir”!? Sounds like he’s a sadist, no!?

As a BP, when the cashier checks my notes I feel this fleeting pang of panic “if fake it’ll be assumed I knew!”. It happened twice, though without incident & I live to tell the tale. I can’t speak for WP - maybe I’m over sensitive but I am always weary in these situations. Body cam footage magically appears when one of the officers is trying to avoid charges.

still has 0 remorse.... yzorderrex That bastard, Chauvin, needs to be eviscerated on live TV. He will walk free I CAN 'T BREATHE Palestine so they told him to shut up so he could die silently. haha funny joke. I guess the officer is right...floyd was a convicted, agressive criminal that resisted his arest. What did he expect, fluffy mittens? BackYourBlue

This whole event is “incredible.” Lock him up and throw away the key 'the officers had no idea what he would do next – hurt himself, hurt the officers, flee, or anything else, but he was not cooperating.” How can a handcuffed man do those things? Wouldn't it be horrible if someone kneeled on HIS neck? DerenicByrd PIG

I. Wonder when he gets pulled to the side in prison, Will he remain silent as they choke the life out of him or will he scream and plead. I wonder if he’ll think to save his breath. I really think he will get a chance to see how it works. I can't tell you how many times I heard officers on cop shows say'if you're talking you can breathe'

'It takes a heck of a lot' to be a despicable human being!🤔 Bad defense. At a stage, he stopped talking and he was still kneeling on his neck. Saying I can't breath, meant he was fighting to breath ( difficult breathing) and when they refused to remove the knee, he stopped talking and became unresponsive.

That's true. brianrayguitar He was pleading with his last breath for mercy and that monster just kept his knee on the man's neck. I wonder if the pleading made him put more force on his neck? Thank you Lawrence for reading this transcript on your show. Let’s also not forget that during an episode of Cops you’ll hear a variant of this from everyone getting arrested. I can’t breathe. You’re choking me. You’re breaking my wrists. You’re breaking my arm.

He was just enjoying himself - even his posture says it all And this is what Pence spitefully calls - ALL LIVES MATTER He was just enjoying himself - even his posture says it all And this is what Pence calls - ALL LIVES MATTER I encourage everyone to read the full transcript. Lots of details in there I didn’t know about until now.

I encourage everyone to read the full article. Lots of details in there I didn’t know about until now. owillis Big Insurance-Agent-in-Costco Energy here 🤔 Regardless of the court outcome, noe of these guys will ever live a good life. This was a cold murder that shocked the whole world. They are not human, worst, wearing a police UNIFORM. They have soiled it big time. Police have helped us but it takes one to bring everything down.

Chauvin clearly thought he could kill Floyd with impunity. This is a hate crime aggravated murder. Federal death penalty applicable chrislhayes This guy is a murderer. We all saw the video. He belongs in prison. WICKED RickCalifornia1 Let me try it on him than we’ll talk. That is if he has enough oxygen.

I just saw Lawrence read GeorgeFloyd bodycam transcript! He was respectful, so polite, cooperative..Kept saying ImSorryImSorry PleasePlease ICantBreath TheyllKillMe Mama yet thz monsters ~ ignored! Chauvin: “Then Stop Talking; it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk!” I’m not a violent person, but this fucking monster needs at minimum, life in prison.

ceb1199 Mr. Chauvin knew George Floyd from work, at a bar/restaurant. Could this be personal? Intentional? This is further heartbreak. These cops are monsters. Enough is enough. Either finish or let me the duck out. I’ll get ragged and this whole bull shitv about fag marriage. Over before you got s a chance so. I’m not happy with all this. Find my license and hold my passport. I need to get out by tonight or I’m walking. Kill Seattle

It was known floyd had covid which makes it hard to breathe Kris_Sacrebleu I didn't know that talking was illegal. Evidently if you can talk you're resisting and that gets you a knee to your carotid artery until you can't talk anymore, with a good 5 - 6 minutes added to ensure you never talk again. georgefloydwasmurdered JusticeIsComing

AmyForliti The defense plea corresponds to the video I watched ... explains it ... Chauvin will present it as his defense, in that he was waiting for Floyd to stop resisting, and when he did (died), that Chauvin thought he had finally stopped resisting, then it dawned on him that he died. Sifill_LDF George.Floyd (rest in peace) said: I can't breathe! 20 times during those 8 minutes.

This is what we like to call a “sociopath.” One who feels no empathy or remorse. He knew what he was doing and he didn’t care. Lock him up forever and throw the key away. Thats cap smh GFY As you can see police officers refugiate in it's own brutality training. Not all breath capacities are the same...the fact, the only proven fact is that Mr. Floyd died from sufocation due to lack oxygen.

