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10/24/2021 10:30:00 AM

Threatening letters. Nazi salutes. People following them to their cars. School board members across the country are facing threats they never bargained for. They fear for their — and their childrens' — safety.

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In order to save democracy, we must suspend democracy 🧠 christinabklyn CBSMornings glorified man who screamed at his school board disguised in hat, hoodie, mask. Smiling in suit, said he had no regrets, it was his 'passion.' tonydokoupil: 'People now see anger as natural and productive.' GayleKing: 'I understand him now.'

They are liars and the media dutifully reports it because they like the narrative of parents bring terrorists. NPR is unreliable. They should be very scared... We tried being nice.. We tried playing by the rules.. Its becoming clearer by the hour that theres only one option left to deal with you people....

Sifill_LDF Republicans are promoting this domestic terrorism. Mike Flynn is one who is heavily involved in this effort. Our local fire truck was in an unofficial nationalist truck parade today. This disregard for ethics, propriety by people claiming to be patriots is disturbing. angry NPR needs smarter haters.

Gray_is_good It's not a 'culture war' it is plain old terrorism. The most obnoxious harassers travel several hours to make scenes outside school board member's homes here.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesWho is the daddy? congratulations to the nigga orangutan That will be two more ... not in the wild.

Sifill_LDF 💔 lol good Why won't they let us pursue a radical agenda in peace? 😤 KatherineBurb17 Where are the FBI & DOJ? Why won’t they do their jobs & defend & protect our educators ? Want to bet if those doing the threatening & harassing were black/brown ppl, you would see just how expeditious those agencies (+local law enforcement) would get. 😡.

docrocktex26 The way he wouldn’t be around my kids 🙄 WajahatAli TFG has moved all too many Americans from the fairness of Rule of Law to vigilantism. Rule of Law applies rules evenly; when it doesn't, there's investigation or reform. It requires evidence to prove guilt. Vigilantism makes up & interprets rules, & convicts on rumor/innuendo.

Intimidating a school board is terrorism. Domestic terrorism is intended to intimidate the civilian population, and to coerce that population to submit to the demands of the terrorists. WajahatAli The Republican Party of today would definitely scare the Nazis. We defeated them in WWII and we will defeat them again. They gain a foothold and are radicalized through the web of lies and disinformation the GOP feeds them. Then they ride the algorithm right down the rabbit hole.

Sifill_LDF Buy guns and threaten back. Seriously progressive people have to stop being bullied and intimidated. I wish a MAGA would follow me. WajahatAli Make white supremacy terrorism.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesyou really don't need to run an article like this, you know that, right? People taking advantage of a situation is not new. Dealing with bad tenants, is not new. Hell, this year my buddy had someone set a unit on fire because he was fixing a moped in his kitchen.

Hey NPR, why haven't you covered what happened in Loudoun County ? The father who was labeled a domestic terrorist who's daughter was raped at school & then the superintendent & board lied about it ? 🤔 Dishonest reporting ShameOnYou Hold meetings & monitored dialogue online for public safety, protection of school board members & to accomplish school business on students' behalf. For public education & well-being, chaos-making, disruption & threats should have zero tolerance.

Haha It’s called parenting and protecting their children from crazies. So glad that in just four short years, they made “America great again.” So, they’re being treated like the teachers who’ve been telling them about this for the last decade? NPR National Propaganda Radio 💔💔💔 We must vote out the GQP and vote in Democrats across the board!!! The sooner these crazy dangerous people are completely out of power the better for our democracy!!!❤️🇺🇸🌊VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesKids are the 'canary in the coal mine' of a dysfunctional Culture. Be careful with Culture. Kids are being fed fear and paranoia constantly which drives much of this Tell them shut up and wear their masks

They should probably pick a different career then, because this insanity ain't ending any time soon. We r in the throes of a full blown culture/values war.Tough but ultimately 'healthy'. From this we learn not to judge others when they're going through their's-hopefully. America remains at her core a greatly aspirational country. She wants to do right thing. Hope that remains.

