World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Global Deaths Pass 59, 000 - Cnn

World, Coronavirus Live Updates: Global Deaths Pass 59

NY governor says China is donating 1,000 ventilators to the state

The novel coronavirus continues to spread, with more than a million cases across the globe. Follow here for the latest

4/4/2020 6:33:00 PM

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says there are about 500 unused ventilators across the state. The state is expected to receive 1,000 ventilators from China and 140 from Oregon.

The novel coronavirus continues to spread, with more than a million cases across the globe. Follow here for the latest

Spanish prime minister: "We are facing the great crisis of our lives"From Tim Lister and Isabel TejeraSpanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez speaks on March 25. Mariscal/EFE/AFP via Getty ImagesSpanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced that the country’s state of alarm, which demands strict limits on people’s movements and continues the closure of schools and most businesses, will continue for a further two weeks, until April 26.

Person who attended Lake of the Ozarks Memorial Day gathering tests positive for coronavirus Kamala Harris says arrested officer involved in George Floyd’s death ‘clearly committed murder’ CNN Center in Atlanta damaged during protests

"We are facing the great crisis of our lives," Sanchez said in a nationwide address.The state of alarm had already been extended until April 11. The government will ask the Spanish parliament to approve the extension on Tuesday.Sanchez added:"Weeks of strict restrictions await us. We ask families to stay at home. To young people, to continue to study, to maintain momentum. To the elderly, to protect yourselves.”

He said that he understood how difficult it is for the nation to continue isolating at home for a further two weeks.“These days test our serenity. They are frenetic days. They make us anxious for our friends and family. They are the most difficult days of our life,” Sanchez added.

Sanchez also said that the government was preparing a plan for the eventual resumption of economic and social activity, once the curve of the coronavirus pandemic flattened."Once the curve clearly descends, a new scenario will open, a second stage, the progressive return to a new social normality and to a reconstruction of our economy and the social impact it is having in the form of job losses," Sanchez said. “In reconstruction we will have to protect the most vulnerable. In this emergency, no one will be left behind. Our strength will come from the union between business, administration and the different regions."

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Beware of the Trojan Panda, NY Pres Trump and his administration have been working hard to help New York thru this pandemic. The Country needs to come together as one to beat this enemy. CNN needs to air all of the WH briefings in full to get a true pictured what is happening. Oh yeah get them poison ventilators

Great It's already being reported that New York's lying about their death rates associated to the Wuhan virus. Dozens of videos have begun surfacing on YouTube debunking much of the medias deliberate fear mongering coverage. Reporters seem a little too besotted to ask Governor Cuomo how he reconciles his crime-is-down claims with the rise in domestic violence reports.

China must be celebrating when almost all countries in the world are looking for medical equipment from them Australia has 5750 cases of infection but ONLY 37 deaths......America is in desperate need of affordable universal health care....... $2trillion would have beeen a great start Passing of torch? We should never ever allow this to ever happen again we need to make things in our own country never rely on any other country this has brought us almost to our knees shame we should've been prepared years ago for this possibility

I don't understand we were the greatest country in the world and we have allowed other countries to take over we have to start building our own stuff and never ever be in a position where we have to rely on another country to save our country this should been prepared years ago First transmit the virus and they sell the equipments .Gr8 Strategy.China ,You guys need to know as you sow ,so u reap

Today the Governor in his conference answered a question that this will end soon. Organisms from the Dems. President Trump pushes optimism and The Scum bag attacks. The fools that follow Communist media deserve the Fear campaign of death. Fear is for the weak. Hide, shelter. 🙄 Covid-19 Rideshare Drivers Protection Funds CALL TO HELP ALL RIDESHARE DRIVERS UBER LYFT WORLDWIDE! Please make your donation at COIVD19

When is this going to stop You people are really ridiculous. Now it is urgent time. You USA people still have energy to blame and suspect all things. First thing is follow government order and keep healthy, stay at home,focus on the covid. There is no official evidence or statements that virus from China.

