World, Coronavirus Live Updates From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Live Updates From Around The World

Atlanta mayor says she is signing an order to mandate masks in the city

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she will be signing an order to mandate masks in her city to try to slow down the number of coronavirus infections

7/9/2020 2:25:00 AM

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she will be signing an order to mandate masks in her city to try to slow down the number of coronavirus infections

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

Study finds a wide variety of symptoms in kids with coronavirusFrom CNN's Lauren MascarenhasCoronavirus causes a wide variety of symptoms in children, and targeted testing of kids may miss cases, a study published in an American Academy of Pediatrics journal finds.

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Dr. Rabia Agha and colleagues from Maimonides Children’s General Hospital in Brooklyn studied 22 children with coronavirus who were admitted to the hospital over four weeks between March and April, when local transmission was widespread.They found that most of the patients did not have classic coronavirus symptoms, in contrast to what is seen in adults and some pediatric reports from China.

The patients had a wide variety of symptoms and circumstances. Almost half of the 22 patients were less than a year old. Fifteen patients had a fever. Nine had respiratory symptoms. Two had seizures. Sixteen had no known contact with a Covid-19 patient, and two were entirely asymptomatic. None of the patients in the study died.

The researchers initially followed guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only testing patients with fever, cough and shortness of breath, those who had traveled to high risk countries and those who had close contact with a confirmed coronavirus case. As the rate of infections increased, they started testing all admitted patients, regardless of their symptoms.

Of the four patients who required mechanical ventilation, only one did not have an underlying health condition – an otherwise healthy child who suffered a cardiac arrest. Three of the patients on ventilators qualified for compassionate use of the antiviral drug remdesivir and were eventually taken off the ventilators.

Seven patients who were hospitalized for non-Covid symptoms, including bacterial infections, appendicitis and inflamed muscles, tested positive for the virus. The researchers say it is unclear how large a role coronavirus played in their illness.The youngest patient in the study, who was 11 days old with a healthy mother, was likely infected by asymptomatic family members at home.

The Maimonides team said infection rates at a particular time and region, rather than confirmed contact alone, should drive testing strategies, noting that 41% of the patients they studied would have been overlooked because they did not meet the then-recommended coronavirus testing criteria.

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“Guidelines to test pediatric patients need to be broadened and take into account that patients presenting with other illnesses may also be positive for COVID-19,” they wrote.“Testing of all hospitalized patients will not only identify cases early in the course of their admission process, but will also help prevent inadvertent exposure of other patients and health care workers, assist in cohorting infected patients and aid in conservation of personal protective equipment.”

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Atlanta plans to require face masks, joining Athens and SavannaAtlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told a local media outlet on Wednesday that the city will mandate face masks in public spaces. Bottoms, who herself recently tested positive for COVID-19, has said she plans to sign an executive order sometime on Wednesday. Masks have not been required by the state of Georgia; however, other cities in the state including Athens and Savannah have also issued rules for mask-wearing. There have been more than 100,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and at least 2,899 deaths in the state, according to the Georgia Department of Health. With or without the white pointy hats? Soooo 7 months into this and they haven’t already?

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta Mayor and V.P. Contender, Says She Has Tested Positive for COVID-19The Atlanta mayor called the diagnosis “a shock” and said, “I have no idea where or when we were exposed.” Tested*

Atlanta Mayor To Order Masks To Be Worn In Public SpacesAtlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she will sign an executive order mandating the use of face masks in public spaces. It's the latest test of an order from Gov. Brian Kemp that bars local governments from setting their own public health policies. And what about the Negros ? This country is doomed. The fact it's July now and this country still debating whether to mandate policies that save lives or to help rich ppl make more money. Umm. she is covid positive..wrf is her mask crimewavekeisha covidkeisha keishaneedstogo

U.S. Passes 3 Million Coronavirus CasesDr. Anthony S. Fauci called rising COVID-19 infections “a serious problem” and urged mask mandates.

U.S. Passes 3 Million Coronavirus CasesDr. Anthony S. Fauci called rising COVID-19 infections “a serious problem” and urged mask mandates. And the death rate from them keeps going down...... for 10 straight weeks. Why aren't you talking about that? This is nothing more than a cold. Bullshit hoax foisted on shutting down America for bullshit. Lovely. How long before “new information” is discovered that this thing is airborne, like an anthrax attack? And masks are the best defense...

Doctor advocates mask enforcement to control virusDr. Vin Gupta joins Morning Joe to discuss rising coronavirus infection rates around the U.S., why he's urging the country's restaurants to not have indoor dining and why he's calling on Govs. DeSantis and Abbott to deploy assets to help battle the virus. VinGuptaMD Enforce? Yep. That’s what we need in an already fascist regime. More laws. realDonaldTrump likes the “do what I tell you” or a bullet for you way. Are you sure you want to play his game and throw more enforcement at the people? How about just mandate. VinGuptaMD Half of America can’t be told what to do. VinGuptaMD My area is fine, soooo.