These are rare instances and this is propaganda to stop parents from having a voice and speaking up against these ELECTED officials. Don’t all politicians receive threats? It’s not right, but it isn’t an excuse to stop free speech- wake up people! asmamk That’s the whole point of terrorism. The children of those bully parents also become bullies. There is no hope anymore. Tribalism is part of the American culture now. 😢

I’d learn to protect myself Now they know how their schools feel to the students Also defund They are just a tool for propagating left wing agendas.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesUS is full of brilliant people, but also of dumb is not a homogeneously educated country So it goes from a pandemic of the unvaccinated to a pandemic of the mostly unvaccinated. What will be the headline in a month? 🤔 IT’S ALL ABOUT FREEDOM NOW 🚂✝️🇺🇸🙏💕👏. VACCINATED OR UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE NOW FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHTS. 🚂✝️🇺🇸🙏💕👏👏👏

Maybe it's the fact that your policies are horrible and parents are tired of you not listening to them? For the first time in our next school board election I am checking to see the political affiliation of the candidates. Dangerous threats from extremists doesn't seem like a 'culture war'. Seems like unchecked terrorism.

Stop abusing our kids. Most at-risk kids have been most harmed. They have contributed to more suicides & a host of other horrific conditions. How many videos of Board members basking in their power w/ ZERO care for kids do you need to see? DefundTheMedia badreporting DefundThePolice BlackLivesMatter . Maybe you should stop reporting a slanted agenda? Just a thought . . . Pretty sure both the left and right are sick of it; just sayin'. (IPFS Website)

And cue the butthurt racist incels defending this deplorable behavior in three, two, one . . . Abolishing school boards and school superintendents is a good thing: they accomplish nothing, and are a waste of money. Physical intimidation of political opponents is TERRORIZM. We are trying to ram too many changes too fast down the throats of our friends on the right. Change, deep profound permanent change, takes time. I know the people waiting for these changes are impatient. But our friends on the other side are called conservatives for a reason.

Don't ya love the way civil discourse takes place nowadays? I mean, we got through Vietnam and Watergate and Roe v. Wade without this level of hatred.

NPR Cookie Consent and Choicesgood luck Wes Anderson is the Mondrian, Lichtenstein, or Pollock of cinematography, you go to see the story and you keep the art in your mind. So unique and beautiful to watch.

In a public building, Nazi salutes? With all the surveillance tech and all the people running around SURELY there must be video footage, and I'll look forward to seeing it. Clovis student booed by adults at school meeting. ‘Disturbing and utterly unacceptable’ Fresno ca,Clovis ca proud boys and other “ patriot groups” at the school board meetings Fresno even has one on the board , mr Slatic

The MAGAlibans can’t stand non-Whiteness and beliefs/views/opinions different from theirs ……. They feel that their God-given right to decide what is right & wrong for everybody else is challenged …. They don’t like it a bit …. TrumpsAmerica PattyArquette Everyday I thank myself for not having children. Growing up in this world is children abuse in every way.

Homeschool your kids Boo hoo getting butt hurt because parents don’t want their children to be taught to hate themselves. How about using that classroom time to teach something that will actually benefit them in the real world. It’s called domestic terrorism.

NPR Cookie Consent and ChoicesEvolution fighting back against poachers. You’d think NPR would have coherently worded headlines/tweets, and you’d be wrong. The ones born without tusks are the ones left to breed. I hope they can survive without the tusks and have tons of babies.

I was referred to this platform by a friend online and I thought it was a scam...but I was moved to try and yes I did earned....I just want to use the opportunity to share this to people to know how Miss Lisaberry1426 platform works...her good deed need a recommendation Since school boards are very local - I’ve been wondering as I see these kinds if stories - what these harasser’s would do if the board member showed up at their workplace, or their homes and simply parroted their words & behavior back at them. Or read the letters or voicemails…

'Now what we're seeing are people who rush at the stage with their fists in the air shouting at us. Yelling at me, as board president, saying, 'Take her seat, we'll run this meeting.' Pierson says it's angry, aggressive & very personal.' And criminally unconstitutional. All because of masks and vaccines

Just how far this country has deteriorated. It's truly sad. It's sickening honestly. Bunch of damn cavemen and women that refuse to evolve. Disgusting This why we need a national curriculum.