Andrew Cuomo for President!! Finally someone who wants to unite the country. States helping States!! cuomo2020 NYGovCuomo you are a TRUE leader! Your president called it a chinese virus and now you are asking for help? God knows. Let's pray for the world to win this world war 3 as we don't know who will survive and who will perish. Now the weapons of mass destruction can't work and the strong army to save your people

More ventilators yield more deaths than the ones who come off of them. You might as well hand a victim a bible then a ventilator because not only will you survive you will be saved at deaths door. Cuomo. Still playing politics. Even in the eye of this pandemic. No surprise. He is a career politician. MadeinChina

Get this guy off the national tv. The other 49 states have no need to see a daily bitching ( I mean pres conference) from NY Gov. this is overload for Americans, most of whom will be suffering economically for the rest of their lives! Stop the fear and panic Let The people take the medicine Just hope you get enough

You're welcome Hello, I'm a crypto currency investor and forex trader. I am willing to put those interested through by teaching you a little about it and giving you the best investment plan so you can build a stable income in few months. The whole world knew about the corona virus since December 2018. Trump always said that the virus was not bad and it would go away on its own. And now thousands of people will die because Trump has not got ventilators and protective clothing. Trump is a stone cold loser.

Keep Going!! Whatever it takes *Here in the Western hemisphere ... Express *Your (Our) Gratitude and do Whatever **You can to Continually Show ... Your ... Support! Namaste The Federal Gov stock pile is going to whom? Life is the most important right of human being Breaking news: research by Chinese scientists shows that 5G base stations are to blame for the spread of covid-19. Wuhan, as a key city in China's 5G construction, is also the most seriously affected…

Trump admin gave this fool 4,000 which he hid in storage. He can get eve eg othing he needs from china now. Trump should ignore this fool ChinaLiedPeopleDied Blame China for this pandemic: 1. Silenced whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang; 2. Violated world health protocol by concealing the virus; 3. Took late actions to control it, only 7 weeks after the onset of the virus; 4. Allowed its citizens to tour, spreading it.

Thank you China Chines_Virus realDonaldTrump Please take-care🙏😢😢 Huawei doing a good job You do need to be thankful to a nation that is torturing and killing their own people for many many years. Be pragmatic, you still need the ventilators and cheap consumer products that you need for Christmas, right? Life is good when people offer help. Love all over the place!

Save some for Cali and Florida and Texas. Damn BECAUSE, OF TRUMP AND HIS Q Team !!! What a coincidence Chinese virus treated by Chinese products Its mostly Cuomo’s fault for not keeping emergency supplies for the state on these items and not acting’s to quarantine the state that is the only solution .. defying feds on this is costing lives because Cuomo is playing politics.

PLEASE MEDIA NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS THIS ABOUT PLEASE REPORT ON IT ,TRUE OR FALSE,, I felt sorry what happened in NY, until I read this tweet... If NY govt couldn't learn a hard lesson when/where/how the WuhanVirus spreads out and decides to be a panda-hugger, NY will be totally ruined. Good job CCP, you did it way too well than IS*IS.

China. And oregon. Ok. good luck Y’all fake news flip flop with info when PRESIDENT TRUMP says anything positive you are against like the medicine y’all were against now you are for it y’all are lunatics Why does Mexico have 126 million people and only 1890 cases of covid19 Why in the hell would he get ventilators from China first of you can’t trust them y’all are frickin nuts China is one the one who started this crap

The person who started the fire should never be praised by playing a firefighter later. Making sure have no viruses 🦠 on it The vents from China are probably contaminated At the beginning of corona outbreak. US announced some supports to China. Telling every US is helping China. But China has actually received nothing from US except bias and blames. Even though China decided to continue helping.

My uncle just found dead in his bed today, grandma is on a ventilator in NYC. They think she has the virus. Ruled uncle's death as 'natural cause' while refusing autopsy. Come on, he was a U.S. Marine. A U.S. Veteran. Grandma was a beloved 91-year-old NYC teacher! leronlimab CytoDyn on covid-19 nobody talks about that treatment ?

to makes me laugh is president wants us to wear a scarf scarf??!! so fuck him and then US and other UN members will recommend Nobel Prize to Xi Jinping for his contribution in preventing spread of COVID-19. Fuck China explain your lies? Really we should all work together but you okay. Imagine what we can achieve together🤔

Taking it serious now Governor? Why is Beijing not in the news of affected Chinese. Clearly this is their modus operandi to stir the world and acting innocent to help other countries, so to show the world they are in control. We need all those businesses back in US. We can not trust china. Yea, you wanna be president next election. We get it.

DEM PLAN A child rapist in Massachusetts was released from prison to “keep him safe from the Coronavirus.” He was convicted for repeatedly raping a 12-year-old boy. Stop releasing criminals into our communities! Maybe he’ll finally shut up and he doesn’t need to be on Fox News. Sick of him and he needs to blame himself for not having essentials.