Criminal you deserve jail time killer he’s felt so strong because he’s were a badge !! According to who? Minneapolis isn’t protecting the police.. Of this is true why haven’t you demanded said video or transcript. This story is lacking .... If you can’t put your reputation behind your story then it isn’t a story. That’s why your reputation is what it is.

The U.S should ban all Chinese students with bio-science major from entering the U.S. and expel all of those students currently in the U.S. Chinese government used bio-science technology they steal in the U.S to create Covid-19 virus that has infected millions of Americans. Just goes to show he is not just viscous but is ignorant

TheVictor69 Murderer DefundTheCops chrislhayes Diss. Gusting. Sifill_LDF I thought he was a police officer. I didn’t know he had a medical degree. Sooo, if the victim was lying and actually wasn’t struggling to breathe, how did you murder him? chrislhayes 'Take care of each other' is the last thing my mother said before she died of COPD, kidney failure and sepsis. That didn't take a lot of breath, so know what? Fuck that.

So he’s both a murderer and unrepentant. Awesome cop all around, I guess. You just remember that phrase when you're in prison and he's got it all the way up there! Evil smh hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life Didn't the police officer who murdered Eric Garner say the same thing? George Floyd also: got out of his car and didn’t listen to the officers’ commands, was foaming at the mouth, had Fentanyl in his system, and was erratic (to put it mildly). Oh and he robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint in her own home. What a martyr!

This total lack of remorse should be noted. You mfers are going to be pissed when this guy is found not guilty. This is a really interesting article. I was surprised to hear he said he couldn’t breathe in the cop car and so they pulled him out. Doesn’t change the fact that man put his knee on his neck for over 8 minutes. But whatever was happening does appear to have started before that.

Why haven't we seen Derek Chauvin in the orange jumpsuit before the judge? I mean hell, we see even see mass shooters before a judge, why not this guy? I don't believe this story until we see visual evidence that he's in custody. abadnfluenz Lifetime prison term would be too good for this MFer So sad!

That’s a cold heart that thinks like that. No remorse. Disturbing to say the least. So... he gets to try this theory out, right? Such Arrogance! SMH 'Why First Responders Must Never Ignore the Words “I Can’t Breathe” ' This is perhaps one of the most lethal misconceptions in both EMS & LEO. To understand this, physiology is needed: understand respiration (breathing) IS NOT phonation (speaking).

chrislhayes Ain’t this a metaphor Sifill_LDF Hasn’t anyone here ever started choking on food and gasping to who they are with that they can’t rea the as they panic losing breath? I have. Ask asthma sufferers who could die without inhalers how they feel like those will be their last words during an attack.

George had Covid & a lethal level of fentanyl in his system wonder what really killed him? Not to mention we took similar sized individuals as mr Floyd & the police officer & reinacted the exact placement of the knee hold for 8 minutes, 60, 100, and 120 minutes with no harm done Death Penalty. roybelly Well good to know that officer is a medical expect as well as a killer

They were telling him to stop yelling, and stop getting excited, because he was having difficulty breathing. Wonder if we could get a civil suit going. Wrongful death class action suit against Donald J. Trump for his covid response. Asking for a friend. People regardless of race need to cooperate with the police. This guy killed him self because of his own health, drug use and paranoia. Race had nothing to do with it.

A part of the punishment for this fuck should be the Floyd family allowed to kneel down on his neck for the same length of time that it took to kill George. chrislhayes It doesn't take any oxygen to talk. It takes carbon dioxide. That breath has already been leeched of its oxygen, since it's coming from the lungs through the larynx and mouth. You talk on EXHALE not INHALE. Put this murderer away.

The autopsy showed that George Floyed did not die of asphyxiation or strangulation. Floyed died from a heart attack. Of course the cold blooded killer would say that ! Nazis are natural born killers and they will kill again! chrislhayes Says Dr Chauvin. If you can speak, you're not choking. Did any of you ever take a CPR class?

What’s the deal with the excuse that there’s a need to better train the police how to handle mental illness when clearly the mental illness affliction is on the side of the bully cops in every instance.Train law enforcement HR departments how to spot mentally unstable candidates ryanjreilly Straight up torture.

eviebauer727 My God. Not a doctor but.... you have enough oxygen to breathe and talk until you don't. Why were they holding him down...? chrislhayes Heartless, totally heartless. He should have been removed long before this. Sadly, there are others just like him out there right now and nothing yet in place to remove them from duty.

DjMusgr As compared to no oxygen? Yeah, nice try. 🙄 Maybe he would personally like to find out The officer was correct, but when your high on that many drugs it would probably be hard to realize that. yeah, with what little breath he had left. so they are saying he died by self suffocation? Yeah, like all of his dying breath.

chrislhayes 🤢 NASTY 🤢 chrislhayes True! So perhaps he’s not dead ....... and he ran out of breath and died. chrislhayes I wonder if I would use the last few breaths I could muster with four individuals kneeling on me, to also explain that I am having trouble breathing and to plead for my life. Some musician needs to do a mash up of 41 shots with 8mins 46 secs. Sing it loudly and on repeat for months and months. Police murders in America cannot continue! Enough!