As China should As a Chinese I have to say that Chinese people don't wanna compete with America or any other countries, we just wanna have bigger house n nice car, if u wanna be the super power on earth,there u r。 Help each other regardless from others PLEASE NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT ,,PLWASE ANSWER 917-771-8813

Better to rely on China and other foreign countries for help with PPE than to rely on U.S. leader himself. At least other countries have more humanitarian than our own leader. Housing market will crash, lot of empty houses will be on the market. Please wear a mask to save this great country. Piss and moan.. no action Jackson. Blow hard panic button pushing fool

Rn I’m so proudoforegon. I love our representatives and our votebymail system. ❤️ How many does NYC have and how many are currently in use? Not on standby, not waiting for the apex. In use. Oregon has shown its true colors. A wonderful state indeed! If NY leaders didn't play this off as no big deal you wouldn't be in the situation you are in

Visit here everyone for content marketing strategy While China is helpingNewYork Trumpis ordering3M not to send mask to Canada! Are there tariff on them? 🤔 Chinese tales To our American Free Press: Do not let Bully Trump stop you from asking questions we want to know. Push and Press Trump for answers. Hold him to the truth when he lies. Thank you for being our eyes and ears when it counts. AmericanFreePress

China has already been caught sending US contaminated face masks and test China working together with USA is a good sign.The world should see the positive in it CNN SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN ASAP ...FAKE NEGATIVE. BULLSHIT NEWS From a a private citizen. Not China Is this a call of humanity or a call of interest? Well the US always make it look like they are the savior to the world, this only shows how unprepared they are. China is neither a friend or an enemy, they play a fear world politics.

Better test them out 😔 Hey CNN...don’t need big Government involved!! CNNFakeNews Yall ever feel like trump is just a scape goat to make everyone hate him on purpose because the american populace was catching on to the governments BS but now anything will look heaven sent after him and a really shitty person whos good at lying comes into power and starts a war

Another attempt at Cuomo trying to politicize this virus. At first I was very happy with his response but it’s clear it’s politics as usual under this guy. He almost never puts any thought into his decisions he just wants to be the first state to pass or do a new liberal thing. Cuomo's a dick!! Surely this is an embarrassment for trump and his administration!? His letting American citizens die, he has betrayed the presidents oth, his failed the people 25theAmendmentNow He can’t supply his own state with medical equipment but China does it anyway! Well done China 🙏🏼🙏🏼

So NY is responsible for NY b/c the fed govt is “backup”, and they are allowed to freely accept donations from other sovereign nations. 👀 So why pay taxes & have fed oversight if the fed govt can’t even fulfill the purpose of helping states in time of crisis? COVID2019 Sorry, there are tariffs in place. Can’t have them

Bullshit. CNN is fake news. As a New Yorker I would just like to say THANKYOU to Oregon for sending us 140 ventilators! Hopefully we get through this quickly and we can send them back to you as soon as we can! Stay Healthy! Thr breaking news should be for Chris CUOMO to explain the phenomenon of hallucination cuz of codiv19!!!😂. He needs to give a detailed explanation!.. This is stuff of 'unsolved mysteries'! He needs to explain himself!!😂😂

How is it that both China and Russia have so many spare ventilators and PPE that each can send us a PLANELOAD OF THEM!! He’s good at twisting propaganda to make himself look good. Power through fear & lies to gain control & compliance over the people When will you issolate your State? Akaline water may,help in combatting the C-19 biological Warfare: posted by The Celestial PoliceEternal Affairs*+*

Why CNN is so shy to admit these ventilators are DONATED by Chinese gov? You can throw them away and die trying to not take anything from commie. God bless u This definitely is not helping to 'Make America Great Again' 😷 Well played OregonGovBrown goducks in fight against virus. Let’s see more states step up to help Governor Cuomo.

Hey, Trump had the chance to step up and help the people. He chose not to. China is willing to help, call it atonement if it makes you feel better. Humanity is the thing. Big fuckin show boat Andrew Cuomo should be in charge of the virus. He’s getting it done for New York. While we in Florida are stuck with an idiot for a governor.

Lmao. So we trust China again huh NYGovCuomo?! Wow. A country that put you in the worse possible position n here you are trusting them? good news make sure those 1000 are in good use Why do Americans continue to cower & submit to someone whose leadership subjects them to a medical firing squad? In a free country shouldn't our survival instinct kick in & tell US things will go better if We Take Care of Our Own? NowHearThis

I’m just curious, he couldn’t answer how many new vents came from the federal government... yesterday? Why doesn’t he know ? Thank God for china... they will save our democracy while trumpster fire tears it down. Hope those ventilators from China work well and don’t break down. Thought GM was making ventilators though in the US 🤔

Perhaps China created this biological weapon and therefore had the vaccine to fight it. How else do you explain a country of 1.7 billion 'contained'? And the inevitable stupid comments: 'Normal, it's their fault'. They didn't have to. , even if they are in the position of the accused accused It is the era of Corona, everyone is waiting for what will end and no one knows when and how

Good thing Trump didnt ask China. Would have been locked in a ventilator war. We have Chicago, with a straight shot to St Louis and Kansas City. Houston/Dallas and Austin coming up from New Orleans. Snowbirds in Florida. These are the directions those items need to be heading. How to utilize the Mississippi, important avenue needing serious thought.

established by America, from which it withdraws whenever it wants, if it is in a position of condemnation and demanded by others, From China again! Please no. What if they sent infected devices? I don't trust. This was confirmed by some of the rulers of the states of America that they received Chinese medical aid It is a dangerous indication of a world order turned against its reality and its rules

China now sends its planes to the world and America is not excluded from its humanitarian and medical assistance to combat Corona China, which was hurt by days ago by his politically blackmail commercially, politically and even verbally when he called the Chinese virus Corona virus, Test those damned things from China, first ...

Glad China is helping more than our own fed. ...and from the federal stockpile? Let's see Chinese ventilators, whose first? Send it back dummy From China For real, and btw they not even ready and they can take months!!! We have to see how we can use our own country or look for another cheap labor in anitjer countrys like latin america or so!

Nothing good can come out of china KungFlu ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaVirus winnietheflu you know how stupid Trump! and America is? they dont give their own states the funding!!! might as well separate yourself from US if other states are carrying all these 3rd world state. California, New York and Other rich state to have their own country.

🤦🏼‍♂️ can someone explain to me why we can’t mass produce ventilators? I truly have no idea and maybe we are? Thanks Oregon Prayers your state stays safe. 1000 from China. Really? Hmm, something is fishy. They may have planned this whole thing to get business because they were in this trade war with America

Good idea, check the ones from China first! Inquiry minds want to know. Thank God! Oregon understands, now a 'United' States of America must face the reality we're all in this together... As opposed to buying them 5 years ago, at a much lower price, when he directed that $ to many other failed projects. Great job!! Sounds like a great prospect for 2024.

He needs to keep it on the down low, otherwise trump might confiscate them. I am glad other countries are helping because we get no help from trump tripping over himself . STAND STRONG MR. CUOMO . Those bad quality supplies will have more health workers infected as it’s happening now in Europe. Jack ma works for Chinese communist party that everyone knows, Cuomo doesn’t know?

Will they receive or steal? Corrupt News Network Eight US governors have decided against issuing statewide directives urging their residents to stay at home as the outbreak of the coronavirus escalates and spreads across the country, the last holdouts in the nation. Corrupt News Network Just an advice for Quomo to make sure the ones coming from China are disinfected and checked before using them and mark them, so we know which ones come from there! DNTT

Corrupt News Network Corrupt News Network Corrupt News Network China realDonaldTrump is a complete joke WorstPresidentInHistory Federal is not stepping up to help organize supply distribution. Governor asking other state for help. I am not a medical professional nor rich. Frustrates me that i can’t do anything but pray and stay home. Let’s share resources and help each other. CaliforniaHelpNewYork

CNN this is your own poll. I bet you will not run these results. Make sure 70% are not defective like their masks. Yay go China. That's the headline news front cover on CNN. There are WAY more news than 'China sends 1,000 ventilators'. There is a huge price to pay years to come. Cuomo mortgage the country with 1000 ventilators that he thinks only works for 20 % of the time which he does not need in the near future

China helping us 🤔🤔 All with the covid-19 built in. Baby World Vatican News The Pope told people all over the world that he would soon overcome the coronavirus devil. I think Cuomo does better than trump. Cuomo seems to communicate directly with Alibaba group. 🤔 Trump is a spammer. He looks like a kid.