Premeditated chrislhayes That sounds like 1st degree murder to me. Where’s the body cameras at? Why hasn’t that been released? You know why? Because it’s extremely incriminating to the killers. That’s why 3 is out on bail. A lot of people feel the same. They think all the people who said they couldn't breathe & later died after police encounters were lying because they were able to talk...saying they couldn't breathe.

I would suggest that Mr Floyd didn't die because of his trachea (airway) being compressed by the knee. He died because his carotid artery (in his neck) was compressed, stopping blood flow to his brain, in addition to reducing his heart rate dramatically thru vagal stimulation. Death penalty Sounds like something realDonaldTrump would say

Let’s knee on your neck and see how it feels. Anyone who's rolled BJJ knows that knee is almost certainly not what killed him. When u get pinned to the ground your body can just start freaking out and oxygen does nothing. I felt like I was gonna die the first few BJJ classes. On drugs like Floyd was? Yeah...

If/when he's acquitted...what do we foresee the public response will be?🤔 He died of a heart attack. He was saying he couldn’t breathe before he was on the ground. I've said it once, I'll say it again. A few summers ago, I nearly drowned in a friend's pool while learning to swim. I was able to say 'Shit!' loudly when I first came up from the water, but before going back under again. A person who was drowning could talk. This cop is wrong.

Where is all the footage of the body cam? someone should test that 'theory' on him It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen being this much of a shit of a human being too. The FACT THAT THIS MAN IS DEAD AND RIGHT BEFORE HE DIES HE HAD THE STRENGTH TO SAY THESE WORDS WHILE THIS EVIL MAN HAD HIS HANDS IN HIS POCKET WITH HIS FULL WEIGHT ON GEORGE FLOYDS NECK , WOULD SUGGEST HOW HARD IT TOOK A LOT OF OXYGEN TO TALK!! PRAYINGHEBURNS

He felt no remorse then and feels no remorse now. Where is the body cam footage? RELEASE ALL VIDEOS!!! It would be the funniest thing if they found him not guilty lmao he’s going to have a fun time in GenPop Perhaps someone will demonstrate I assume scientific ignorance is NOT a valid defence? Talking suggests air going out. Not necessarily going in, which is important to breathing.

Attorney for Former Officer Asks Court to Dismiss Abetting Charges in George Floyd KillingThe attorney representing Thomas Lane , one of the officers charged in the killing of George Floyd, has asked a Hennepin County judge to dismiss charges of abetting second-degree murder against his client, saying the officer didn’t play an intentional role in the slaying. He's okay with the aiding, but not the abetting? Fuck him 메시아께서 곧 오십니다.의로움과 거룩함으로 메시아의 오실길을 예비합시다. 모든 죄로부터 돌이키십시오. WorldwideMidweekRevival

Officer Charged In George Floyd Death Seeks Case DismissalAn attorney for the former Minneapolis Police Officer said in court papers that the case against his client should be dismissed for lack of probable cause. From this man property was destroyed. Lives lost. Yet those that rose up can't even remember his name... I wish him nothing but the worst. Nice try

Companies owned by Floyd Mayweather, Tom Brady among sports entities granted PPP relief moneyMayweather Promotions, TB12 and Golden Boy Promotions were among a long list of sports organizations granted government money during the shutdown. Well gee in not the relief cash for the employee’s. To keep them on. Sure the dudes are privileged rich. But the workers bees....get what Tell us the truth A significant portion of the distribution of PPP relief monies were based on the 'what have you done for me lately theory.' Misuse of funds!

Floyd Mayweather Charging $999 For Cameo Vids, 'Most Expensive Celeb' On SiteWant a personalized shout-out from Floyd Mayweather?? Hope you've got an extra grand laying around ... Nope 007Dufour007 Rather get a new washer and TV to be honest. He could use the cash

George Floyd Protests Prompt Looks at Older Cases of Police ViolenceProtests over police brutality around the country are prompting local prosecutors to re-examine older cases and testing whether heightened national attention will lead to a different legal result. Plenty out there. Sad times. Here is a recent one that pained me to watch. Cop got a pension at 28 years old and no guilty verdicts. He dies one month ago, and now Stop it. Died ist died. He is not Jesus. Good luck with that most people killed by cops are white males. Are they going to help them to?

San Diego sheriff's deputy disciplined over 'vulgar image' of George FloydThe local NAACP branch president called the image 'lewd and racist and vile,' and said the deputy should be fired. Who wants a Pulitzer? Yawn..... Disgusting