Does anybody know how many ventilators Cuomo is hoarding? There are 6200 people in the entire US in critical condition for COVID-19, which my assumption is people needing ventilators. Has NY had to refuse a ventilator to a patient? I doubt it. How wil this help you’re homeless population? Because we have an incompetent federal administration.

Take them and then once this is all over, destroy them (CCP) Have one say one, it's all just about money, China dont wanna save any American. 1,000 defective ventilators 👏👏👏 Cover PLUS 6' Don't be a pig. Don't breath on my groceries after,reeadin hell alot shit here i found that,average understanding and logic capability is same betwen chn and us netizan. ^ω^

China was able to stop virus because had real-time data on citizens and there4 see trend of spread. We are not a police state so utilize something like COVIDNearYou with federal backing to encourage ppl to give close to real-time data for analysis otherwise we will keep chasing And now CNN brings us more Crying out of NYC. Drama, Death & Destruction. The exact same plague CNN has done to the entire country.

Oh boy, Italy and Spain got the same delivery, only half of it worked. He has so many offers of companies here to make ventilators but doesn’t call them. Maybe they can work quicker than he thinks. NYGovCuomo I’m curious.....are these ventilators part of the supplies that Trump sent to China....are we now buying them back?

So Under Prepared. Shameful to the 9s. States have no Stockpiles at all, nothing done after H1N1. Cuomo,: Instead of blowing 750 MILLION to a solar company that went belly up or 90 MILLION to a Bulb company that went 👎, that was Funds that this state could have used better. Looking for an attractive business page? Contact:

Thank you!! CHINA for the ventilators, would have been nice if you have shared more information on coronaviru as it unfolded in CHINA. How many of trumps they getting And the Governor refused to buy them several years ago-Lack of leadership and planning for the future of today. He’s begging for supplies he should have bought. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

About time this hack did something for his state! Does this include the ones stolen from Thailand on route to Gemany? Yea, China feeling guilty for killing so many countries economy and people. China. Are you serious New Sheriff in Town Just what China planned all along 😒? Gifts from China. It's a very sad day in America when we must rely on another country for help our own government won't provide.

About time you are doing your job. Why did you pass on purchasing 16,000 ventilators in 2015? Instead you spent millions on projects that are dead. Waste. PRIOR TO THE ALLEGED PANDEMIC COVID19: guess what......There is a birth in New York City every 4.4 minutes.There is a death in New York City every 9.1 minutes. So each hour in NYC 60 people die, remember such is prior to COVID 19.

Oregon here - Cuomo still sucks and is trying to cut Medicaid in the middle of a crisis. He's a Republican in Democrat clothing 🤫 not a good idea to buy anything from China. He is working for China! Mr New York Governor, why are you going to China for help despite the fact that the world is suffering from Covid-19 today because of China's policy of secrecy. United States of America please don't bow to China. God knows you need help at this crucial time. Help will come.

I’m trying to figure out just how you lock down New York at a time like this. Cuomo might need ALL the ventilators. This is why we need global relations. One alone can’t make it anymore. Test those purchases for covid 19 on them.... I wouldn't buy shit from china right now. Has anyone tried talking to the states of SD, ND, OK, etc to get their unused ventilators?

中国忙着如何组织加大生产战胜病毒,美国忙着如何甩锅推卸责任,因为死多少人跟政客毫无关系,而如果背上了责任政治生涯就到头了,对个人利益是致命打击 Can you pls explain how the numbers can be accurate when people who are sick with symptoms cannot get tested? Lets hope that 1k vents from China aren't defective because they've been sending out defective equipment to other states and countries.

Cuomo is an idiot, como lied people died See what you can do when you just try instead of crying about it. So you're ok with accepting masks from China, but not from Gun Manufacturers? Lives are at stake, and you're playing petty politics, Governor! Take the masks from ANYONE WHO WILL GIVE THEM TO YOU!!!!

How many nipple rings HOW MANY!?!?! This is an emergency!!! Coronavurus update banner, Instagram post for covid-19 Coronavurus updatecorona UpdateCOVID19 UPDATES banner instagramposts post COVID19outbreak Covid19Out COVID19outbreak There coming from China but made in the USA and shipped there from USA. Double dipping

Wooooow! China is dividing and ruling America, beware of the fake support. China has done a lot to help as possible, however some people still blame...So sad Tesla sent the ventilators from China. They were snoring machines. More fake news from CNN LMAO. Y’all don’t see thru the BS. Trump2020 Contrast to what realDonaldTrump and his family emphasized: It's State's responsibility to stockpile and the national stockpile is 'ours'. nytimes FoxNews

Cuomo is our FDR. Trump is Hoover. Did China or whoever release more of they Coronavirus gas in NY then other states? They’ve been targeted before. China...our new dependable ally...or is it Russia? I can’t keep it straight anymore... Wait till those 1000 ventilators don’t work 😂 Please sanitize 1st Everybody ask. Why didn’t u get them before you needed them. I don’t think you’re gonna like the answer

The virus is the world’s enemy. And you know what they say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend! AmericaFirst Do we really want ventilators from China though I wouldn't trust China ! To all reporters: just imagine if TRUMP at his briefings conducted himself as elegantly and politely as Governor Cuomo at his would be like another world, a sigh of relief, a breath of fresh air, a ray of hope and support, and most of all LEADERSHIP..Thank u Sir..

None from Jared. “ their ours” Gotta love China Kinda fucked up since some of the biggest distributors of medical devices like ventilators are American based companies GE healthcare Is the big player why are they not helping? Then again 3M is U.S. based and you don't have any masks Go figure The solution, like the problem, shows how interdependent we are.

It's a good time for all countries to unite. The idea is to get the virus controlled everywhere. If it stays somewhere, it will come back if travel restrictions are lifted. Unless the idea is to keep doing this for the next year and so, every country should work with each other. Hopefully Chris won't Need one.....Cuomo strong!!!!

Cuomo for president Please put life and people in the first place. Don't play politics and blame games What if he’s wrong - Trump will never let him live it down. Trump is an asshole.

Coronavirus in N.Y.: Toll Soars to Nearly 3,000 as State Pleads for AidNew York, the increasingly battered epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., on Friday reported its highest number of deaths in a single day America has chosen first economy over the threat of COVID19Pandemic while India has chosen humanity first, America will loose and China will win eventually. ✝️🕉🙏🙏🙏 Shut the city down /lockdown ..shelter in place.. no subway.. no flights except for supplies , grocery medical only and deliveries from ups or amazon

'Surreal': NY funeral homes struggle as virus deaths surgePat Marmo walked among 20 or so deceased in the basement of his Brooklyn funeral home, his protective mask pulled down so his pleas could be heard. Like many funeral homes in New York and around the globe, Marmo’s business is in crisis as he tries to meet surging demand amid the coronavirus pandemic Listen!

N.Y. Virus Deaths Double in Three Days to Almost 3,000: Live UpdatesNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that he would sign an executive order giving the state the power to seize and redistribute ventilators, masks and other medical equipment from hospitals and private sector companies that did not immediately need it माननीय जी आपसे विनम्र निवेदन है कि ९ मिनट ॐ का भी सब लोग जाप करे।और भाव रश में ॐ का उच्चारण करे अगर अग्नि और ध्वनि दोनों एक साथ हो जायेगा ना,तो पूरा ब्रह्माण्ड जग जायेगा।और जब ब्रह्माण्ड ॐ अग्नि रूप ध्वनि में हो जायेगा।तो हर मानव ऊर्जा वान हो जायेगा।आप से अनुरोध है साथ दो अतिकृपा There was an outbreak of influenza a few months ago, maybe most of them were infected with covid29 😮

N.Y. Has Only 6 Days’ Supply of Ventilators, Cuomo Says: Live UpdatesNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday that the state has only 6 days' worth of ventilators left What about all the ones in storage As quickly as people on vents die does it matter? Vents are a death sentence. Give them chloroquine you facist!! So what's the truth? We know you have a difficult relationship with the truth. So FactCheck yourself before you 'fact'-wreck yourself.

Staff at a NY hospital put protective gear in outdoor trash can after handling bodiesStaff at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in New York City were seen disposing of their gowns and caps and other protective wear in a sidewalk trash can on Thursday after wheeling bodies out of the hospital and loading them into a refrigerated truck. Tell idiot trump 🥴 Unprofessional ☹️

'Surreal': NY funeral homes struggle as virus deaths surgeNEW YORK (AP) — Pat Marmo walked among 20 or so deceased in the basement of his Brooklyn funeral home, his protective mask pulled down so his pleas could be heard. “Every person there,... If it were so dire why is buddy walking around with no mask in a room full of infected corpses lol what a joke! The daily virus death rate is less than the normal death rate in NYC. So stop trying to instill more bullshit fear into everyone. How about research and look at the facts instead of lying to people. FilmYourFuneralHome